North Korea put up a pageantry to develop nuclear weapons, the country is most afraid of Japan

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North Korea put up a pageantry to develop nuclear weapons, the country is most afraid of Japan

2016-09-10 19:41:22 742 ℃

Yesterday, the North Korean territory again, artificial earthquake". According to the news published in Europe and the United States seismological network, which is likely to be a nuclear test with the North Korean nuclear test basically similar, that is, an underground nuclear test of tens of thousands of tons.

North Korea said CCTV subsequently issued a statement: "the nuclear test to check and confirm the final in the Korean people's army strategic military forces have been equipped with artillery Mars strategic missile rocket equipped with standardized, warhead structure and operation characteristics, performance and power."

North Korea has recently successfully tested a successful test of the "Mars 10" missile in the test confirmed that its range of 2800 kilometers or so, with the ability to cover the whole territory of Japan, the missile will no doubt be able to carry nuclear warheads

This shows that North Korea's nuclear weapons development direction has been adjusted.

North Korea's test explosion shows that North Korea will go all out in the near future, as soon as possible with the actual combat capability of nuclear weapons

We previously mentioned in the article, when carrying the warhead is a Soviet R-5 medium range ballistic missile developed liquid fuel according to the ballistic missile, the missile has a range of about 1500-1700 km, can carry 1350 kg warhead, the warhead explosion equivalent of about 2-3 million tons, is a typical atomic bomb.

Originally developed countries turned the warhead for the development of more advanced ballistic missile as a vehicle bomb, so there is no equivalent for the greater development of missile warhead. But the Soviet R-5 missile with nuclear technology, equipment from the atomic bomb to enhanced atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb last warhead, its equivalent from 6-8 million tons to 300 thousand tons, finally reached 1 million tons, while the weight of the warhead are 1200-1300 kg.

At present, according to the report of the relevant nuclear proliferation, the international is likely to have leaked the nuclear bomb "general drawings" in the most advanced is the above mentioned. Israel, Pakistan, India may have mastered the enhanced atomic bomb technology, but they should not be easy to leak this technology. And North Korea to master this technology, it is clear that there is still a far way to go. The last time they tried a nuclear device explosion is likely in fission bomb test at the same time, the research and fusion related, thus claiming to be a bomb test.

We said at the last time North Korea claimed nuclear test, for North Korea, the most practical way is to use the actual nuclear weapons equipment existing "Mars 8" (which is also called the Korea us "labor" or "nodong missile") or "Mars 10" (i.e., South Korea called "musudan missiles) equipped with the very mature warhead, as long as the deployment of dozens, basically can solve North Korea's" survival crisis ", the current South Korean military power will not dare to use military means to destroy North korea. The long-term goal is clearly still come up with at least hundreds of thousands of tons of warheads, plus the "Mars 13" missile threat to the United States, Hawaii, and even the United states.

Comparison of North Korea "Mars 8" photo after the missile and recent photos can be found in the test, the recent missile test fired a larger warhead, it seems that for North Korea, fusion technology and miniaturization of the nuclear explosion, associated with the hydrogen bomb half will work it out, then only the pursuit of more the actual target of 1 tons, 1 tons of warhead warhead, the nucleus is at least

Then the author Ceng Caice, North Korea's "hydrogen bomb" test is the use of fission bomb nuclear test opportunity to verify its own on the H-bomb "speculation" -- now, their last bomb test and it did not achieve the purpose, so the miniaturization, h-bomb are difficult to break through that moment. So for North Korea, the next step is to take the most realistic measures: go all out to accelerate the deployment of nuclear weapons with combat capability. After all, for Kim Jeong-eun, only to have a real nuclear missile with combat capability, can sleep at ease, as for the hydrogen bomb, intercontinental missile what, then slowly do it.

According to North Korea's exports to Iran's "3 star" (and North Korea "Mars 8" are basically the same), the missile payload of about 1200 kg, a maximum range of 1500 kilometers, if the use of light warhead range can be increased to 2000 km. North Korea is entirely possible to follow a certain Eastern country, production and deployment of a certain number of this type of nuclear missiles, this range can be a threat to japan. At present, the international community generally believe that North Korea "the number of equipment Mars 8 missiles at around 300, which is 50 if the missile deployed nuclear weapons, it can form an effective nuclear deterrent -- it is not, 10 gold, 20 gold is enough.

Of course, another possibility is that North Korea will equip nuclear warheads to "Mars 10" missile, the missile range, in front of the "Mars 8" missile warheads may not be able to cover the entire territory of Japan, but the "Mars 10" is no problem. But the "Mars 10" after all the tests are successful, the range is somewhat awkward, but enough to cover the whole territory of Japan, less than Guam, so the missile was for North Korea after all "chicken ribs, Mars 8 is sufficient to cover Japan's most densely populated region.

South Korea said that they want to deploy a ballistic missile to attack North Korea's ballistic missile position, but this is probably only a joke. You know, when Iraq less than 50 self-propelled launch vehicles, hundreds of "Scud" and "Hossain" missile troops, complete air supremacy at the end of the war situation, search for these missiles in the vast expanse of the desert, and finally what almost no results. And when NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Kosovo is more successful by means of camouflage, implicit true false and other means to make their own 90% of the ground troops to survive.

And in North Korea has a number of underground works, more than Yugoslavia and Iraq, all kinds of defense facilities operating for decades, the survival of its missiles will be stronger. Even a number of nuclear missiles, can produce the deterrent effect.

In addition to the Mars 10 and Mars 8, North Korea also has a potential of the North Star 1 missile, which is certainly capable of nuclear warheads

This time, speaking of North Korea's underground facilities, some people may ask, North Korea is not likely to follow China, the construction of the Korean version of the the Great Wall project, that is, underground tunnel engineering. The author believes that the Korean version of the the Great Wall project is unlikely, because the high cost of such facilities, the need for a huge human and material resources, North Korea may not be affordable. More importantly, the United States is likely to directly use the B-61-12 earth penetrating nuclear weapons on North Korea, if the US B-2 bombers throw B-61-12 nuclear earth penetrator, the underground fortifications became the grave. China's "the Great Wall project" construction in the hinterland of the mountains, is to rely on a strong national air defense system, the ability to survive the war, North Korea is not the condition.

May also be out of this consideration, the DPRK attaches great importance to the TEL launch vehicle. And Iran in the country to build a number of large underground missile launch site is different, all of the North Korean missiles, from tactical missiles to strategic missiles, are using the TEL launch vehicle deployment. Of course, this also and North Korea in the early post cold war from the international market to collect a lot of this kind of launch vehicle, but from the side view, MAZ series TEL Belarus Minsk vehicle factory of the launch vehicle with independent ability of road mobile, which is very suitable for North Korea, plus the Iraqi Scud launchers to successfully deal with the experience of multinational forces air strikes, possibly for North Korea, TEL launch vehicle deployment should be more feasible than the deployment of underground bunker.

It is for this reason that South Korea attempts to deploy some short-range ballistic missile, and even what the "Korean version of three-in-one", are not used, the best choice of ballistic missiles would not attack the maneuvering target. South Korea a whoop and a holler the kill chain system basically only propaganda, especially in North Korea really have nuclear weapons.

Talk about the problem of survival, we have to talk about the North Korean nuclear missile attack.

Not long ago, the U.S. "national interest" magazine published the article "seemingly strong weak actually in the North Korean rocket", said North Korea is mainly in the hands of TEL launched a limited number of cars, not a number of missiles launched many anti missile system in the United States and South Korea's ability to cope with. And even without anti missile system, the North Korean missile hit accuracy is not enough, even with 1 tons of heavy warhead hit most of it is not knowing where to go. The Iran Iraq war mutually with each other to missile detonation City, was also on the chemical warheads, have not seen each other causing the collapse of morale......

In fact, this year Taiwan is also often used to say their courage, said, but 600 short-range missiles, a missile was 500 kg warhead, all fired up but also 300 tons of ammunition, as well as a day Bomber Squadron F-16 number.

Of course, later gradually understand the PLA Taiwan military missile strike after the actual accuracy could not smile, but also because in recent years to understand the actual drilling depth of Dongfeng -15C after struggling to deepen the depth of the underground bunker officials to more than 25 meters of concrete level......

North Korea did not improve the accuracy of the missile, it can only be used to strengthen the power of nuclear weapons. Imagine, if North Korea has 50 nuclear missiles, each carrying a 30 thousand ton warhead, then added together with explosion equivalent of 1 million 500 thousand tons, even if South Korea and Japan all air force dispatched to bomb, is not casually to catch up with the number. Nuclear weapons are human beings so far the highest cost-effective means of destruction, this is not to say.

We have said before, at present, North Korea in addition to nuclear weapons, there is no means to maintain the independence of the country under the premise of the United States and Japan to compete against the military pressure. Then the nuclear weapons equipment is actually a natural thing, before the observer news commentary authors white ear said, this is the North Korean regime to survive only realistic choice, is a gamble third yuan Marshal survival, but now it seems that he won.

North Korea had demonstrated the explosion of atomic bomb soccer"

Next North Korea may make a super big news

Next, we can infer that North Korea will try to Liangdan combination test.

According to the general rules, they should be fired with a simulated nuclear warheads "Mars 8" or "Mars 10" missiles, landing may be the sea of japan. But this test is very difficult, but not the technical problems of the experiment itself, but the security of the test field can not be guaranteed. When China in order to conduct intercontinental missile test, the construction of 051 destroyers to escort, but also the introduction of the French super wasp helicopter. And if North Korea to conduct such a trial, its fleet to the sea of Japan scheduled landing, will surely conflict and South korea. If you can't recover the simulation of a nuclear warhead, the experiment would have no meaning. Especially considering that North Korea had "the Milky Way" rocket launch of the first rocket debris fell into the sea by South Korea, North Korea has not taken away, what action, in fact this is that North Korea is also very clear that their naval strength is also the case, the inter Korean maritime border line to engage in friction OK, really want a sea salvage test warhead save it, or.

In view of this, North Korea if you want Liangdan combination, the only possibility is directly on the live. After several successful telemetry missile tests and nuclear tests, the true nuclear warheads will be installed directly on the missile, and will be launched to the sea of Japan.

And compared to the test, North Korea has so far conducted several underground nuclear test is simply a little play.

North Korea if it really put the nuclear missile launch to the Japanese sea explosion, this will be the "Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" signed the world's first nuclear test. If North Korea is now the nuclear test has not more than the two countries, if you really engage in such a out, that is really the world shocked.

It's important that Kim Jeong-eun seems to be really fond of making big news.

Trump said before they think Kim Jeong-eun is a real man, it really is not false. North Korea will not come back to a real world can not ignore the big news, it is really difficult to say

Who would be most worried about North Korea's nuclear missiles?

North Korea has medium range nuclear missiles seems only a matter of time, then now is the time to talk about who the reality most worried.

Certainly not Korea, for South Korea, it is only second boots landing". Because North Korea has always been "who hit me hit South Korea", although the overall military strength of North Korea has not South Korea, but it's hundreds of thousands of troops swarmed, how can Seoul, the Republic of Korea "almost all the pots and pans place devastating. Since North Korea had nuclear weapons, for South Korea is "no", even if North Korea just deploy "nuclear mines" in the 38 line, for Seoul, once detonated also with direct bomb eat almost.

Certainly not the United States, North Korea has successfully tested the most distant range of missiles is the Mars 10, also hit Guam. As early as 90s, the United States, general Weinberg, "the next war" has been predicted that North Korea will have nuclear weapons, but the United States is still not very worried about this. After all, the world has enough nuclear weapons against the United States, enough of the country, not bad. The worst case of North Korea's nuclear armed forces is nothing more than to force the United States on North Korea policy more limited.

For Japan, this is the most worried about them.

But Japan really got a headache...... Because North Korea is not very able to get before Japan's "Mars 8" and "Mars 10" missiles plus a sanwubo, even if the whole play in the past, Japan will not be blown about...... But now those missiles with a "fat", "little boy" a grade of the atomic bomb, Japan's nightmare and more. At least from the diplomatic level, as a result of the most simple: Japan before actively trying to issue on the Korean Peninsula as "offshore balancer" is a dream, do first.