Us to demonstrate how to China sunk the island with the type of ship some people on the island of glass heart broken

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Us to demonstrate how to China sunk the island with the type of ship some people on the island of glass heart broken

2016-07-21 01:39:23 542 ℃

In 17 days this month, "Pacific - 2016" exercise (RIMPAC 2016) on the United States to highlight, a retired "Perry" class missile frigate pulled out as the target, each participating country warships, submarines, missiles flew torpedo salvo, did not put a few of the poor the target ship in the sea! When the video screen to show the whole world, the island area media opened the pot, some people broke the glass heart, on the network a groaning.after, this is why? Because the Baodao area has just spent huge sums of money from the United States purchase two "Perry" class missile frigate courage, fortunately America did not let the participating China warships fired missiles to hit, otherwise it is too nice, but also let us know the sinking of a ship Perry how much ammunition!

Speaking of the United States, this "Perry" class missile destroyer is a story. In May 17, 1987, Iran and Iraq Iran war heats up, the United States Navy "Perry" class "stark" ship was alone in the Persian Gulf to watch, at 9 pm an Iraqi mirage F1EQ from Basra Iraq Airbase, although the U.S. E3 warning machine and "stark" shipborne radar, but large U.S. the thought it was a routine air patrols the Iraqi air force, did not expect this mirage F1EQ feint towards "stark" ship rushed past, although the 'stark "detection of airborne radar to mirage F1EQ has been locked, but this time the U.S. again nerve a dare not think that the Iraqi fighters fired, so did not start electronic warfare means to counter interference. Counterproductive, inquiries of Captain stark not ignore and binds attack parameters of phantom F1EQ fighters immediately launched two pieces of French made Exocet anti-ship missile, although stark ship rely on visual found incoming missiles, emergency start phalanx to intercept, but everything is too late. Stark port site and explosion hit a gold fish, another rocket flying fish hit near the bridge but the fuze failure unexploded but cause a fire, victories and two pieces of flying fish is to eliminate the "stark" ship 35 sailors and communication facilities completely destroyed and the hull serious water tilt, the phantom F1EQ safely away. It is said that after also get the Saddam Hussein's awards. Unfortunately no sinking ship, "stark"... Blame the rocket flying dud!

In 1984, the Baodao area Navy launched "brilliance" plan, procurement according to Perry class frigate design generic production of "success" class patrol ship (this is the Baodao area on the frigate names), a total of the eight. And then in 2015 to the United States purchased 30 two years of the original years of the original "Perry" class. However changing the Chinese navy has already been on these rags in island areas disdain, stop all barriers to the great cause of reunification of the motherland will be the people's liberation army crushed to dust!

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