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Finland to join NATO Russia what thing

2016-07-21 01:39:48 498 ℃

Author: Zhu Jiangming

Doctor of war law, military commentator,

Columnist, counterterrorism and international security expert.

Recently, to work in Finland to visit the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that whether or not to join NATO in Finland, Russia respect the choice of Finland. Schmidt, Putin also stressed Finland to join NATO means that its military forces are no longer independent, Russian forces will also changes for the re deployment.

In recent years, Finland and the Swedish civil requirements to join NATO's increasingly high voice. 2014 after the outbreak of the crisis in the Crimea, in Finland and Russia near quite panic domestic generally believe that should join NATO to enhance their own defense force. This is not alarmist.

Before the Second World War, the Soviet Union of Finland. Leningrad (St Petersburg) security threats, launched a war of aggression against Finland. "The winter war" eye popping results. Soviet Red Army in the case of the absolute superiority, has not been able to break through the Finland army's line of defense. Although the Soviet Union won the part of the Finland territory after the end of the war, it could not achieve the desired goal of the war before the complete annexation of Finland.

During the cold war, Finland in the political tendency in western, but in order to avoid angering the Soviet Union, has been pursuing a neutral defense policy -- alert Soviet threat, but not to join the military alliance against the Soviet Union, lest was forced to get involved in the war of the league. After the cold war, Finland joined the European Union on the basis of economic and political needs, but still refused to join NATO.

That doesn't mean to surrender. In recent years, the traditional European powers continued disarmament, Finland still maintained a considerable military power with the cold war period. The Finnish air force has 62 f / A-18 third generation fighter, and in 2011 to the United States purchased 70 pieces of AGM - 158 joint standoff missile in St. Petersburg, the territory of Finland can attack, and have the ability to destroy ships out of the water. The Russian Baltic Sea fleet has just two Sovremenny class destroyers have regional air defense capabilities, for this long-range and have advanced missiles invisibility powerless.

Finland has actually been carefully prepared "second winter war", and as a goal. Objectively speaking, the overall strength of the Finland defence force is medium level in Europe, have a relatively high degree of readiness. Finland pursues recruitment with mixture of conscription mobilization system of military service, defense in peacetime to professional officers and noncommissioned officers mainly, most of its troops for the army of the framework wartime according to the need for expanded, the Finnish national need regularly participate in military training and was incorporated into the reserve. Because Finland has a very strong hunting tradition, the general quality of the civilian base is generally good. Once the war, Finland's defense ministry has the capability of rapid mobilization of more than 300 thousand troops, the strength should not be overlooked.

Winter war, the Soviet Red Army crossed the border of Finland

Between Russia and Finland, the core issue is a serious threat to Russia's geopolitical aspects of Finland's sovereignty. Since the beginning of tsarist Russia, Russia's geopolitical interest is much higher than that of other international political considerations. From the point of view of the Crimean and Ukrainian crisis, Russia still do not give up use force to obtain the geographical advantages, even hesitate to offend the European Union and the United States. After 2014, the Russian bombers and submarines have repeatedly appeared in sensitive areas around Finland, and even tracking and monitoring targets. In this case, Finland chose to join NATO or rely on NATO, is almost inevitable choice.

Now faced with the situation in Finland and before the Second World War, the Baltic countries and Poland have joined NATO, Russia is at a disadvantage in the local. In other words, even if the Russian control of the Finland, the Baltic Fleet is still in the midst of the NATO forces can not move the absolute. So again launched a "winter war", to solve the current Russia's geopolitical difficulties no help. Even worse, when Finland joins NATO, it means that both Eastern Europe and Northern Europe are exposed to NATO forces. With the aid of the intelligence network and the Reconnaissance Force of NATO, the military forces of the Finland army in the northern region of Russia formed a huge threat.

Russia in recent years repeatedly with neighboring countries occurred in armed conflicts, although no outbreak of large-scale war, but still let Finland and Sweden has always tried to spared the country feel uneasy. From NATO to 2014, Finland to join NATO's attitude is rejected, nearly two years of shaken, I am afraid that the problem is also a problem in russia. In this regard, Putin to adjust the deployment of troops threatened, apparently underestimated the determination of Finland's defense of sovereignty. After all, the Crimea model does not apply to Finland.