Chinese Soviet 30 fighter on the spot to force the U.S. strategic bombers stopped: the United States is not a full grasp of the eagle wall

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Chinese Soviet 30 fighter on the spot to force the U.S. strategic bombers stopped: the United States is not a full grasp of the eagle wall

2016-07-21 01:42:55 515 ℃

Since this year, Chinese Navy and Air Force fighters to intercept U.S. military frequent participation. While the American media even reported lists a series of Chinese military action, from the fighter bombers - 7, the J-10 leopard fighter bomber intercept us RC-135 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, Su-30 fighter intercept F-22 fighter, J-11 fighters forced to stop the p-8 antisubmarine aircraft, and so on. You can say that China fighters almost all models, as long as it is able to participate in the volley U.S. warplanes are basically involved in action.

Even -8J maritime patrol aircraft have conducted anti submarine aircraft to intercept American P-8 action.Also recent Chinese naval aviation aviation unit, Su-30 fighter units also exposed themselves to intercept American B-52 strategic bombers shot.In the lens, the Chinese side to intercept the model almost all appear.

And this is not the first time China to intercept B-52 strategic bombers, as early as 2013, 2015 U.S. B52 strategic bombers, had come to China around, and the two were all blocked by the Chinese Soviet -30 fighter! According to the United States claimed that the PLA Navy Su -30 fighter jets were flying over the eastern and southern parts of China, the B-52 bomber aircraft "abnormal" near distance. Reported that the Su-30 fighter jets buzzed American bombers 30 meters distance, and they all carry R-73 short-range dogfight missile, ready to fire.

There are British military sites that the above action reflects the Chinese PLA Navy's ability and confidence to be improved. And in 2015, U. S. 2 B-52 bombers carried out a nonstop bombing exercise task. They take off from a base in the central United States, fly to northern Australia after around the China, the flight time up to 44 hours, round-trip flight distance of over 3 million kilometers. U.S. military said it was a bomber guarantee and deterrence mission, the United States believes that through this flight, the U.S. military show their ability to maintain. The strategic bombing of the United States is also the United states,The use of strategic bombers in china.

At present China's air defense warning can reach a B-52 strategic bombers took off from Guam can grasp the track, not to mention their into around China in the Civil Aviation Radar can be controlled by the distance. How the PLA could not control, Chinese vanguard series of satellites, according to the image resolution is about 0.5 to 0.7 meters, radar does not exceed 2 meters, the B-52 strategic bombers than the general aircraft.

U.S. military to perform reconnaissance missions, but he is very cautious. US Army to avoid wrong machine miscarriage of justice,Because of such a large machine, once the real Chinese military response, he can not run, the fate of the shoot down is no doubt.And China has never been in long distance radio propaganda. The reason is that the Su-30 fighter when the distance is far from being photographed, inconvenience of preemption.

The fighter is such a rivalry, but they will not do the real thing. B-52 strategic bombers by night, low meteorological conditions, close to China's important target, which is sufficient to cause misfires results, the present condition is that the two sides can really came to fire on the edge. The non-stop to intercept American fighter, reconnaissance aircraft, bombers, the Chinese Navy and air force strengthened himself, belong to their "Eagle wall". And China has to become a real world power, it must have a strong air capacity,This air capability is not only the capacity of the air Navy, but also the construction of the system.

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