Ten war plans that could change the world

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Ten war plans that could change the world

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If these ambitious military plans are to be implemented, the world today will be quite different.

Policy experts often say that the first casualty of the war is the military plan itself. In some cases, military planning has not come to the stage of actual combat. If the following ten invasion plans were implemented, our world would be very different from what it is today.

1 red Wars: US invasion of Canada

After the first World War, because the victory in the war in Europe and complacent, the United States began to vigorously expand military to other countries to compete.

It was an era of imperialist sentiment in the world, and any country's ambitions could make it a war against any country at any place.

To this end, the United States specifically developed a series of "Rainbow war plan", lists a variety of possible launch of the war, these plans are encoded in accordance with the color. This list is the first "red war plan": the war.

Before the rise of the Soviet Union, the United States was more inclined to maintain a more close relationship with Russia ". The queen Catherine the great, in spite of the British ban, directly with the United States to do business. Russian merchant ships have been in the American colonies during the American Revolutionary War. More importantly, the Russians will be in other European countries in the American Civil War, let other countries have not been able to take advantage of a weak point.

War plan red and not related to the Inter will launch military operations in the Western Hemisphere outside. Americans who make plans believe that Canada will promote the United Kingdom to seek peace talks.

The first step in the plan is to invade Canada's Nova Scotia and New Brunswick provinces, and then move to the west of Quebec province. Once the capture of Quebec Province, Canadians will not be able to transport troops and supplies in any direction.

Next, the U.S. military plans to occupy the five Great Lakes region (also at the time of Canada's industrial center), to prevent the other offensive today known as the United States rust Zone Industrial center.

Attacks from the United States North Dakota, Grand Forks County, Americans can win in Winnipeg, Canada, central railway system, to achieve required in an amphibious assault operations of the Allied blockade, and eventually occupied the western Canadian province of British Columbia.

2 Canada's invasion of the United States

Canada like knew the southern neighbour ready to set my own, so the invasion plan.

Coincidentally, the name of the program is called the first defense program". Plan calls for immediate action if the evidence shows that the United States wants to invade Canada.

Canadians believe that Americans will first attack Montreal and the five Great Lakes region, and then to the west across the prairie into British Columbia province.

In 1930, Canadian intelligence design scheme, this scheme is mainly stalling for time to mobilize forces while waiting for reinforcements in the UK.

According to the plan, Canada will send troops rushed to occupy the main city of Washington state; at the same time Eastern troops will occupy cities of Minnesota and Eastern Great Plains States. French Canadian troops will occupy the capital of New York, Albany, launched launched an amphibious attack to Maine, at the same time.

When Americans began to expel the Canadian soldiers, the retreating troops would destroy food and infrastructure along the way. However, the British Royal Navy thought Canada simply can not resist the attack in the United States, is therefore not intended to provide a large number of reinforcements... But Canadians did not know!

3 decline: the U.S. invasion of Japan

Decline is the eve of the end of World War II, the invasion of the Allied invasion of Japan's domestic military plans.

Shortly after the United States dropped two atomic bombs, Japan announced its surrender. If the decline is implemented, will be the largest in the history of the world's largest amphibious operations, its landing action will be more than a year ago, Normandy landing.

During World War II, the U.S. military in the tank under the cover of the attack class is the island of the Japanese stronghold.

The military plan was divided into two parts: "the Olympics" and the "little crown". The Olympic goal is to occupy the southern islands of Japan, while the small crown is prepared to take advantage of the "Olympic" action to seize the resources occupied by the Plains region of the state, in order to directly threaten Tokyo.

The invasion plan needs to be invested in 5 million U. S. soldiers and 1 million British and Commonwealth soldiers. Japan is expected to gather 35 million troops, including the regular forces, reserve and the newly recruited soldiers.

Japan accurately predicted that the United States war plan, decided to fight against the allies in the island of Japan, put down the defense of other areas.

A study for the United States war department is expected, due to the local people will join the battle, the U.S. military will appear at least 1 million 700 thousand casualties.

4 Soviet invasion of Western Europe

During most of the cold war, the Eastern European countries maintained a defensive posture for a long time. Until the death of Stalin in 1953, the Soviet Union's war plan has never been put forward to the use of nuclear weapons. After 1953, tensions intensified to launch a nuclear war in europe. The NATO countries have developed nuclear program.

Britain is planning to launch at least 40 nuclear weapons in eastern europe. In 1960, the United States developed a nuclear strike system called "SIOP", ready to launch a nuclear attack on all communist countries, even if some countries and the United States did not go to war.

For the west, this destructive war is as after will leave no room, they don't consider what happened. And for the Soviet Union and its allies, the war is more than a nuclear attack, the role of nuclear weapons only to change the conventional battlefield.

After each other's nuclear strike, Eastern Europe's troops will swarm into Western Europe, first to capture the city of West Germany, and then to France. Czechoslovakia's army will occupy the central Europe and southwestern Europe over the pyrenees.

At the same time, Poland and the Soviet Union will seize the northern European region. They plan to five than a strength and hope in the West and 14 days will push to the coast of the Atlantic.

In the beginning of the six day war in 1967 (the third Middle East War), Israel launched a pre emptive strike against Egypt. For only a few hours, Israel has destroyed a large number of aircraft in the Egyptian air force has not yet to take off the aircraft.

With air superiority, the Israeli army took control of Gaza Strip, then into the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian army suffered heavy losses. In response, Egypt convinced Jordan and Syria to join the battle. Finally, Israel captured the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.

Israeli soldiers, 1967.

During the cold war, military conflict between Israel and Arabia was far beyond the scope of today's Middle East. In those days, the Soviet Union supported the Arabia, while the United States supported Israel. The Soviet Union was very dissatisfied with the rapid development of Israel in the military, and warned the United States, saying that if the United States does not act, the Soviet Union will take action.

At that time, the Soviets were ready to launch amphibious assault, in cooperation with the air force from the Mediterranean coast into israel. When the Soviet authorities to Washington issued a warning of the threat, the Soviet strategic bombers and nuclear weapons, the navy has route through to the Middle East near.

7 Mexico invasion of the United States

In the United States is about to join the first World War, the British intelligence intercepted a German Foreign Minister Zimmerman sent a telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico. In the telegram, he issued instructions to the Ambassador: once the United States to join a war to become the enemy of Germany, Germany will form a coalition with Mexico.

The German plan supported by the Mexico invasion of the United States, to help Mexico regain lost in 1840s in the Mexican American war in the territory. But the plan was ultimately not implemented, the message was intercepted and published in the U.S. media, thus setting off a climax of the American people.

According to the plan Mexicans will be scored in Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada and Arizona, and the occupation of Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma parts. The idea of Germans, even if Mexico could not recover the previous land, to declare war on the United States will occupy the American troops, curb the United States to provide weapons and supplies for the allies.

8 the German Emperor William S invaded the United States

Caesar Williams had many plans to attack the United states.

The German emperor did not like, nor did he trust the Americans, that capitalism in America was an immoral, corrupt act. He also believes that the United States in the Pacific region of imperialist policy threatens Germany's dominance in the Samoa islands.

In 1897, he ordered the German general staff to develop plans to invade the United States, to curb U.S. regional and economic influence. The Imperial Navy, however, has not been strong enough to implement those military plans.

Emperor William S.

The first operational plan draft requirements from the port Hampton group invaded Virginia, direct the spearhead at the U.S. navy.

But when the United States has won a decisive victory in the war against Spain, the plan changed in order to concentrate its forces from New York and Boston into the United states. Program requirements into 60 ships and warships and 10, 000 German soldiers and German warships of the Atlantic coast of America's largest cities are shelling re invasion.

9 the United States invaded Mexico and the Caribbean

150 years after the end of the civil war in the United States, it was almost forgotten that the victory of the north of the United States of America was not certain.

At the time of the war, both the United States and the opposing slaves were eager to expand their territory, and the idea remained when the United States divided into two regimes.

The southern United States of America has never failed to predict its own failure, in their post-war plan, the United States will expand the territory to Latin America and the caribbean.

They plan to disrupt the stability of the region of Mexico. Strike while the iron is hot, the lead after the baptism of fire soldier scored in Mexico City, they also plan to expand territory to Brazil. Later after the defeat of the Confederate army, two of the Confederate States of America explorers in Brazil established colonies (new Texas and the United the), 2, 000 rebels once lived there.

10 Napoleon time of the French invasion of Australia

In early nineteenth Century, the French emperor sent an expedition to the British New Holland (today's Australia), the surface is to study the geography and natural history. French Nicholas Bodin (Baudin Nicolas) led the two ships in Australia, the island, Tasmania and other islands along the coast for three years.

They collected Natural Science specimens back to France, and found more than 2500 kinds of plants and animals. He died in the road, died on 1803 in Mauritius.

Which an explorer -- Francois Peron (Francois peron) during the voyage to Napoleon submitted a secret report. The report describes the British Australian land encroachment, accusing the British people to seize the land. He thinks France can use the land more effectively. Since then, Peron began to provide military and political intelligence in france.

In addition, I also have bodan may provide information for the planned invasion of australia. He is said to have written a report on how to invade Australia from the Gulf of Sydney.

They believe that, with the support of Irish soldiers and prisoners who were exiled to Australia, 1800 French soldiers were able to overthrow the British rule.