The U.S. hit 10 missiles to the sinking of a frigate: China 1 can do?

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The U.S. hit 10 missiles to the sinking of a frigate: China 1 can do?

2016-07-21 01:49:16 443 ℃

Recently, the United States Navy in the Pacific Ocean to carry out an anti - ship exercise, the final result, so that people do not know what to say, is good? Still not good?

In the exercise, U. S. and its allies to ship a 4000 ton drainage American Perry class frigate continuous emission the 4 harpoon anti-ship missiles, two bombs and one calf missiles, two Hellfire missiles and 1 gold torpedo.

From B-52 bombers to type U214 submarines, from 925 kg class Mk-84 bombs to 230 kg class GBU-12 laser guided bombs.

Finally, the U.S. nuclear submarine are directly transmitting the Mk-48 advanced torpedoes, from 9 a.m. to toss to the 13 o'clock in the afternoon, sank the frigate.

To tell you the truth, this is a very well - being, although some fire protection measures have been done. Then people began to think of a problem, a 4000 ton frigates are so difficult to sink, that more than 9000 tons of destroyers and 10 million ton aircraft carrier?

In fact, in the vast majority of battle, want to sink a ship is not so easy. China never thought 1 missiles sank 1 ships. Because, in general, large warships, not a large amount of ammunition directly hit 2-3 times, the basic will not sink. Therefore, the development of China naval and air saturation attack is.

That is, on the same target, from all directions, each platform, the launch of more than one, or even more than ten missiles at the same time to combat. Is to achieve the purpose of sinking in one fell swoop.

There is also, though perhaps a nuclear missile to sink a ship, but can severely weakened the combat effectiveness, or even directly to the loss of combat, the only floating in the sea when the target. Or is the explosion shock wave damage to its electronic system, so that the loss of combat power, so a heavy duty anti ship missile can make a warship at least lose the fighting force.

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