North Korea this aircraft made of wood is made of rubber, but each dispatched can put South Korea is scared to death.

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North Korea this aircraft made of wood is made of rubber, but each dispatched can put South Korea is scared to death.

2016-10-14 18:25:53 2957 ℃

North Korea's recent nuclear test and missile test, successfully attracted the world's attention. But North Korea's biggest strategic weapon is not a nuclear weapon, but a special force. It is said that North Korea has the world's largest special forces, the total number of up to 180 thousand, to know the number of special forces in the United States, but only 51 thousand people.

In addition to North Korean special forces in front of the battlefield with South Korean military operations, will also perform infiltration and sabotage missions. At present, the Korean special forces to South Korea penetration has three major means. First, the North Korean special forces can take the plane, to avoid radar detection, from the air into the South korea. Secondly, can also dig through the inter Korean border, unnoticed by stealth. Moreover, can take a mini submarine or air cushion ship from the sea into korea.

Korea army special airborne and air mobility brigade, has the ability to launch a war in depth in the rear of korea. South Korea has even confident air supremacy, North Korean special forces from the air can still perform penetration, "out of contact with anyone" which are not unrelated, -2 wings with their special aircraft penetration aircraft.

Ann -2 is not a high-tech weapons and equipment, but the former Soviet Union for the spraying of pesticides and to build a light aircraft. This machine is very old, but due to the use of a large number of strange performance, made of wood and plastics, the body weight, but not as metal aircraft as the electromagnetic wave reflection detection by ground radar, even if captured can easily be mistaken for a flock of birds. North Korea has transformed it into a dedicated machine that can carry up to 10 members of the special forces. More importantly, an -2 aircraft flying at an altitude of 170-215 meters, can hedgehop, up to 250 kilometers per hour, maximum range of 1100 km, is the South Korean Air Defense Forces "alien enemy". Once upon a time, the Korean television continues to play the North Korean special forces use an -2 transport aircraft airdrop training wings penetration.

In September 25th, North Korea held the Gangwon airshow in Ge Ma Wonsan airport. Two day airshow debut. -2 was also modified, equipped with satellite navigation communication device and terrain following radar (Terrain Following Radar). The cockpit above is used to receive satellite positioning system (GPS) device or other GLONASS satellite navigation and positioning information, below is the loading of Terrain Follow Radar TFR. TFR is an auxiliary device for navigation, which can transmit radar wave to ground. It will be converted into digital map or compare it with the input topographic map.

In the past an -2 pilot only wearing night vision goggles to fly, to fly in the rain or the weather conditions are bad days, North Korea installing high-tech "eyes" in the special forces use the plane, not only can fly lower, can fly in low altitude radar net height is lower than that between Han and river Valley, also can fly in bad weather that will greatly enhance the special forces of nocturnal low-level penetration, the threat is doubled.

Recently, South Korea has repeatedly said that to implement the "decapitation operations" of North Korea, and related exercises in this year's red flag and the US-ROK military exercise, Han Jun also plan to set up equipment level MH helicopters and small satellite communication equipment dedicated to attack North Korea Special Forces Command (also known as beheading troops). But since the fresh smell of South Korea by special operations forces the implementation of the assassination in North Korea, but North Korea has. In January 21, 1968, North Korea sent 31 special forces secretly across the road in Seoul city's military demarcation line of the penetration to the Chong Wa Dae glance, South Korean President Pu Zhengxi plans to behead, although the action failed, but caused by the South Korean military and civilian casualties. In 1983, North Korea 8 special forces personnel into the Burma, the assassination of the then Korean President Quan Douhuan, although the failure of the assassination of Quan Douhuan, but the 3 killed 17 government officials and Quan Douhuan counterparts.

Once the flames of war, there is no doubt that the Korean special forces will ride on an -2 transport aircraft to South korea. Then, in the end is South Korea or North Korea in the implementation of "decapitation operations", than not only who is stubborn, but sooner than the sword.

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