British and American experts: People's Liberation Army to fight the British, said the conclusion is still valid

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British and American experts: People's Liberation Army to fight the British, said the conclusion is still valid

2017-01-03 08:20:50 410 ℃

If China and Britain fought a battle on the battlefield similar to those of the two countries, who could beat them? This sounds too far away from the reality of the military assumption, 27, appeared in Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao website. Xue Litai, a researcher at the Stanford University's Center for international security and cooperation, quoted British scholars as saying in 2011 that Britain would be the winner. The United States businessinsider website shortly after questioning the British scholar Chalmers originally dished out this conclusion, he believes that the conclusion is still valid today. Chinese experts believe that this does not mean that Western experts believe that the war and the British will Chinese, just because in their hearts the PLA's combat capability is a mystery, so want to use different weights to actual components Chinese army.

Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao website 27, published in Xue Litai's column, said the Royal United Services Institute Professor Chalmers said that the number of PLA soldiers up to 2 million 300 thousand people, the British army is only about 225 thousand people. If there is a military conflict in the same distance between the two countries, Britain has the ability to defeat china. Xue Litai's article said that in a number of crucial military combat capability involved, such as to distant regions (in Africa and the Near East for example) to send troops technical support ability, ocean logistics ability, special forces training and technical equipment field, Britain is still on the China with the actual ability. The report pointed out that the UK has more than and 100 years to deliver troops around the world historical experience, this experience is still increasing. Although the British military budget share has been cut, but the British to the distant area projection technology ability is still a strong force China, British soldiers still experience combat test in remote areas.

The article thinks, Chinese generals in the domestic "battlefield", "terrain" is an important link for various factors from the terrain, land area airspace Chinese involved in understanding, to the old British Empire army generals, the generals China knowledge of nature is a short board.

Xue Litai also believes that there are three major weaknesses in the land battlefield environment from China pla. First, China does not have a military base in the region, the two is difficult to obtain strong local allies in China, the three is difficult to obtain the international mainstream society and the world's only superpower support or at least remain neutral. In actual combat experience, the PLA is far inferior to the British army". The British only the United States to actively cooperate with the US led war. In recent years, Britain has participated in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and sent troops to Cyprus and the Near East, Middle East and its overseas territories. For decades, the Chinese army has never been involved in war at home and abroad, not to mention the high-tech local war, the lack of practical experience.

Conclusion still effective?

Businessinsider website recently reported that Professor Chalmers in 2011 proposed a place away from the British and Chinese territory, the British army to defeat the Chinese army conclusions. And this site recently and Chalmers contact, ask again on this issue. The professor thinks the 2011 review is still valid.

He said that if you take into account the front-line military capabilities, that is, air, sea and land, the British army continues to lead China in these areas. The UK is still in power projection capability greatly leading Chinese, especially in command, control, intelligence and strategic projection capability. There is no doubt that Britain has a greater ability to fight far from home. Chinese still focus on the neighboring power projection capability is very limited. Although this may change in the next ten years, but now, if Chinese and British expansion in the middle region at a distance equal to the distance of the two land direct military conflict (such as southern the Atlantic and the Bay Area), Chinese still unable to gain advantage.

The British Army just called the weight of the PLA

Chinese military expert Wang Yanan at day 27 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said in an interview, a simple comparison of remote delivery capability of war factors, foreign experts view that there is a certain rationality. This comparison does not necessarily mean that they believe that China and the United Kingdom the possibility of a conflict is very large, more reflects a state of mind. The PLA has not experienced decades of actual war, although the equipment modernization, but in actual combat ability is not a small question many foreign experts in mind, so the foreign experts want to use different weights (such as the British) said that the people's Liberation Army combat component.

Wang Yanan believes that in recent years, although the British fought a lot, but basically as American's younger brother, also participated in the war basically is minor. Without the support of the U.S. military, the British in the world of independent combat capability is extremely limited, it is difficult to support the equipment system is far away from the local area of a high intensity war. In this case, assuming a two National Security Council distant delivery military confrontation, the British Wars no valuable reference, decades before the Falklands war, reference is not too big.

An unnamed Chinese military experts do not fully agree with Xue Litai's point of view. He believes that China's international influence is increasing in the support of allies, who can guarantee that other countries will stand on the side of the United Kingdom? But the experts also acknowledged that the PLA has long pursued a defensive national defense policy, away from the local area in combat is not the focus of the construction of PLA, so the existence of weaknesses in this area, more and more suited to protect the Chinese global interests demand. This is also the focus of the PLA's future development and construction.

Wang Yanan stressed that in the local low intensity operations but the battlefield situation changes quickly, are often very small military units for coordination and efficient, such as battalion even platoon or company level operations, which for remote communication ability and decision-making ability of grass-roots commanders have very high requirements. In the foreseeable future, with the enhancement of people's Liberation Army long-range combat capability, to direct command center as the commander of combat system already can not adapt to the rapid change of the remote operation, put forward higher requirements of the people's Liberation Army grassroots commander.