Russia on the sale of China's 35 fighter aircraft engines ahead of time to set up the core part of anti piracy was locked?

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Russia on the sale of China's 35 fighter aircraft engines ahead of time to set up the core part of anti piracy was locked?

2017-01-04 02:40:07 371 ℃

Recently, the media published the article said that Russia to deliver China Su 35 fighter tricks, the article said, "China and Russia at the same time in the purchase of fighter contract, signed an agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights, the export of Su -35 fighter will be subject to the protection of intellectual property rights, not without permission by copy or dismantling of. The article then speculated that Russia had set up anti piracy measures in advance on the engines of the 35 fighter jets sold to China, where the core was locked Military experts Leize told reporters that lets a person Overgeneralization fantastic.

Military experts believe that there is no doubt that the introduction of China an important technical reason for the Soviet 35 fighter, because the Soviet Union 35 fighter 117S engine, this engine has many advantages, is considered to be better than domestic Taihang engine new three generation improved combat force, it is reported that 117S has been identified as a power plant the Russian fifth generation fighter flight test phase, the performance of 117S, to ensure the stability, not by design of high pressurization ratio, but improve the turbine efficiency, using more advanced high pressure turbine and low pressure turbine, the most important is that 117S has a complete thrust vectoring engine nozzle technology and system of experience these are in short time, China technology acquired is not good.

Military experts told reporters, according to some media called a password lock and anti piracy measures, then most likely tamper place may be the full authority digital electronic engine control system, he was regarded as the core of modern aviation engine, is the control and management of the entire engine heart. In order to improve the operational performance of the 35 fighter, 117S uses a digital electronic control system, and is equipped with a number of sensors for Autonomous Fault diagnosis. It is reported that the 35 fighter Su also realized for the first time integration engine vector control system and aircraft, the aircraft aerodynamic control wing and to mating surface and the thrust vector, which have controllable mobility strong.

Military experts told reporters that the full authority digital electronic control system of 117S engine includes fuel supply device, electronic control device, fuel pump system and all kinds of sensors, in order to ensure reliable operation of aeroengine full authority digital electronic control system, must form control design of double channel system or double redundancy.

But for the engine, the system control software is the core of the core, it is mainly responsible for the control and coordination of aircraft engine, to ensure the normal operation of the aviation engine, is the core part of aeroengine full authority digital electronic control system and control software of this, in fact, China is obviously not directly deciphered, they are actually with the "anti piracy ring", and did not need to do a so-called "core lock". And as for the back door in the software is inserted or restricted some functions that are not reliable, China qualified in the engine cannot be detected through the case, how could the receiving plane?

Military experts believe that these so-called anti piracy measures may exist, but cannot be achieved through tricks on the engine, this is not reliable, in fact, there are a lot of modern fighter can not be deciphered, such as IFF system and electronic warfare system, fire control system, data link control software, the structure of the aircraft design details these things, do not need special point out what means, is enough to make his country confused.