Jane's China: after a lapse of three years and the construction of 3 new submarines, Thailand purchase boats shall have been paid

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Jane's China: after a lapse of three years and the construction of 3 new submarines, Thailand purchase boats shall have been paid

2017-01-06 10:43:35 848 ℃

Author: Hong photo Kursk

The British Jane's Defence Weekly reported on January 5th: Chinese domestic Internet Forum pictures show, Chinese Wuhan shipyard in Wuchang at the same time there are 3 type 039B (the West called "Yuan" class) conventional power attack submarine in the water that Chinese outfitting, since 039B submarine interrupt built nearly three years later, began a new type of submarine 039B construction work.

British media reports, the latest three submarines photo is uploaded to the Internet in December 12, 2016 Chinese military forum in.

Picture: Jane's Internet Forum reprint China military photos show 3 ship type 039B submarine in the construction process at the same time.

Jane's Defense said: 039B submarine first entered service in 2006, the boat is 77 meters long, 8.4 meters wide, a displacement of 2700 tons. Equipped with 6 533 mm torpedo tube, can launch Eagle -82 anti-ship missiles and heavy torpedo fish -6.

Although not officially confirmed, but most people believe that 039B is a type of submarine AIP system increased on the type 039 submarine on the (air independent propulsion), can make the submarine for a long time to keep a small state of underwater noise. In addition, the submarine also laid a large number of tiles.

Image: the latest 039B improved submarine, the command tower shell appearance changes larger, more modern and smooth (picture source network).

According to public data network: 039B is China new conventional submarine, the first submarine launched at the end of 2013, the submarine development since 039, improvement is 039 mainly for the appearance of the junction of submarine and submarine enclosure body with smooth fillet structure, to reduce the hydrodynamic noise is good. At the same time, 039B is the middle of the hull is longer, the installation of AIP power system of evidence. In addition, the two side waterline type 039B installation of a more advanced shipboard passive sonar array, higher sensitivity, detection distance.

Picture: China biggest rival is Japan's submarine submarine force, this is the new black dragon class conventional submarines.

For Chinese Navy, the nuclear powered attack submarine, the quantity and quality are not enough, so in a new generation of nuclear powered attack submarine mass service, before the formation of combat, it can be said that the 039B submarine is the backbone of the navy sea combat China.

And it will directly face Japan, South Korea and other countries of advanced conventional submarines. With a new generation of submarine technology represented by AIP, and missiles, torpedoes and other underwater weapons technology, will enable the China submarine force to change the past large but low quality of impression, become a real underwater killer forces.

Image: new conventional submarine before launching.

In the report Chinese Navy submarine occupied at the same time, the Jane's Defence Weekly in January 4th reported the latest progress of the Thailand Royal Navy submarine purchase China matters.

Jane's Defence Weekly reported: Thailand Royal Navy is expected to submit a plan for the next few months, is about to buy Chinese buy funds first 3 aircraft S-26T conventional submarine.

According to the purchase plan, Thailand Royal Navy to buy the first S-26T submarine funds will be implemented in the 2017 defense budget. In addition, the purchase of two submarines will be paid in 2021 to 2022 between China, the construction work will likely continue until the year of 2027. The total amount of three submarines is expected to reach about $1 billion 120 million

Image: China's exports of Thailand's S-26T submarines will use Chinese, Russian and Swedish technologies.

Jane's Defence Weekly reported: Thailand announced the purchase cost of the Royal Navy ship its first aircraft S26T submarine procurement project is about 13 billion 500 million baht ($430 million). The deal will include a China manufacturing S26T submarines and weapon systems, equipment, spare parts, related documents, fuel, lubricating oil, training, technology transfer, transfer and delivery activities and related customs formalities. The order will be exempt from import duty.

Thailand's defense minister Bhave said: China's submarine technology is very good, the navy has conducted a study of Chinese submarines before. As early as 2008~2009, the Navy submitted a plan to buy submarines from china. These new submarines will protect the marine resources in the waters of Dammam.

Image: C-708UNA anti-ship missile will be equipped with Thailand's S26T submarine, which has the ability to launch anti-ship missile submarine.

Some analysts believe that S26T foreign trade will combine the 039 series Chinese submarine submarine and the Russian kilo class submarine technology, and to install the Swedish AIP power system. In recent years, many of the C-708UNA submarine launched anti-ship missiles will also be equipped with the boat.

C-708UNA is made on the basis of domestic C-802A anti-ship missile based on the ship, mainly for submarine launch carried out a number of adaptive improvements, 128 km range. C-708UNB the latest missile has been to the international market, can be compatible with the ordinary 533 mm torpedo tube, the elastic range of up to 290 kilometers, has been close to the provisions of the "missiles and missile technology export control agreement" the 300 km limit, belong to one of the submarine anti-ship missile on the international market to get the longest range.

Picture: C-708UNB submarine launched anti-ship missile with a range of China the latest offer will reach 290 kilometers, close to the limit of the provisions of the international arms control missile weapon.