The country can now destroy the earth N times, but it can not repair aircraft carrier

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The country can now destroy the earth N times, but it can not repair aircraft carrier

2017-01-06 23:05:20 282 ℃

In September 2015, Russia officially recognized armed intervention in Syria, Russia attaches great importance to send various kinds of advanced weapons turns into, to some extent, the Syria battlefield became the Russian test of weapon equipment performance and combat capability of troops "stage". In addition, the Russian military has sent only a "Kuznetsov" aircraft carriers, to know that the ship only Russian aircraft carrier since the service to stay in the shipyard time than in the fleet to be long, continuous indeed fell 2 aircraft, a "Kuznetsov" became the world in many of the joke".

Military expert Gu Huoping, China have a saying called "the mule is a horse out for a walk," the Russian intervention in Syria is from the national strategic and geopolitical considerations, but Russian dare to take this hot "potato" also proved to own confidence. Especially in extremely difficult conditions, the Russian Navy also dared to send Kuznetsov to participate in combat, reflecting the consistent characteristics of the fighting nation. But for crash accidents and black smoke, also reflects the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier of the arresting cable is not high quality, poor quality, lack of maintenance, the partner type refueling system Su -33 fighter hook structure and aircraft carrier power system a series of problems such as aging.

The Soviet aircraft carrier, cruiser and other large surface ships were built by Nikolayev shipyard in Ukraine, is mainly completed by the shipyard maintenance. The conflict in Ukraine after exposure, Russia and Ukraine have been "made to", so "Kuznetsov" Russia must repair "self-reliance", but Russia even ship equipment and spare parts are not full. Russia wanted to build its own north shipyard as an aircraft carrier, but it was not completed because of lack of funds.

When the former Soviet Union's Red Navy had been rampant for a time, and the U.S. Navy in the global confrontation, in addition to the history of the old Japanese Imperial Navy, the Soviet Navy, this is the first". But now look at the Russian navy is the successor to the Soviet Navy's situation, although repeatedly but has been unable to reproduce the brilliant. This looked sad, of course, it is not necessarily a bad thing for Chinese.

Military expert Gu Huoping pointed out, look at the Russian Navy's "family property" can not help but sigh: the Russian navy can open the port, more than 5000 ton warship only kilov class "Peter the great" nuclear cruiser 1 ships, 3 ships class cruiser "glory" and "modern" class destroyers 4 boats. "The fearless class antisubmarine destroyer ship 8, below the 5000 ton warship is not much, only there is a nuclear submarine combat and deterrent capability.

Russian navy is not only a small number, but poor maintenance, training standards are relatively low. "Varyag missile cruiser" as an example, from the picture we can see the ship looks rusty, the state is very poor, nothing like a ship ready to fight. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union Russia's economy is still difficult to pick up unable to get up after a fall, now, the limited funding for the Navy with daily maintenance is very difficult, let alone create a new ship, so "Kuznetsov" while struggling with the Pacific Fleet's "window", but the situation is not how, when the "carrier killer" is now almost as a joke.