British media said Liaoning 3, 4 days to supply once, difficult to compete with the U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier

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British media said Liaoning 3, 4 days to supply once, difficult to compete with the U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier

2017-01-08 11:28:08 505 ℃

Author: Hong photo Kursk

Recently, the British Jane's Defence Weekly reported China new type 901 resupply ship trial news.

British media said the ship is dedicated to the Chinese aircraft carrier fleet combat supplies, with a displacement of 45 thousand tons, equipped with multiple supply Jianguomen, can provide fuel, aviation fuel and dry cargo ship supplies for the aircraft carrier formation. The British media also speculated that the type 901 supply ship replenishment operations, the aircraft carrier will supply in the port, the starboard main destroyer escort for the resupply of.

Picture: 901 fast supply ship in the sea.

British media said the 901 type supply ship has four sets of QC280 gas turbines, each power is 28MW, the speed reached 25, the main supply ship is significantly superior to that of the people's Liberation Army - 903 type comprehensive supply ship, which can meet the requirements of aircraft carrier formation speed.

In addition, according to the Jane's Defence Weekly, if the "Liaoning" for a long time the maximum speed and the structure of high strength intensive flight, its own fuel and ammunition is not enough to meet the operational requirements for long time, 3~4 days may need a recharge.

Image: built in type 901 fast supply ship, to keep up with the speed of the aircraft carrier formation.

While the U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier due to the use of nuclear power, does not need to be added to the ship fuel supply, it mainly concentrated in the aviation fuel and ammunition and supplies, can support a nuclear powered aircraft carrier to maintain high strength requirements for a week or so at a time to recharge after the word "Liaoning" is this conventional powered aircraft carrier has more advantages.

That is, if in the fierce confrontation, may be in a week's combat time, the U.S. aircraft carrier does not need to re supply, and China's Liaoning is the need to carry out at least more than one replenishment.

Because the aircraft carrier in the supply of the sea, it is not able to carry out aviation operations, which may result in defensive hollow, providing an opportunity to attack the enemy.

Image: the U.S. fast supply ship to the aircraft carrier resupply, attention to the aircraft carrier deck above a CH-46 helicopter is being carried out in order to improve vertical replenishment efficiency. Accordingly, the aircraft carrier deck to cancel operations, operations will be affected.

It should be said that the Jane's Defence Weekly veteran military intelligence media analysis, we still need to treat properly. Of course, for each time interval, the carrier recharge recharge, which is related to the top secret intelligence operations, can not be easily seen by others. But for the conventional power aircraft carrier common replenishment period, "Liaoning" in high intensity combat, each day for a 3~4 should be said to be more credible. This problem, as long as the day does not break through the nuclear powered aircraft carrier this Hom, is difficult to solve. This does not have much to do with the supply ship, but the carrier's own problems.

Image: at present, the main force of the 903 integrated supply ship due to its speed, it is difficult to meet the operational requirements of the aircraft carrier formation.

As for the other question, is the number of aircraft carrier replenishment time, which is a very important indicator. The shorter the time, the shorter the time of air operations, air defense may not be affected. On the other hand if the recharge time is too long, can cause the air fighter aircraft to return, the ship can not fill the seats, or the need for aircraft between air refueling to ensure the normal patrol carried out, and the carrier air refueling or army in a short board, can only rely on the -15 partners to refueling pod complete, oil volume can not meet the operational requirements of high strength.

Picture: if the carrier in replenishment process, will stop air operations, this time to maintain the air patrol aircraft flight requires shipborne refueling, and the current "Liaoning" can only rely on the refueling pod f -15 equipped with partners to complete the amount of fuel sufficient to meet the operational requirements of high strength.

So, what we can do now is on the development of the supply equipment for the fast supply ship. In order to improve the supply efficiency, minimize the replenishment time, to ensure the seamless connection of air combat aircraft carrier.

The United States on its supply ship equipped with the latest "UNREP" (Heavy), in order to replace has been used for more than 40 years, the standard enhanced replenishment docking method (STREAM)". The reason is because the old supply system to supply a carrier when consuming too much, and 5700 pounds of weight limit, heavier things can't at sea for loading, and the old supply system only in the state 3 following operation.

Image: "Liaoning" New Year Series in the United States did not carry out the replenishment of the photos, which is still the short board of Chinese aircraft carrier formation.

With the new "heavy replenishment system", the United States can supply ship loading of supplies 12 thousand pounds of supplies in the 5 sea conditions, can carry heavy things existing warehouse, such as aircraft engine or a 9000 pound arresting rope, and greatly improves the efficiency of the supply of aircraft carrier, shorten the replenishment time.

Responsible for strategic and global mobile service director Jon Kaskin according to the chief of naval operations under that, compared with the existing system, this system can handle the load is doubled, and faster processing speed. He said, "to reduce the aircraft carrier from combat or the main task of the time, we are to improve the work of all the main objectives of offshore supplies. This is the value of the "heavy sea Replenishment System". One of the main advantages of this system is that it can reduce recharge time."

Image: the fast combat support ship fast recharge on aircraft carrier in high sea condition.

Because of the "Liaoning" is refitted in the former Soviet Union "Varyag basis, therefore not demanding, but also in the development of supply equipment can not be copied to the Soviet Union or Russia's experience. On the other hand, Russia is not how seriously. In the Soviet era, the Red Navy built only one fast supply ship - type 1833 "Berezina River", but also very immature. This led to the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier sea cruise back to follow a long string of tankers and dry cargo ship, the supply efficiency is very low.

Picture: the construction of the Soviet era design only one aircraft carrier fast supply ship type 1833 "Berezina River", is now in shreds and patches.

The carrier of supplies, or to the carrier application most experience of the United States Navy line. A new generation of military aircraft carrier CVN78 Gerrard - R - Ford ", on the starboard side of a designed 3 supply station, and installed a new device for replenishment at sea, in order to ensure the supply of high-speed operation.

Therefore, in the design of a new generation of aircraft carrier, the problem of rapid replenishment must be taken seriously.

Photo: China's new generation of aircraft carrier design and construction, we must attach importance to the issue of navigation supplies, because it will be the key to combat effectiveness.