The Russian Chinese import weapons from uncharacteristically! China this completely a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

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The Russian Chinese import weapons from uncharacteristically! China this completely a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

2017-01-08 11:30:40 360 ℃

The picture shows the future of China's space station to be built

Recently, according to foreign media reported that China and Russia have reached a new agreement on military cooperation, including the Russian rocket engine sales to Chinese, microelectronic components simultaneously from the purchase of Russian aircraft China development needs, Russia as a strong country in the world of aviation, aerospace, aviation, aerospace science and technology has been in the advanced ranks in the world, between China and Russia on the development of microelectronic components to buy Russian Airlines flight from China need, can also be seen from the side, China in recent years in the aerospace science and technology achievements worthy of recognition.

Before the Soviet Union launched the first artificial earth satellite and spacecraft launch countries, most countries, the world's first propulsion technology, earth's first man-made satellite, the world's first spaceship Vostok carrying the world's first astronaut Gagarin completed the flight of the ball around and return to earth. The No. 188 and Kosmos 186 satellite completed its first man-made earth satellite in orbit automatic docking and from the world, the Soviet space creative achievements into the advanced ranks of the scientific world in many ways, in the world has always been a leading nation since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited most of the Soviet space assets, renamed the Russian Federation Aerospace Bureau, with its headquarters in Moscow near Star City, bear astronaut training and spacecraft launch mission.

The picture shows China imported from Russia 27

In the space science and technology, Russia inherited most of the resources of the Soviet Union, until now is still one of the most important space in the world, but in recent years, Chinese Aerospace made substantial achievements in the development of space exploration and space technology, has completed the 10 launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft, manned, warehouse, complete many days of spaceflight launch task, temple space laboratory and after the successful launch of rendezvous and docking, China is become after the United States and Russia have third independent construction of the international space station, in addition, Chinese space has walked in front of the world in the development of the satellite, the Beidou Global navigation satellite network is accelerating, and is equipped with navigation the ability of the Asia Pacific region, high series of high resolution satellite has launched 3 satellites, the project also made a major breakthrough, making China has a wealth of experience in deep space exploration. China's achievements in space, so that people feel proud, but also attracted the attention of the world counterparts, including the upcoming large-scale cooperation in space science and technology in russia.

Aviation cooperation between China and Russia most closely, is one of the direction of development of the fastest speed China, from the beginning of 90s, China Russian Soviet 27 heavy fighter, all aviation technology including missile, aviation engine, electronic products, China are in rapid development, thanks to the success of the reform and opening up China the socialist market economy, provide a very dynamic market economy for China economic development, also makes the China civilian technology development has made great achievements, especially in Electronic Science and technology, there is no doubt that China has walked in front of Russia, which is why Russia is now a change, an important reason to buy from China microelectronic components the main weapon of the importing country.

Pictured Russia launched the five generation of T50 machine

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian military industry by the blow, which naturally includes the aviation industry, in addition to Russia launched the T50 five generation machine, almost no any introduction of a new air force equipment, one of the reasons are many, but one of the most important reason is that Russia's economic downturn, unable to provide more the funds for the development of the aviation industry, so that very few buy new weapons production, more is to improve the modernization based on the existing equipment, compared China air force equipped with a large number of domestic third generation fighter, the J-10 11, f 15, f 16 fighters, Fourth generation fighters, 20 full flight 31 fighter fighter and other special aircraft like the air marshals 2000, 500 AWACS air marshals, new series aircraft also added a large number of Chinese air force, the Russian air force is a little stretched, still in the Soviet Union The legacy of the weapons as the main equipment.

However, the development of the international environment, China and Russia to find mutual interests, can eliminate historical factors of mutual support, mutual take no, it also provides a more spacious environment for the development between the two countries, Russia has many advanced technologies to the Soviet legacy, China based economic strength for this, the long-term cooperation between China and Russia, with two of the most important factors, money, technology, in the absence of the core conflict of interest situation, the two countries can start a higher level, more large-scale cooperation, and this is why Russia can sell space rocket engine to Chinese, and from China import aviation microelectronic components.