U.S. experts: China's rocket attack force will exceed U.S. military intercept limit

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U.S. experts: China's rocket attack force will exceed U.S. military intercept limit

2017-01-10 00:03:49 542 ℃

Media reports, a think-tank report says, in future wars, the United States to "stop Chinese" wind "series of nuclear missile" preparation.

The United States arms control expert Reaves Research Center said that although China and Russia continue to strengthen the development of nuclear weapons remote attack, updates more ICBMs, but this does not mean that China and Russia have formed the nuclear superiority of the United states. He surmised, new evidence suggests that strategic nuclear forces will become a priority direction Chinese military construction, army Chinese active missile rocket at present, including -5A, -31A and Dongfeng Dongfeng Dongfeng -21A / C, can target nearly three strategic rocket forces and far, China focus on new technologies to counter the United States counter guide technology, for example, by intercepting test prior to the introduction of technology and hypersonic missile warhead upgrade difficulty, a range of over 12000 km of Dongfeng -41 ballistic missile carrying two multiple warhead, the size of the missile with the Minuteman -3 intercontinental missile similar to that can be used in highway and railway maneuver mode deployment.

The Reaves conjecture, in accordance with the existing strategic weapons development speed, Chinese rocket forces may have nuclear attack as the Russian RS-24 Ya Ersi ICBMs in the next 2 years of the missile, it can be equipped with 10 independent sub warheads. In actual combat, the warhead will return to the atmosphere (high supersonic speed of 8 kilometers per second), frankly, do not have any military weapons to defend the nuclear warhead such "salvo". "The United States has the most advanced anti missile system, but the reality is," Sade "anti missile system could not stop China multiple 10 star level multiple warhead missile attack, which is beyond the limits of U.S. anti missile interception forces. Using satellite defense to unrealistic with laser satellite intercept a sub warheads, the premise is to satellite ballistic missile shortly after launch, is ahead of the deployment in orbit, and this is an impossible task.

In addition, the U.S. military also failed to find a Chinese missile launch, the anti missile satellite sent to the scheduled orbit in time, time is not up to. Even with anti missile deployment satellite in orbit for a long time, it is difficult to maneuver and orbit. And let the United States to attack China's missile launch position is more unrealistic, because it is tantamount to the United States to provoke a nuclear war, not to mention many of China's nuclear missiles fired by the vehicle, the U.S. military can not find them.

American expert Fisher China strategic analysis and evaluation center had even speculation, Dongfeng -41 missile now has been able to carry 10 guided nuclear warheads, and other Western media has 3 stars, 5 stars saying, "China two consecutive test branched type Dongfeng -41 missiles only carry two warheads, is the ability to hide this missile carrying more warheads."

Reaves said, regardless of whether Chinese long-range missiles now have the ability to carry 10 guided nuclear warheads, but in the long run, the United States must accept the fact that the strategic missile troops to stop China sooner or later, "nuclear war, is Chinese or Russian missile breakthrough is inevitable."

He analyzed that China and Russia and the United States in the development of strategic weapons different ideas. Although the United States militia -3 missile has been launched, but it is like Ferrari's classic sports car, the need to modify the place is not much. The Russian military personnel are like to continue to introduce new design. In addition, China and Russia more strategic missiles to achieve a mobile launch, but the development and operation of mobile launch system is very high cost."

Reaves believes that the Sino Russian strategic missile penetration ability under the background of increasingly powerful, the best way to counter this is to strengthen the nuclear attack ability, increase the number of strategic weapons and technology. "The United States needs to ensure that the nuclear counterattack capability, if China launched a nuclear warhead, the United States must ensure that in seconds after the launch of nuclear warheads back. However, the initiative of nuclear attack gradually mastered by china."