Japan Meng ring! Just after the formation of the navy was harassed by the people's Liberation Army beat the warning!

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Japan Meng ring! Just after the formation of the navy was harassed by the people's Liberation Army beat the warning!

2017-01-11 00:18:22 190 ℃

Author: Pu Tsurumai baby pictures from the Internet;

Yesterday afternoon, a lot of people because of big wings: the direction of the sea of Japan how?

Japan sea direction, the original network spread over the sea of Japan seems to have a major event: Flying Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the direction of flight delays!

The Japanese twitter news show, 9 days from the 13 Beijing time, a large number of Japanese military aircraft from Naha, Hamamatsu, Komatsu, fortification, new Tian Yuan, Barry base off. Even Japan's air self air command center E-767 from Hamamatsu scrambled.

Rough statistics, the number of Japanese fighters scrambled: Komatsu base at least 3 batches of 6 machines, 100 base 302 flight team of 2 F-4, the new Tian Yuan base at least 3 batches of 6 machines, Naha base at least 2 machines, 1 E-767 Hamamatsu base. On the other, fortification base off an unknown number, an unknown number of U.S. F/A-18E/F off the Atsugi base.

Such a large scale emergency aircraft, causing concern and discussion. Because of the unknown and the Japanese air self defense force nationwide large-scale action, many people think that the Japanese sea out of what unusual event.

Especially in 100 F-4 and Hamamatsu E-767 base base after takeoff, the Japanese netizens very calm. Because, as a service in 70s, 81 years has been discontinued F-4, and Japan Airlines from a total of only 4 E-767 as air command hub tasks, usually used to save. Obviously, it was a very special problem that came out yesterday. Japanese users guess not Chinese is Russia military routine figure 95 "circle".

Chinese network public opinion field there are rumors that a country, a military aircraft suspected defection in Japan landed at KansaiApt Airport lead air self employed escort... So..!

In short, the story seems very cold, coming stormin!

However, subsequently confirmed the news network transmission of large-scale civil aviation aircraft grounded for misrepresentation, all normal flight direction of the East China sea. As for a country's military defectors is confirmed as a It is sheer fiction., Boeing 737-300 aircraft normal flight.

Until 9 in the evening, leaving the Japanese fighters scrambled to raise a Babel of criticism of the event before the dust settles, the Japanese integration staff supervision department warning message: 9 pm, China 1 transport plane -8 aircraft, 1 aircraft and 6 aircraft transported -9 electric aircraft boom -6 bombers, flying over the sea of Japan, Japan to meet through the Tsugaru Strait returned from a visit two 054A frigate fleet. Therefore, the Japanese Self Defense Forces multiple base aircraft scrambled to respond to Chinese aircraft.

The Tsushima Strait is located in the southeast side of the Tsushima islands, extending from northeast to southwest, 222 km long, the narrowest 41.6 kilometers, is the sea of Japan to the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea and the Pacific Chinese import transportation hub, an important strategic position. Among them, the wider the Tsushima Strait to the southeast side of the northwest boundary on the Tsushima islands, northeast between Honshu, Kyushu and South five island archipelago.

According to reports, by the warm welcome of the two 054A fighter fleet frigate, is China navy to perform tasks return visit of the "Yancheng", "Daqing" frigate. On October 18, 2016 from a military port in Qingdao sail unmoor, on the 20 October 2016 east across the Osumi Strait, went to New Zealand at the ADMM maritime security exercises and New Zealand Navy 75 anniversary of the establishment of the international fleet review activities, and went to the United States and Canada for a friendly visit.

Two frigates to return, we need to put up a pageantry go a long way to meet? Obviously not required! Even if the need for escort, it should be a fighter out ah, why is the bomber group, but it is extremely rare super size 6 bombers -6 bombers! I see a smart people will understand China military group objective: ulterior motives, but for mountains and rivers!

We know that the Chinese ship machine each passing related Japanese SDF Strait, always uninvited, is photographed again is close harassment. 2015 fiscal year, the Japanese air self defense force to the number of emergency takeoff up to 571 times. In December 10, 2016, Chinese Air Force aircraft through the Strait of Miyako Island to the Western Pacific sea airspace routine training, the Japanese Self Defense Forces Base in Naha within 1 hours off the 5 batch of 10 F-15J, the range of interference and interference play to me. In January 5th, China navy "Yancheng", "Daqing" frigates and other warships through the Tsugaru Strait sailing west home, the Japanese self defense force P-3C anti submarine patrol aircraft and ominato frigate, and as in the past to track and monitor the implementation.

Anyway, I borrow this rabbit "meet" visit to large-scale warships dispatched bombers to the sea of Japan, Japan is actually to give some color to see see, political and military pressure to japan.

For this news, people call fun, because once for a long time, China did not give others manufacturing topics. More time is to let others lead the nose. Today, China has finally learned to create tension for others!

For example, Japan's exchanges with China, from time to time to take the Diaoyu Islands, visit the Yasukuni Shrine, the South China Sea issue and other issues of speculation, almost every deterioration of Sino Japanese relations are dominated by japan. The United States is even more so, always playing Taiwan, the South China Sea, the Diaoyu Islands, human rights, democracy, Xinjiang and several other brands. These contradictions make China very headache, involved a lot of effort not to say, is "robbing the robbers"!

In recent years, it is my rabbit fighter group flew the first island chain, is also the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier group cruising world, and calm, calm! Poor SDF nerves are becoming more sensitive, a nervous!

Remember the last century at the beginning of 80s, when he was Chinese navy commander inspected Navy Air Force unit was put forward: since the bombing reconnaissance units, then flying the Tsushima Strait? However, the troops are undaunted: to fly the Tsushima Strait, yet to do. The commander was not happy, but I also know that this is reality.

It is more difficult to cross the Strait of Miyako Island and the Bashi channel. Because the Tsushima Strait is very narrow, many from the region of Japan's territorial waters are very close, want to fly over high seas so narrow, not to infringe other people's airspace, there is a certain degree of difficulty, have put forward high requirements for security, technical and tactical flight positioning.

I think before is the devil in the air, coastal swagger before others! Now, China strong, military warships sailing in the sea devils, the other also spooked the tone finally smooth!

Pedestria leading wins! A country, in addition to the need to have the fear of military hard power, but also need to have the ability to create topics of soft power, so as to take the initiative to control the rhythm of the world. China can not be counted as a world power, which is an important reference index.

Very exciting, the Chinese is already recognized this truth, has begun taking a step, I believe in the future it will be more and more, look forward to China open "Petunia nose" mode!

The fact is, the initiative to create trouble for each other, this is a big country should show muscle! Only the regular turn, in order to let the Japanese know who is the master of asia.

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