The PLA military flew across the Tsushima Strait called for a boycott of Japanese friends Chinese goods

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The PLA military flew across the Tsushima Strait called for a boycott of Japanese friends Chinese goods

2017-01-11 00:19:24 220 ℃

[observer network text / high Xueying Japanese translation / HP]

Japanese officials claimed that yesterday (9) afternoon, China 8 military aircraft flew over the Tsushima Strait, across the Tsugaru Strait to meet Japan returned from a visit to two 054A frigate fleet, the SDF aircraft scrambled to multiple bases, with China aircraft.

Japan's largest portal YAHOO Japan, Japan's Sankei Shimbun published a report on the matter, and no reports of Chinese military aircraft violated Japanese airspace, the Japanese defense ministry is China military objective analysis.

Popular comment news below, is a "innocent Japanese China was bullied" white lotus image: we should not encourage "the China hegemony", to shoot down the aircraft, or will be Chinese down!

This is the most bright: we do not buy Chinese goods! Every time we buy a Chinese product, it is to send money to the Chinese army!

A remark, immediately attracted opposition: there are Chinese manufacturing, China products is also very good, do not buy is a fool......

But the other immediately retorted, "we can make it ourselves."!

A little tangled: Although I do not want to buy Chinese goods, but it can not be separated from the Chinese manufacturing......

So they think of a good way: the Chinese product contains information such as rate and dependence on the product, so you can choose to contain a low rate of products......

Hey, why does it feel very familiar with this style?

Surprised! I did not expect the Chinese people in this regard led the Japanese ten years!

Finally when the imperialist powers, Chinese netizens excited;

Have pulled out of the bottom of the martial arts cheats, selfless dedication to the Japanese compatriots:

To write a brush circle of friends, must add this can cause emotional resonance statement:

The key, can often be resorted to "scare" and "shocked" Obama, he has not said it is not important! It is important to sensational!

Writing an article is not enough, and it needs to be done.

For example, with the U shaped lock smashed wulingzhiguang!

Smashed HUAWEI millet!

Those who wear Hanfu Japanese is a traitor, must be stripped of his clothes!

Patriotism is not just ordinary people, but also to join the stars!

Chinese films must also resist! Can't be brainwashed by Chinese culture!

We will help you design a good slogan, thank.

In the case of forced patriotism, the whole world is a routine. Indians in the boycott of Chinese goods is also written in the post......

However, India is the most important slogan, with it, in order to strengthen the ranks!

Chinese netizens have helped you to translate, you are welcome