Chinese bombers into the sea of Japan to do: learning Soviet missile saturation attack

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Chinese bombers into the sea of Japan to do: learning Soviet missile saturation attack

2017-01-11 00:21:14 326 ℃

In January 9, 2017, the new year has just been finished, Chinese traditional Spring Festival is approaching, China and Japan in the Western Pacific sea related airspace, carried out a recreational activities to celebrate the spring sea. The afternoon of January 9th, fly complex weather conditions of the people's Navy aviation new year, the organization more fighters took off from different stations to sea training, training in the complicated electromagnetic environment and the ability to attack the enemy port ships, the expected effect is achieved. Japan from distributed across Naha, Komatsu, 100 in the air force base emergency missile hanging off ten F15J fighter jets, as well as E767 early warning aircraft, led to Shanghai Pudong Airport to fly to Japan and South Korea in the direction of all flights delayed. U.S. troops also took off in Japan to help combat F18 fighter. Six in the afternoon, accompanied by the sunset in the sea of Japan, the Sino Japanese Friendship ends.

At night, the Japanese defense ministry integration staff supervision department official: Chinese 8 large aircraft formation through the Tsushima Strait into the sea of Japan!

The implementation of the cross strait, the sea into the Japanese mission, the Chinese Navy aviation. The formation of the formation of a relatively large: there are 6 bombers -6G bombers, 1 aircraft -8 warning aircraft and the implementation of the 1 -9 electronic reconnaissance aircraft. This is the China naval aviation training since the implementation of open sea, sending a number of bombers, is the second since August 2016 China naval aviation second aircraft entered Japanese airspace. Chinese bombers suddenly through the strait into the sea of Japan, the Japanese air self defense forces in an emergency situation, the ability to combat, no wonder Japan nervous.

So, China sent a half of the mission of the 6 bombers leap into the Strait of Malaysia into the sea of Japan, is to do?

We first look at the sea naval and air training Chinese, from the beginning of 2012, the air force China organization conducted training, mainly the use of boom -6K bombers carrying long-range cruise missiles, leap in the Miyako Island Strait and the Bashi Channel, before the sea to Philippines, exercise cruise missile attacks, U.S. military bases in Guam, Saipan and other target is the two island chain.

Large sea training Chinese naval aviation from the beginning of 2013, this year in July, a 8 warning machine crossing between Okinawa island and Miyako Island island in the Western Pacific, which is the China naval aviation shore based aircraft for the first time through the first island chain into the Pacific ocean. The 8 maritime warning aircraft from the East China Sea into the island of Okinawa, about 700 km south of the exhumation, the original road back to china. This is clearly a pathfinder thoroughly, then in September 8, 2013, 2 aircraft boom 6G bombers and 1 aircraft and 8 warning aircraft leap Miyako Island Strait naval aviation, into the western pacific. This is the China naval aviation for the first time in the Western Pacific sea missile assault training, is of great historical significance.

In 2013 July the Japanese Self Defense Force Integration staff supervision department released 8 sea warning machine through Okinawa the first island chain line.

The United States Chinese containment first and second island chains. The first island chain is from the beginning of 1951, the United States proposed for the development of the sea island China containment strategy, north of Japan islands, the Ryukyu Islands, the island of Taiwan, south of Philippines, Sunda Islands chain belt shaped island.

Over the years, China navy to perform air dive fast inshore coastal defense system, but to defend from the local hundreds of kilometers of coastal defense capabilities. In 1982 the Falklands war, Chinese naval fighter, are not better than Argentina. When the ability of anti-ship missile detonation -6D has just finalized, no fighting on the sea assault to ship only old and 5 6 5 detonation detonation, naval aviation does not have 600 kilometers far from the sea air, several ships 051 destroyers without air cover, with the target of deterrence is almost, the only submarine forces, but the foreign fleet anti submarine capability. China until 1985 after the start of the equipment can carry Eagle -6 missile boom -6D bombers, at the same time to develop to launch Eagle -8 anti-ship missiles JH -7 attack aircraft, the China naval aviation assault on the sea in the missile age.

Since entering the new century, China navy has increased the intensity of military construction and aviation, formed by satellite, electronic reconnaissance ship, submarine information security, early warning aircraft, to alert maritime reconnaissance aircraft, electronic reconnaissance aircraft for the command to protect, JH 7A Flying Leopard fighter mount Eagle 83 91 Eagle anti-ship missiles and anti radiation missiles, to Su 30MKK2 fighter mount X31 X59 anti radiation missile and anti-ship missile, boom -6 bombers mounted Eagle Eagle 200 and 12 heavy anti-ship missiles to combat the core of coastal defense missile assault system.

From the point of view of the equipment system, the Chinese navy has inherited the tactical thinking of the former Soviet Union's naval air force on the saturation of the anti-ship missile.

After the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, in the face of the advantages of the United States Navy Sea system, improve the Navy Combat System, especially the powerful aircraft carrier battle group, the Soviet Union has no power to fight back. In order to fight against the U.S. military, the Soviet Navy established a large set of saturation attack system. By the end of 1985, the Soviet Navy Pacific fleet sent to Minsk and Novorossiysk as the core of the aircraft carrier task force, through the sea of Japan, from the southern island of Okinawa to the East into the depths of the Pacific ocean. 8 days after this, Novorossiysk simulation of U.S. aircraft carriers, dispatched Jacques -38 VTOL aircraft type launched from sea to land assault on the Soviet union. The Pacific Fleet dispatched a -95 reconnaissance aircraft, 20 aircraft -22M guided anti-ship missile launch backfire supersonic bomber simulation of Novorossiysk formation saturation attack. Results show that a bomber exercises using supersonic anti-ship missile can effectively combat the US aircraft carrier battle groups. Due to the exercise airspace is located in the east of Japan, thus causing great shock to the United States and japan.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, all of this is the lily. At present, the Russian air force and Navy Air Force on the sea assault force, mainly in 80s is still above a bomber system, although you can launch powerful Kh-22N (AS-4/ AS-6) kitchen / king fish anti-ship missile. But the whole weapon system is outdated, AS-6 missile using liquid rocket engine, 2.5 speed Maher, a range of over 400 kilometers, all weighing 5 tons, the installation of 1 tons of high explosive warhead, used in inertial guidance and active radar homing, commonly used emission height of ten thousand meters. This is a good target for modern missile missile penetration ability, does not produce YJ-83 Chinese than subsonic sea skimming anti-ship missiles many excellent. In the electronic technology level in 60s, estimates may not be hard kill intercept, jamming with Akira, the missile flew directly into the sea was confused and disoriented.

The Chinese Navy inherited the Soviet Union's saturation attack tactics. Clear in August 2016 the "jiefangjun Bao" reported that the Naval Air Force bombers to carry out sea saturation attack. The report said that the East China Sea Fleet Air Force bombers for several days in the sea of Japan's combat organization under the background of high strength ultra long-range raid drills, each raid distance for thousands of kilometers, and attack enemy ships in the simulated saturation range way, enhance the ability of continuous combat attack bombers under the voyage. Reported that the bombers after more than two hours of flight, arrived in the attacking area, quickly seize the launch station, locked hundreds of kilometers outside the enemy ships, a new type of simulated launch air to ship missile attack after the fleet return along the original route.

This ultra long-range raid exercise is a part of the formation of Chinese naval ships in the sea of Japan in a sea of military confrontation training. August 14, 2016, to participate in the Pacific Rim - 2016 exercises, the Chinese naval fleet of Xi'an ship, Hengshui ship, the 572 Gaoyou ship into the sea of Japan, the 966. Two days later, the East China Sea fleet of Jingzhou ship, the 578 Yangzhou ship, Qiandao Lake ship through the Strait of into the sea of 886. The four destroyer frigates launched a military confrontation training, bombers are also involved, both red and blue of the sea air defense missile attack, attack and defense organization stereo.

In January 9, 2017, Chinese naval bombers once again into the sea of Japan, and sent 6 bombers, showing naval aviation is to further strengthen air and sea assault training.

According to the introduction of "the book" Chinese aircraft, Chinese Navy bomber, is a new type of boom -6G bombers after 2004 was delivered to the army, the Navy Missile Carrier Aircraft, highlighting the improved sea horizon on sea, precise attack capability, the main weapon is the eagle -83K and eagle -12 anti-ship missile, the Naval Air Force important in remote sea and combat aircraft. The Japanese bombers photographed, has a distinctive long wing pylons, is used to mount Eagle -12 missile special, so the media will also be the only special rack boom 6G called boom 6L bombers, meaning "long".

This aircraft bomber of No. 81215, is the first division of the naval aviation boom 6G from the special long rack shows that the machine can mount Eagle 12 supersonic anti-ship missile. Eagle 12 is a new generation of heavy supersonic anti-ship missile China developed, can be mounted on the boom 6 bombers, execute offshore anti-ship missions. The missile to imported from Russia X31 supersonic anti radiation missile and sunburn anti-ship missile integrated ramjet technology as the foundation. Supersonic flight capable of large airspace complex trajectory. American strategy page website also published an article that the eagle -12 missile terminal reached a speed of 4 Maher, today's western active close to the system to intercept any incapable of action.

In the CCTV Channel 4 "today's focus", rear admiral, naval equipment expert Yin Zhuoceng said the eagle -12 missiles than Russia and India jointly developed the Bula Moss missile "two times farther, flying speed is also higher. Thus, Eagle 12 missiles in the use of high - low with a maximum range trajectory can be quite P-800 Ruby and Russian missile, reach 500~600 km, which is nearly 2 times the Bula Moss missile.

500 km range, close to the U.S. aircraft carrier FA18 fighter air defense patrol radius. Carrying the eagle -12 boom -6G bombers, fighters in the cover, just close to the air defense circle, can be shot down, turn back, which greatly improved the survival probability of aircraft. Eagle -12 can rely on the data link, via satellite, radar patrol aircraft, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, submarines and other information nodes, get real-time location of target carrier and course and speed, accurate to the carrier. So it is an effective deterrent to carrier weapons, if concentrated a large number of detonation -6G projection Eagle 12, the enemy fleet implement saturation attacks, destruction will be hard to imagine.

The United States Department of defense "China military report" pointed out that the eagle -12 anti-ship missile is currently the world's most dangerous, even more than the power of Dongfeng -21D anti-ship ballistic missile. The missile at 4000 kilometers per hour, ultra high speed and ultra low altitude sea skimming ability, can seriously reduce the reaction time of the enemy fleet.

In July 8, 2016, the Chinese Navy launched a large-scale military exercises in the South China Sea, showing the ability to destroy the aircraft carrier formation under tight protection. For the first time the Navy bombers launch 12 Eagle anti-ship missile screen. Guchong one engine uses Eagle -12 missile launch rocket booster ignited immediately after and fly away at high speed, it is characteristic of missile launch exercises in the picture.

Naval aviation boom 6G bombers equipped with another long-range anti-ship missile - Eagle 100 anti-ship missiles, this is the 20 version of anti-ship cruise missile remote sword. The maximum effective range of about 800 kilometers, although the subsonic missile, but through the complicated route planning and sea skimming, increase the ability of penetration. Emergency interception radius of 100 over a range of U.S. F-18 fighter eagle, Eagle Eagle 100 12+ 6G+ using the detonation, the US carrier battle group to implement saturation attack double insurance.

The second types of aircraft into the sea of Japanese naval aircraft is the transport of the engine of the 8, Japan called the transport of the 8 whistle ring machine. The aircraft is an important component of the Chinese Navy Air Force saturation attack system. All along, the Chinese navy is looking for a kind of similar to the United States P3C excellent maritime patrol reconnaissance aircraft. The last century developed in 70s water boom five seaplane, is equipped with a side phased array radar for the maritime search for reconnaissance. By 80s, Chinese from Canada introduced APS-504V3 search radar, installed in 8 transport aircraft, increased domestic defense omnidirectional warning system, camera system (high altitude space optical camera, camera, infrared camera), infrared search instrument, sonar systems, sonar buoys on the device, developed in 1986 8x maritime patrol ship machine.

Time to enter 90s, China Navy maritime warning reconnaissance aircraft failed to have a satisfactory, need to search and target aircraft on a large area of the sea, and be able to coordinate operations in theater anti-ship platform. At this time Chinese disclosed to purchase new early warning radar machine may read, immediately aroused the attention of the western countries, many countries have a time to bring their own models to sell, at this time is still in Chinese because some indescribable event is stage of Western sanctions. But it isn't hard for foreigners, even the United States also show improved E2A, never mind, these are civil, marine scientific research and exploration to the name of research and development.

The British people most vigorously, their ultimate goal is to promote the early warning of the fans, can provide an advanced radar, installed in the transport of 8 aircraft, a high-performance radar warning aircraft. In 1996, China purchased 6 sets of "airborne" airborne radar systems from the British Recal electronics company, which was translated into the water search 2000. So China is imported in the name of civil, in theory for the investigation of marine resources and the winter ice survey in Bohai bay. As for the original verbal commitment to continue to introduce the fans early warning machine, not the following, which makes the British sad. What we said, you must have misheard @#@%.

Japan's air self defense force to take the eight maritime patrol aircraft

A formal model for the 8 warning machine 8J, typically die has an unusual big nose radome, inside the fuselage is also a re layout, can accommodate control equipment and personnel rest facilities. In the China Navy aircraft equipped with self-developed data chain, which can smooth and other branches of the military information sharing. The aircraft can detect the surface of the ship in addition to the radar range, the data can be transmitted through the data chain to other air, surface and underwater combat platform.

8 warning machine internal

-8 alert aircraft life time of 11 hours, you can use aerial radar coverage of the king is about 350 kilometers away, the detection range of 640 km wide. 2 -8 aircraft can be maintained in the East China Sea area within 24 hours of uninterrupted air reconnaissance in the 8.

In the peace mission 2005 Sino Russian joint military exercises, shipped the first appearance of a warning machine 8, successfully guide our aircraft, ships and submarines on the sea target to implement a precise strike. In addition it can also provide remote target indication and battlefield information for surface ships, military news reported several 022 class missile boats carrying 8 warning machine data chain guide, setting the target data to launch the missile hit the target.

-8 warning machine

With the operation of the 8 alert aircraft is the operation of the 9 electronic reconnaissance aircraft. The technical performance of the machine has never been published. Only in the army released the official news has been outlined: the implementation of the strategy of electronic reconnaissance electronic intelligence, has certain radar and communication reconnaissance capability, but also has some tracking jamming ability, can carry on air to sea electronics and information security, daily patrol mission readiness, and other service security. It is said that the insertion of the sea of Japan, shipped 9 electronic reconnaissance aircraft to simulate a boom of the signal of the 6 clusters, leading to misjudgment of Japan and the United States, that China sent dozens of bombers.

On the outside, and 9 electronic reconnaissance aircraft is very mysterious, dubbed the "China and royal photographer" of the Japanese air self defense force, in October 5, 2014 for the first time to shoot Chinese 9 electronic reconnaissance photos, this is the new high-definition picture electronic reconnaissance aircraft was first captured.

9 electronic reconnaissance aircraft equipped with electronic intelligence gathering equipment, can search the enemy position through electronic communication and radar signal of enemy naval fleet. Also equipped with air command equipment, can be used as a command machine formation, analysis and treatment for other aircraft or reconnaissance platform search information and target indication information, and then the target information to the fleet or bombers, unified command and control of missile saturation attack. During the cold war, the Soviet Union's figure -142 patrol aircraft is a similar approach in the sea search network, the precise positioning of the U.S. aircraft carrier formation.

Electronic reconnaissance radar warning machine + + Remote + bomber supersonic anti-ship missiles, starting from the search of sea targets to combat missile attack route determination issued, to plan, to launch the task distribution platform, launched missile attack until saturation. Then the enemy fleet will fly over a group of 100 Eagle Eagle -12 anti-ship missiles and heavy, and from outside the atmosphere of the wind whistled through the express.

China naval aviation in recent years organized sea drills, that had China navy to look beyond the Strait of Taiwan and the first island chain, to the deep ocean on good practice. The United States and Japan need not be so nervous in January 9th. Compared to the Soviet Union was the year of the terrible anti-ship missile saturation assault, China has just begun.

Are you ready, the Chinese navy is coming!