The city streets named on: Chicago Avenue, Losangeles Street Station "preference"

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The city streets named on: Chicago Avenue, Losangeles Street Station "preference"

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An analysis of the suffix of street names in the six largest cities in the United States reflects the profound influence of history on street names.

People who visit Chicago will think, "Oh, my God, why are there so many streets in this city?!" This is an accurate assessment. In fact, 35% of Chicago's roads are at the end of the street, than New York (about 20%) and Philadelphia (10%) can be much higher.

This is thanks to data expert Seth Kadish, the name of the city street suffix distribution can be visualized in an interesting way. "I will visualize any public data I feel interesting, city data portal is a source of great," living in Portland Oregon Kadish this year 30 years old, he wrote in an e-mail, "I have been on the street to do a geographical analysis, but I feel like although some simple shape it would be interesting."

Kadish analysis of six main city (Chicago, Losangeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia and Losangeles), the main observation such as "way (Road)" and "drive (Lane)" this suffix is how to conquer the end attached to the name of the street. In the analysis of the object, the length of the street is not the focus. The Sepulveda Boulevard in Losangeles is 43 miles long, and it's as important as the Salter street in Philadelphia. Like "Bowery" suffix roadway, like "Grove" and "Bayou" as a suffix of the rare streets have been classified as "other" category. "Every street counts!" He said.

When dealing with data, Kadish has some new findings. "The name of the street in New York is very interesting, 'other' category is very high." Kadish said, "such as" Loop (ring) "and" Parkway (Park Road) "suffix", although he claims that he is not a historian, he speculated on the New York loops (ring), bridges (bridge), expressways (highway), highways (highway), alleys (Road) "love decided the difference.

"At first, I put the other city also draw out charts such as Austen, this city is very strange, love" (Cove Creek) "he added. In addition to avenues (Main Street), Drive (Road) is the only one in the (New Orleans) city street names accounted for nearly 20% of the suffix."

New York, Fifth Avenue City, USA

There are some other theories for discussion: Terraces street in Losangeles "(MESA Street)" the highest frequency, there is a connection with him and this mountainous steep winding road. New Orleans has the most "Courts", which may be due to its cultural roots in the French aristocracy. Editor's note: there are also articles that court translated into a "dead end"". See the attached "extended reading"). "Boulevard is used for Chicago (Boulevard) more city news website Reddit member" planification "are explained as follows:

Another trend in the park (in nineteenth Century) came from Paris, in order to create a magnificent road across the city. One of the motives is to beautify the city, but the fundamental purpose is to provide people with open spaces to prevent the spread of disease. Chicago borrowed the idea to create a can connect every corner of the City Avenue grid.

American court, street, road, Avenue street name classification, abbreviation, meaning, distinction?

Chinese people to the United States, the streets of the English name to make it clear that it will take some effort to do. Here we have to introduce the American street name categories, their origin, and - map and on road signs. The size of towns in the United States tend to have a Main Street, there are many places such a street called Market Street, literal translation is certainly "main street" or "Market Street", but the former one is not consistent with the habits of Chinese streets named after a while, there may not be able to see the market with an air of importance. In fact, this street is the first thoroughfare of the town during the start-up period, business shop arrangement about the two called is only natural. English translation of Chinese to have free translation and literal translation of the dispute, if to paraphrase the words, then the Chinese Chengguan Avenue may be the most appropriate. For example, West Main Street can be translated into the West Street or west street. In general, Street (street) refers to the sidewalk side or on both sides of the channel, the masonry or cement asphalt pavement, convenient traffic. In the middle ages of the west, Road or Way (Road) just passable roads, only artificial paved can be called Street, so until now it is still only in the town, so called the little country road. After the maturity of the civil society in the west, the word derived from many other meanings, such as the people in street refers to the general public class, commonly used in the political arena, such as supporters of the campaign, etc.. Like other man in the street street people for ordinary people, homeless, and street smarts is used to describe a person who love smart or skilled in the traditional code of conduct.

Street in the United States urban street signs are generally abbreviated as ST or St.

Mentioned above, Road and Way, these two words are also commonly used in the United States street name category. Road is usually translated into Chinese, from the etymology, it is from the riding riding evolved, so urban, suburban and rural roads can be used, but usually not as special narrow street. Note that the English plural Road, sometimes Roads is the abbreviation of roadstead, is the harbour anchorage. Virginia southeast of Hampton Roads (Hampton Anchorage) is a United States naval base in Norfolk as the representative of the place, including a large tracts of land and waters of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Newport News and other places. Road is used not only in the name of the street, but also in our daily life often encounter it, such as "road test" refers to the driving test test, "road hug" are those on the road driving rampage guy, "road trip" refers to sports especially off the game several ball club, "road map" in addition to the original accident road map, solve path or modern solution is often used to refer to the major international political problems. Road signs abbreviated to RD or Rd.

Way, meaning Road, path and journey. Today in the United States as well as high-speed road name suffix, such as Highway, Freeway etc., if used as a street name, town is often especially suburban community of short streets. But there is one exception, is New York's famous broadway. Broadway English called Broadway, is a north-south street from the southern tip of the island of Manhattan, which looks out of the statue of liberty Fort Park North to start, through the famous bull and Wall Street as the representative of the financial district, then Chinese City, Little Italy, Times Square and the Broadway Theater District, the Lincoln center has been to Hallam, and miss it the Greenwich Village, where a variety of cultural exchange collision, Chinese translate it to Broadway, called an inspired passage translation. Other uses of the word "Way" there are a lot of escape in American English and come, for example That s the way to "go" should do ", and" There s long way to go said "there is a long way to go", as the United States Congress Committee on Ways and Means (Appropriations Committee). Which uses the ways and means refers to the own funds or resources, and it is from the original intent of the road a little bit far. The word "Way" is not long, so there is no need to abbreviate it on the street road.

There are many American street names, such as Avenue, Boulevard, Alley, Court, Place, etc..

English Avenue and Boulevard these two words are derived from French, even spelling is copied. They are often more spacious road, lined with ornamental trees, so Chinese them pass into the road". New York Manhattan urban planning most like chess, vertical and horizontal, the vast majority of East-West streets called Street, the number of more than and 200, the number of streets to the north and south is less, only a dozen, mostly called Avenue, abbreviated as Av or Ave. More famous is the Park Avenue (Park Avenue) and Fifth Avenue (Fifth Avenue). Fifth Avenue in the middle of the city is a bustling business district, there are well-known Messi department store, as well as the world's leading brands flagship store. Municipal design have a unique style in Washington, the downtown area is basically flat checkerboard vertical streets, called Street. Unlike New York, the only north-south streets numbered east-west, mostly with English alphabetical letters (26 letters in J, X-Z do not abandon) after use, with English common words, but is still in accordance with their initials sequence, such as Belmond, Clifton etc.. Washington also has Avenue, they are more special, almost all named after the United States, but also from the northeast to the southwest, or from the northwest to the southeast of the city. The original designer Pierre lenfant (Pierre L Enfant) the oblique street planning, to save time in the traffic, and is located in the central highlands of the Houses of Parliament can have a more open field of vision, the landmark of the city at a glance. 100 years later, the Macmillan Committee of the Congress inherited the idea.

In fact, Avenue was originally a military term, so the design of Lang Fang and the meaning of the word, that is, in the event of an accident to facilitate emergency evacuation. Now people sometimes say avenue of escape, which is the way to escape, but also this meaning, such as The open was the bird s avenue of escape from the house only, etc..

Boulevard used to be a military term, refers to the fortress walls at the top of the flat channel, for example, it is similar to the the Great Wall can pass the aisle. When people put down walls, wall formed the road naturally more spacious, so called Boulevard, or Blvd.

Sunset Strip, the most famous Boulevard in the United States may be counted in Losangeles's Hollywood (Hollywood Boulevard) and Sunset Strip (Sunset Boulevard). Hollywood Avenue, you will not be unfamiliar, Oscar awards Kodak Theatre (now renamed the Dolby Theatre), many large places where Chinese Theater premiere. It also has a section of sidewalk on the ground, inlaid with more than 2 thousand pieces of star shape medals, to honor those music television celebrity memorial. Every day from morning to night, go there to look for their favorite stars of the crowd so that a section of The stream never stops flowing., also known as Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood Walk of Fame). Sunset Strip stretches 22 miles (about 35 kilometers) from downtown Losangeles to the Pacific coast of route 1. Hollywood along the way along the section of the road and Hollywood, in the middle of a street. Sunset Strip has also passed the most fashionable Westwood Village in Losangeles, where the (Sunset Tower Hotel) was once the residence of celebrities such as John. In addition, it passes through the Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills) and Bel Air community, is the high-end residential Hollywood star studded, also often go to the local tourism zhuixingzu. In addition to these said spacious road names, there are usually used to express lanes, such as Alley, Court, Place etc.. Naming streets by numbers is clearly the most economical way to plan the town. Many Chinese feel the beauty in the old way of thinking and their compatriots are not the same, love straight, this is not one of the performance? In fact, China city street with a digital representation of the lot, take Beijing, East nine, taijichang three, but the difference is that they have a geographical or cultural significance under the name of most cases, digital is the distinction between the streets of the name, not like Americans, straightforward take the number when the name of the street. There is a characteristic that Americans love trees to name the streets, more than digital street at 76 street, there are 18, there are 5 in the top 20, including Oak (oak / No. ninth), Pine (/11, Maple (pine) maple, Cedar /12) (Cedar /13) and Elm (Yushu /15), there are other Walnut (/21, Willow (Walnut), /28 Cherry (willow) cherry /34, Hickory (/43), Chestnut (hickory) /50, Spruce (chestnut), Laurel (Picea /55), Birch (/56 Bay), /58 Dogwood (Birch) /61 (Poplar), dog wood, poplar /63 (Acacia Locust), Ash (/64) /67 and Sycamore (ash) sycamore /71) etc.. Although the United States built a town, live in a relatively prosperous city, but still yearning for nature. They put this affection cast into his live street name, if the name of the landscape and related, such as Hill, Ridge, Highland, Forest, River, Meadow, Valley, Green, Woodland, Hillcrest and Lakeview are included, and the natural related street names accounted for common street name more than 1/3. Back to the street named by the number, why is it called Second Street more than the first street? In fact, called third is better than the first street. The reason may be that when planning the street, the main street has a unique name, and then from the second street even third street and other streets named start number followed by. For example, the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City, the Mormon cathedral as the center street planning, while East-West Road (Avenue) from the road began to name, but the road to the north and south to the middle of the one called North Street and South Street (North Main Street/South Main Street), and next to the north and South Street the North-South streets named Temple Street (Temple Street) and State Street (State Street), then out from the east 2 street, west 2 Street began to the number of names. The streets named by numbers are sometimes directly in Arabia, such as the east-west street (Street) and the North South Avenue () in New York, China (Avenue). Some of the figures in English, such as the north and south to the streets of Washington, DC, is First Street, Second Street, etc.. We mentioned digital street name the most worry, but some people think that the street name not to regard it as right, a bit does not reflect the history and culture of the community. Many streets in California are named after Catholic saints, preserving the customs of the early Spanish colonial period. Many of the other street names include celebrities in history, such as the first president of Washington, the black civil rights leader Martin Luther king.

CT = court short street street, is generally not the public traffic streets, residents living here is the car into the garage to the street, and generally refers to no exit Street entrance is a.

Alley, now often translated as "lane", also translated as "Hutong". Built in some places after the building, in the survival of the dead end of the mouth plus a door, only tenants have the key to open the door. Other common alleys street names are Heights, Lane, Manor, Terrace, Trail and View, Chinese translated into words, which should be consistent with the Chinese customs, but also take care of the English original, that is Different people, different views. things. Alley and these street names if you want to use abbreviations, in accordance with the provisions of the general post office, are ALY, LN, MNR, TER, TRL and VW, etc..

In front of a dead end. Spoken English dead end is dead end. The most common dead end on the head of the house, because relatively quiet, the area is relatively large, so the price will be higher. Real estate agents in the marketing, in order to avoid the ominous word, often changed, directly in the French cul-de-sac, or culs-de-sac. But developers or planning departments to the name of the street from the dead end, usually with Court, Cove or Place, etc.. Like the area where I live, all the dead ends are Court, and most of them are street names related to trees or vegetation, such as Birch White Court, Grassy Knoll Court.

Dead end street name translated into Chinese alleyways, and as said earlier, according to local conditions. As for their initials, the above mentioned are CT, CV and PL, respectively.

This article source: integrated urban laboratory, Sina blog

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