To the Antarctic expedition China spend one hundred million to buy American aircraft 80 years ago

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To the Antarctic expedition China spend one hundred million to buy American aircraft 80 years ago

2017-01-11 11:40:39 683 ℃

Sister chat military 339] in January 8, 2017, a painting of China's red propeller aircraft from the Zhongshan Railway Station near the south pole, to the highest point of the Antarctic inland ice - Kunlun station. This is the first type of propeller aircraft landed at the highest point in the Antarctic, Antarctic aviation history is an amazing feat, the plane is China Antarctic expedition team snow Eagle No. 601, is China's first fixed wing aircraft in the antarctic. Many of my friends will feel the snow Eagle 601 very familiar, yes, this aircraft is actually the United States before World War II star aircraft: DC-3.

Snow Eagle No. 601 landed in the snow, the undercarriage is sled

Snow Eagle 601 is Chinese purchased from American company for the Antarctic expedition mission Basler, customized. In the United States, Glass modified classic models based on DC-3, the cost of nearly 100 million yuan. The improved aircraft has been used in several countries in the Antarctic, with rapid transport personnel, emergency rescue and scientific investigation of three functions. The snow Eagle 601 can be used even in the cold of minus 50 degrees Celsius, its performance can meet the needs of Chinese Antarctic expedition tasks.

Before the Antarctic expedition team's helicopter had crashed, fortunately caused no casualties

Many people have the misconception that the Antarctic environment is bad, not suitable for fixed wing aircraft, the expedition mission helicopter is more practical, but that is not the case. In the Antarctic, especially in the inland areas of scientific investigation fixed wing aircraft can play an important role in the rapid transport, emergency relief and other important role. The vast area, air flight is often thousands of kilometers, the helicopter flight often stretched. As for the Antarctic weather, in fact, fixed wing aircraft can take off and landing weather, helicopter is usually unable to work, and on the Antarctic ice sheet fixed wing aircraft are very favorable.

Chinese air force DC-3 during the Anti Japanese War

DC-3 is manufactured in the United States Douglas aircraft company aircraft, the first flight in December 1935, with its excellent performance of the aviation industry for the first time to achieve profitability, and before the outbreak of World War II, DC-3 has been basically monopolize the world civil aviation aircraft, excellent performance make it until today still fly.

Although it is a "antique" aircraft, but with China red, after the modernization refitting of DC-3 into the polar snow eagle, contributing to the China Antarctic expedition.