In 2017, the 5 China killer will be exposed

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In 2017, the 5 China killer will be exposed

2017-01-12 01:00:32 556 ℃

In January 11, 2017, called for "China weapons test day" on this day, as camouflage sent released this draft, and not what Chinese the latest weapons test reports. However, this does not affect our judgment according to public information, in 2017, what are the "killer" weapons will be exposed in front of the public. Of course, the exposure here does not mean that there must be a map with the truth, but that there is official information to confirm the existence or development.

1, Dongfeng -41 mobile strategic missile

At the end of November 2016, the official media in the inventory of "changed the anniversary", has revealed that the "new strategic missile force", then there have been media analysis, this article refers to the "new strategic missile" may be the Dongfeng -41 ballistic missile. However, after the article published a variety of reports, the official called the new strategic missile should be the latest improvement of Dongfeng -31, we look forward to a long time, Dongfeng -41 is still not open.

Figure 1: an increasing number of photos show that Dongfeng -41 missile is about to serve

However, from a super heavy vehicle carrying "cylindrical unidentified object" photos appear frequently on the Internet, the emergence of Dongfeng -41 can be "ready" to describe. According to foreign media analysis, Dongfeng -41 missile has enough to cover 48 states of the large range, and the 10 sub warheads may rival the SS-24 "scalpel" missile delivery capabilities. With these properties as the basis, Western military analysts generally believe that the service will make China DF-41 missile can hit the number of nuclear warheads in the growth of the United States several times, thereby greatly enhancing the Chinese strategic nuclear power and leverage.

095, 2 type of attack nuclear submarine

As everyone knows, except the old Type 091, type 093 attack submarines can be said to be the only one with a China nuclear attack submarine, its improved model 093B has the capability to launch land attack cruise missile. As a connecting type, type 093 nuclear submarines can not only solve the problem of replacement of military weapons and equipment, training and technical team, but also caused the type 093 submarine has a series of problems in the technology, the main problem is the reactor technology level is low, the natural circulation capacity is insufficient, it is type 095 the nuclear submarine will focus on resolving the problem.

Figure 2: the United States will soon start building the next generation of strategic nuclear submarines, nuclear submarine development is Chinese

In August 2016, the only production enterprise group Bo ship nuclear submarine Chinese published articles show that the group is to promote the production line construction project "and" the new assembly model, assembly line indoor berth workshop has been completed. But at the end of November 2016, a martyr Zhang Chao reported that the military media said, "since May this year...... Aircraft carrier, nuclear submarines and other new combat forces have made a major breakthrough". From this it can be judged that the production line of the type 095 attack nuclear submarine has been completed in 2016. In 2017, we may see some reports about the progress of the construction.

3, bombers -20 strategic bombers

After -20, -20, f -20 has direct exposure to the netizens of the rapid development of the aviation industry Chinese surprise, only to present a "-20 boom", and has appeared in the "20 series" compared to "bang -20" obviously because of the strategic strike capability, even more mysterious. However, we can still find traces from various reports, about it. As early as the end of 2015, "China Airlines" reported that "with zigzag parallel twin s inlet" technology has been overcome, and open day activities in September 2016 Changchun air force, air force commander Ma Xiaotian said to the media, "we are now developing a new generation of long-range strike bomber, you will see the future" that is basically confirmed the existence of "bang -20" project.

With the advent of the -6K in more and more frequent density in a variety of occasions, we have reason to believe that in 2017 we will see the official report of the detonation -20.

Figure 3: synthesis of a variety of information, the -20 is likely to be the Chinese version of the B-2

4, 002 types of conventional power catapult aircraft carrier

In the 001A type carrier was confirmed as remains after the ski jump deck, many users disappointed, but Chinese started the construction of the type 001A carrier is not considered "fans" thinking in the design of 001A type aircraft carrier Liaoning ship reference, using conventional power and jump mode is pragmatic considerations can let China Navy Combat capable aircraft carrier in the shortest possible time.

Figure 4: the construction of aircraft carrier confidentiality is poor, 002 of the start will be the truth"

However, 001A type and Liaoning ship similar sliding jump deck, but it is doomed to the U.S. aircraft carrier is still lagging behind an era. Therefore, when the domestic aircraft carrier catapult into China carrier from quantitative change to qualitative signs from the ejection type F - 15 aircraft flight schedule, and the famous military experts Jin Yinan general disclosure of 002 aircraft carrier on March 2015, Jiangnan Shipyard to start construction of the news, the conventional power, through the deck of the aircraft carrier catapult in 2017 is expected to appear in front of us, could "inherit" Liaoning warship and 001A built the "webcast" event.

5, aerospaceplane

Compared with various tactical aircraft, aerospaceplane development often unnoticed, but new combat platforms as aerospace plane aviation and aerospace technology combined, will play an important role in the aerospace battlefield in the future. At present, the world powers are in the research of aerospace aircraft, the United States as early as 2010 successfully launched its orbital test vehicle "X-37B".

Figure 5: China like X-37B space plane exposure estimation is only a matter of time

Compared with the familiar modern aircraft, aerospace plane reaction speed, can realize the sudden rapid global mobility and reach a hit. Although the "dragon" China aerospaceplane scaled model would appear on the Internet, the official television also reported that China has successfully test transatmospheric vehicles "message, but the news about the development of China aerospace plane has been almost zero. But from China aerospace in recent years, the speed of development (especially the successful rocket launch), similar to the United States such as X-37B space plane exposure estimation is only a matter of time, we expect to see related news in 2017.

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