China has been able to compete with the United States? Wake up. Don't listen to the internet!

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China has been able to compete with the United States? Wake up. Don't listen to the internet!

2017-01-12 01:06:46 182 ℃

Although China's national strength and military power is steadily improving, but compared with the United States national strength, there is still a clear gap. There is a gap is not terrible, terrible is unable to see the gap can not face the gap. It is more terrible, in the dark, people visible, immersed in other flattery. All over the Internet is one of the military topic of the eye, it is this situation. Only use it, but it is to have an ulterior motive country speculation "China threat" to provide the ammunition.

First author: Zheng Dongguo military

First look at the above, is not in high and vigorous spirits or not? Is there a "Lao Tzu was the best in all the land"?

The modernization of the army China forward quickly, especially in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity began as a positive, such as the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea activism, domestic critical acclaim. The army has action, people can recognize and support, this is very good. However, there are a lot of people, resulting in a feeling: today's Chinese army may still have a gap between the United States, but enough to a higher level. So, today a frightened us tomorrow, some U.S. military equipment and trembling, acquired some mysterious things the one and only the birth of the world...... The formation of a naturally or half unconsciously, Chinese army has been close to the world more than one illusion.

Sino US military gap, American heart like a mirror.

China's military has made considerable progress. Even the super strong military, will not dare to start a quarrel. The gap between China and the United States is not as big as it was in the past. But, even if there is a gap between zero and zero water. In other words, even if the remaining gap between Chinese army and the U.S. is not large, is still a big barrier. One game to go, especially after us the truth. In fact, the gap between the two sides, Americans like a mirror. The reason why the U. s.military repeated speculation "Chinese threat", but the United States is playing a trick, which is in order to deceive Congress military purposes, there are factors Chinese flattery of the army, when not true. On the contrary, the United States is the biggest threat to china. Trump came to power, the pressure from the United States, I am afraid that will increase.

The gap is narrowing, it is not easy to catch up!

Only from the perspective of public reports, the current situation is that almost all of China's military field, are beginning to enter the reach of the U.S. military lot.

Both strategic and tactical missiles, four generation aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), aircraft carrier, tank, radar, navigation and positioning...... The concept of the United States, China also has. U.S. military equipment, the Chinese army has gradually begun to equip.

The achievements of the national development of signs, naturally proud. However, a professional point of view, although we have entered the three generation, the four generation has almost reached the platform, but with the popularity of the three generation weapons for a long time, the four generation of weapons has been in service for many years compared between Chinese and US forces, there is still a gap between the beginning and end of time. For example, our air force will also introduce Su -35, what does that mean? We use the ship he abandoned in Liaoning ship aircraft carrier converted into open era, but with early replacement compared to several generations of aircraft carrier, aircraft carrier battle groups across the world for more than half a century of the United States Navy, is clearly not on the same level. What's more, regardless of the Navy or air force, we almost all these years without much combat experience.

One end to get along with the same generation, can only say that to avoid the poor". By virtue of the unique method in some areas, we will make the opponent will not start war. In particular, China is pursuing a positive defensive strategy, will have some possible advantages in local time and space. This is why some users pleased with oneself.

Of course, China chase road calm and firm, has already begun in some areas and the real world. However, the United States is not the same "the sleeping lion", not only will not wait for transcendence, but still in its development. U.S. troops are set up a large number of innovative laboratory in Silicon Valley, through the joint with the private sector, looking for new breakthroughs in future combat production.

Is it easy for us to catch up with each other?

China military reform has just begun, the battle force jumped youdaishiri!

A fanfare Chinese changed, just entered the second years.

This is a matter of the overall reform of the military: from the leadership of the command system to the scale of the structure and strength of all to change. It can be said that when the day of the completion of the reform, China combat troops will usher in a new leap. This also means that the Chinese army will really enter the modern military sequence.

Peace era military reform is not easy. No war test and traction, design, guide and promote the It goes without saying that difficult. Here, the Chinese army must be such a leather own life, the courage to point a praise!

In order to change for strong, is a general construction of a powerful army at all times and in all countries. However, it is not easy to rebuild an army. As one of the Western strategists said, "the only thing more difficult to instill new ideas into a soldier is to get rid of his old ideas". Precisely because of this, the United States has long been the reform as normal. In the world of the new military revolution, even has strong to pull down the other troops in a block, the U.S. is still more than the reform initiatives, bold ideas not sticking to formalities, liberation.

And has been in a world full of war, has various combat theories and style test, compared with suitable composition and preparation of the U.S. Army, China in combat experience accumulation, or different war style under the PLA's exploration, is clearly a gap.

Of course, this gap is not can not make up, or even corner overtaking. But it takes time to accumulate. Anxious not!

Deep integration of military and civilian still takes time, national defense awareness needs to be improved!

War is never just a matter of the army.

War is a military power, but also national strength. However, there is another truth in military power, which is the ability of national defense mobilization. There is a national strength and can not mobilize, that is, a force can not be used empty. In case of war is a sign of weakness, the Qing Dynasty is an example.

In fact, before World War II, the United States has an unprecedented national strength, but the military and national defense mobilization is very limited. This makes it suffered a lot in the early days of the war. Until the late full power, it really shows a powerful force.

In our country, although the online love in speech is very high, around the government filed a defense without exception expressed support, but in real life, the specific problems of national defense mobilization there are still too numerous to mention. How many problems have been exposed in the Tianjin port explosion? As the largest comprehensive port in northern China, so many dangerous chemicals on the ground so no protection to be placed in the warehouse, shocking and puzzling.

But this is no accident. In Tianjin port, so there is no risk of a few places...... Any one thing, will endanger the surrounding. This is only a link in the lack of security considerations in port construction. As for how the port air defense, how to protect the mobilization of war, road and bridge can not through heavy equipment, there is no emergency mobilization capacity of the airport, there is a huge question mark. Although the military service law and national defense mobilization, but weak and lax enforcement of the law, even the law difficult to implement the phenomenon is widespread throughout.

Any one of the construction projects, there are so many approvals, so many seals to cover. But we have seen in these tens of hundreds of official seal, there is a national defense official seal?

This involves the question of national defense. There is no doubt that the Chinese people's patriotic enthusiasm, but can patriotic enthusiasm into the national defense forces? The conversion rate is high and low? I am afraid it is difficult to give a scientific and effective analysis. In the author's circle of friends, some of the military spending too much doubt, that is not as good as the investment in economic construction; some also think that too little military spending, should continue to increase...... Citizens of a country should have a basic sense of national defense, national defense, a modern national, must have a real sense of modern national defense. Such consciousness is always an important factor to measure the true strength of a country.

In some time ago, a theme of American style blockbuster "bloody hacksaw Ling" again, in our cinema again to attack cities and capture territories, our movie artists on the solid lesson. It once again, as a powerful and well functioning ideological state machine, crucial moment Hollywood still to the event of a major turning point in American politics, culture and social psychology to make accurate and timely response. From the date of the establishment of the Korean War, the military campaign in a row Chinese time rare, but in the film a new technology developed today, we have many war films expression of the mainstream consciousness to the people left a deep impression?