What should you do when the grenade is flying towards you? An American soldier had brain hole wide open results......

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What should you do when the grenade is flying towards you? An American soldier had brain hole wide open results......

2017-01-12 01:06:57 235 ℃

Imagine that you are armed with the enemy crossfire, the enemy suddenly came to you a grenade, resourcefulness and courage, how do you respond?

Some people will be referring to the classic film and television works to answer: pick up and throw back!

Congratulations, wrong!

German World War II cartoons...... In fact, there are few basic combat to pick up the opportunity to throw back

The reason is simple - you don't have enough time.

Usually, in order to pursue the immediate explosion or even the effect of air explosion, grenade delay fuze time is not long, generally about 4 seconds. Assuming the grenade being thrown, to your process took 2 ~ 3 seconds, that means you are only 1 to 2 seconds of time to pay attention to the grenade. When it landed, you bend over, then pick up the grenade, finally thrown into the ground without hurting one's own. In addition to extremely rare situations, such as the grenade hit your feet, you just happen to be ready to do a series of small probability events occur simultaneously, you can "happen" to throw grenades back. However, you really dare to bet on the small probability of life with the odds?

Also, don't forget that the enemy grenade throwing at you will fire at you now. So don't try to throw the grenade back unless you're captain of the United states.

Since you can not throw back, you can quickly run away? It's also an interesting question.

Grenade fragment kill radius of 5 to 15 meters, but also can not guarantee absolute safety beyond the range of 50 meters, and grenades fell to your side, the explosion will be from 1 to 2 seconds. Want to run? I'm afraid your speed over shrapnel flying speed. Unless you are the wind you are light.

When the first reaction is to seek shelter accident occurred in the PLA training, this is the most correct choice

Therefore, the correct answer is, if the hand grenade fly to you, you have to quickly take shelter, or quickly lie down, put the body as far as possible low, because most of the grenade fragments can fly upwards. You don't seem to have a better choice than these two.

However, the problem has come. Lie down, is the head or foot or body side toward the direction of the grenade as well?

Experts answer is, if you're wearing a helmet, wearing a bulletproof vest, you should head towards the direction of the explosion, in order to ensure the body section for a grenade explosion direction of the minimum, your helmet for you against debris, you least harmful shrapnel.

To make such a correct response, is the premise of accurate judgment of grenade placement. If you are wrong, is lying prone feet towards the grenade, you will have to face very bad results: your lower extremity no task protection, shrapnel easily hurt the thigh artery, this is a terrible thing.

If you are facing a grenade explosion sideways direction, even worse, because the bulletproof vests did not provide protection for the task of your arm, and your whole body side exposure rate of injury is great.

Of course, the world is big, it was also the Nothing is too strange., experts suggest creatively choose not to regard it as right, the helmet will fly grenade cover.

Americans are very good at cool during the war in Iraq, shooting a lot of very handsome photos

Jason Dunham, America's Medal of honor.

Dunham is an Iraqi American Marine Corps corporal, April 14, 2004, he and his teammates to patrol, found a military convoy by Iraqi militants. Dunham and his companions to support,Dunham and other insurgents suddenly threw a grenade, Dunham immediately take the head helmet in the grenade, and used his body tightly pressed.

Unfortunately, it didn't want to dunham. A muffled, comrades unscathed, who was rushed to hospital. 8 days later, he died of his injuries.

Originally, the grenade helmet completely over, the explosion of all power in the role of all the helmet and helmet Dunham, was blown into chunks, Dunham hit. If Dunham chose to lie down on the side of the grenade, then the helmet should be intact, Dunham will not be too much injury, even without injury.

From Dunham's story can be seen, the enemy grenade flies towards you, what you don't have space to play, the only thing to do is to immediately lie down in the bunker, the body is as low as possible. There is no shelter, will be toward the direction of the helmet body explosion down as low as possible!

If you do not live in the Anti Japanese drama, then it must be remembered that the battlefield can not be loaded at any time

(author Ye Xinzhou, Yu Yuejiang)