Delusion sunk Liaoning ship, actually even beaten are not qualified!

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Delusion sunk Liaoning ship, actually even beaten are not qualified!

2017-01-12 01:08:33 256 ℃

Taiwan's Central News Agency reported that the morning of January 11th, Taiwan's defence ministry said this morning that the Liaoning formation in the morning 7 points in Taiwan called the Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone, and along the Taiwan Strait North west.

Since late December last year, after the ship into the Pacific Liaoning, Taiwan media has been highly concerned about the trend of the Liaoning ship, for no photos to the question, the official said, everything is in control". Half a month later, Liaoning ship is about to return the moment, out of Liaoning ship navigation in Taiwan Strait, anonymous generals say can "destroy the enemy", in one fell swoop this mentality is not only sour grapes acid at home, and purely unrequited love, self comfort.

These anonymous generals emboldened, is undoubtedly treasures 3 missiles, harpoon anti-ship missiles and purchased from the United States last year MK45 torpedo, and equipped with these weapons platform can constitute a theoretical threat, like "everything under control". Because Liaoning is a normal ship navigation in Taiwan Strait, without any tactical purpose, even the "bluff" is Taiwan's media interpretation, to say a 123th to seek a reasonable explanation, and self comfort.

As we all know, the aircraft carrier is an important symbol of the outgoing navy. Because of the special historical reason, in addition to the development of offshore platform, China has been in development for long-range strike weapons and platforms, such as long-range rocket, anti radiation UAV, short-range ballistic missile, the navy has two missile boats and other equipment, these equipment are targeted with strong brand. To two missile boats as an example, a few hundred tons of hull, equipped with 8 anti-ship missiles, this platform is undoubtedly not applicable to the high seas, but to create exclusive products in Taiwan.

As for its comprehensive ocean this attack platform, obviously not for the narrow strait of Taiwan sea, nor for around Taiwan, because one side of the powerful shore based aviation force, from F -10, -11, to sue -35 annihilates -20, a wide selection of elastic. As the saying goes, musket to kill a butterfly, obviously need more use carrier area, not every country can have an aircraft carrier, and not every organization can enjoy carrier deterrence, combat treatment. For example, the ancient punishment of prisoners to torture, is divided into cutting head and dragon shaped.

As for the anonymous generals say can swoop "destroy the enemy", is out of the question. In the tactical context, the aircraft carrier and the carrier of the security of the air force, will form a multi-level alert circle, the other side is difficult to have the opportunity to reach. Even the international waters, everyone has the rights to freedom of navigation and other warships are also active in dozens of kilometers away, taken with a long lens to a fuzzy ship.

Liaoning ship into the Pacific, Japan's defense ministry has issued 2 Zhang Liaoning ship photos, is actually very vague, just a ship body contour, no detail at all, even after a late cut in order to highlight the main carrier. The aircraft arrived in close reconnaissance, it is almost impossible to do, this is a provocation not professional, will not be tolerated, it is difficult to successfully implement.

Obviously, a normal navigation of Liaoning ship, without firing a shot. It caused a huge reaction in the island, this also shows that the aircraft carrier platform strategic deterrent force, proved the great benefits in the development of aircraft carrier platform. This is hard work and prosperous, any mouth gun are incomparable.

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