Old Du was impeached, will become the next park aunt?

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Old Du was impeached, will become the next park aunt?

2017-03-18 19:21:40 119 ℃

Author: Wang Dehua

Old du to China too close, Aquino and America's henchman who anxious. Less than a year after Duthel Te's reign, the "sedition" and "Assassination" sound heard, conspiracy theory. 17, Philippines opposition Senator Ales Hanno submitted a proposal to impeach the president, accusing him of corruption, and in the bloody fight against drug crimes committed murder and crimes against humanity.

A plot to overthrow the president

Since Duthel Te came to power in June last year, thousands of drug addicts and drug traffickers have been killed by police and security officers. Duthel Te often threatened to criminals sentenced to death, but also boast of his own hands had killed them. Ales Hanno accused him of committing murder related to the killings, saying he had implemented a national policy to encourage such killings in the name of drugs.

The impeachment proposal also accused Duthel Te when the mayor in Davao, payroll to thousands of employees to eat empty rates, and his bank account as much as $40 million this is not declared, the opposition Senator Antonio Terry Leah Ness (Antonio Trillanes) before the.

Philippines business newspaper article said, "vice president Luo Tao and Bayley Dutt presidential impeachment case, said the presidential impeachment is a plot to overthrow the president". "If it weren't for her personal intentions, she could be played in the hands of those who wanted to use her as a political animal," the newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Philippine president as saying. Either way, it's a sad thing for her."

Convey what information

Philippines long as America's "Little Brown Brothers", the most loyal vassal country in Southeast asia. Washington has always regarded Philippines as one of its key allies, its "unsinkable aircraft carrier" in Asia, and an important piece of return to the Asia Pacific and china. After Duthel Te came to power, abandoned the former Aquino Sans's policy toward China, the South China Sea arbitration aside, with the United States split up to pursue an independent foreign policy. His impeachment, in fact, is the result of collusion between Philippine and international forces.

First, the United States began planning another color revolution. Philippines's foreign minister perfecto - Yasai said, even in Philippines the former colonial countries in 1946 after independence, the United States has also been "invisible chains to control us, let us go dependent and submissive". The man who operates the chain is the American Embassy in the philippines. Philippines is the United States to contain Chinese first chain key ring, Philippines's China policy change policy, to play the role of a fundamental solution, which the United States will not let go lightly.

In an exclusive interview with CNN in December 29th last year, Duthel Te responded that U.S. diplomats were good at destroying governments that did not take orders from the United states. "Most American ambassadors, but not all, are not real ambassadors. The diplomats are spying. They have contact with the cia. The ambassador of a country is the number one spy, some of which are designed to overthrow the government.

Half a century in the Philippine military and economic dependence on the United States ingrained. Some $Philippines rape, will use a variety of policy mistakes of old Du, holding the stick all shout and wrangle. "Most of Philippines's military officers graduated from West Point," explains the Philippine foreign ministry and the Ministry of Defense issued a different kind of noise.

Three Walter camp is also not monolithic. Duthel Te's mentor Ramos, has published a column in Philippines "Manila Communique", criticized the Duthel Te administration hundred days "," a lot of people suffer a big "let us in greatly disappointed". Critics have only sought to maintain a high degree of support for the people, while sacrificing other issues, such as extreme poverty, foreign investment and employment opportunities, resulting in a complete defeat situation. Also asked, "do we just throw away decades of military alliances, tactical levels, matching weapons, military friendship?"

Will be the next park aunt

Impeachment proposal to enter the Senate, Congressman must first obtain 1/3 of the support, and in the 292 members of the house, there are more than and 260 people to Dutt's ally, so that the possibility is very small at present. The speaker of the house of Representatives, Dutt's close ally to Pantaleon Alvarez (Pantaleon Alvarez) said that all the allegations are "fake".

But even if the impeachment is not successful, can not guarantee the anti Du forces are not planning the next launch counterattack, Guan Jian is the most have the ability to put Du Ping Philippines domestic political family. According to the United States, "Huffington post" statistics, Philippines has 178 political families, firmly control the administrative power of the 80 provinces in the 73. Philippines's parliament, 70% of the seats in the house of representatives to the political family, the Senate is close to nearly 80% of the seats occupied by the political family. Old president can do in the middle reaches of the family political shuttle, is the key to the power of Philippines, after all, these political families are the actual control of the lifeblood of Philippines.

Duthel Te's policy to China has a famous saying, dialogue is better than war. We want to talk about friendship, talk about cooperation, the most important thing is that we talk about business. War will lead us to a dead end." Lao Du is a wise man can make decisions from the maintenance of Philippines development point of view, rather than as cannon fodder for others as a proxy. In addition, the drugs are great harm to any society, to take strong measures against drugs, even if there are flaws can be understood. Of course we need to support old du.

We need to take precautions. The Philippines policy can not hope that a person. If so, when the old Du was impeached or assassinated, the Philippines friendship might turn to turn the boat; then, the Philippines may once again set off a mighty storm in the South China Sea dispute, this for our loss is too large.