The South China Sea will have a war? Wang Yi response: cooperation based

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The South China Sea will have a war? Wang Yi response: cooperation based

2017-03-18 19:21:50 163 ℃

In recent years, with the United States and other foreign countries to intervene in the South China Sea issue, the South China Sea issue continues to heat up. The United States continues to strengthen the deployment of the South China Sea, many people predicted that with the escalation of the South China Sea issue, the United States and China in the South China Sea will have a war.

A response to the South China Sea minister Wang Yi has always been domineering"

For the South China Sea dispute and the Sino US relations in the South China Sea in the game and conflict, China's foreign minister Wang Yi position has been very firm, but also gave a lot of domineering response.

In March 8th this year, the two sessions press conference, there is a lot of media on the current situation in the South China Sea and the question of the game between the United States and China in the South China Sea question. In this regard, Wang Yi said that now the situation in the South China Sea compared to before easing trend, we are advancing the same standards of conduct in the South China Sea is the ASEAN, COC consultation, we must work together to build a region recognized rules".

Figure: Foreign Minister Wang Yi in 2017, two sessions press conference to answer a reporter's question

2014, Wang Yi attended the China ASEAN (10+1) diplomatic conference after the press conference, the sovereignty of the South China Sea issue has said: China to defend its sovereignty and maritime rights and interests of the stand firm and unshakable. China is bound to make a clear and firm response to irrational provocation. We believe that China and ASEAN are fully capable and intelligent to jointly safeguard peace and stability in the South China sea".

2016 "NPC and CPPCC" press conference, foreign minister Wang Yi engage in the South China Sea Islands construction in response to the outside world to discuss the Chinese is "Military", the domineering said: "Spratly Islands is China territory, as long as all the children of the Yellow Emperor, all selves. China has never and will not make new territorial claims".

In February 7, 2017, Australian Foreign Minister Wang Yi held fourth round of diplomatic and strategic dialogue in Canberra with Australian Foreign Minister Bishop, when asked whether Sino US military conflict in the South China Sea ", Wang Yi said:" I just want to give us a friend suggested: review the history of World War II ";" as the victory of the Second World War. "The Cairo declaration" and "Potsdam Proclamation" stipulates that Japan will steal the Chinese return Chinese territory including the Spratly Islands. For the current dispute in the South China Sea, the Chinese side has always insisted on a peaceful settlement of the dispute through direct dialogue between the parties, based on historical facts and international law. This position will not change in the future".

Two, China and the United States will really fight it?

China Youth Network quoted Zhao Xiaozhuo for the United States and China in the South China Sea is playing up on the issue, said: Sino US relations are very complex relationship, on the one hand, economic interdependence, a lot of cultural exchanges. The two countries are also global powers, on the one hand, they have common interests on the global political level, on the other hand, there is coordination. For example, global climate change, it is impossible to achieve without the participation of China and the United states. In addition to other regional security issues such as counter-terrorism, China and the United States if it is difficult to achieve cooperation. Today, although the relationship between China and the United States a lot, but not the United States and the Soviet Union in the cold war, the Soviet Union and the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war is a complete hostile relationship, we must guard against Sino US relations towards the Soviet Union relations".

Today Chinese also pointed out that Sino US cooperation is a win-win, fighting will hurt all ";" this is the first for their own interests, because only the healthy and stable development of Sino US relations, is to Chinese, are favorable to the United States; at the same time, this is the Sino US responsibility for the world. If the relations between the two countries are deadlocked, and even to the confrontation, not only two countries will suffer losses, but also will cause a major upheaval in the world situation. This is the result that no one wants to see". that seeks the balance between China and ASEAN is the strategy for survival and development, to the ASEAN countries around the South China Sea view, analysis of the ASEAN does not want conflict between the two countries, ASEAN countries hope that through mutual checks and balances between China and the United States to seek their own development, points out that between China and other countries are looking forward to peace.

Figure: South China Sea

Three, netizen: military strength, dare sword

South China Sea issue has always been concerned about the issue of Internet users, the majority of Internet users have for Wang Yi's position and attitude towards the South China Sea praise. The United States has been in the South China Sea provocation, netizens said not blindly concessions, to continuously enhance China's military strength in the national territory and sovereignty, when the sword not vague.

1 minister Wang Yi's response to the point of praise

Netizen "Huang Shengyou": "great power"! Diplomacy should be aggressive!"

Netizen "fingertip fayn": appreciation Minister Wang Zheng He and Ma Hanzhi, the South China Sea issue in accordance with the United States can't dance drums.

2 battle with China, the United States has no chance

Internet users lonely traveler: I think, as long as the South China Sea Island does not waste from the martial arts, the United States and the entire Western Navy in the South China Sea and China have no chance of winning the battle, even the larger the faster the death.

3 in relation to national security issues Chinese to dare to sword

Netizen: "surging era": in this world, exchanges between countries, as well as the interaction between people, the more you give, he becomes awkward! Really play a life, give the other side a blow, the other party will be honest.

Netizen Tangshan 2013: can not sacrifice land and dignity for peace and development.

4 China should strengthen its military power and safeguard the peace in the South China Sea

Internet users "fl53": continue to strengthen the expansion of weapons and technology abroad, increasing the difficulty and cost of U.S. aggression.

Netizens "tell the truth": War to stop war. As long as our country to do a good job of combat readiness, the South China Sea will not be a real war.

The ancients said: "the state of the road, only Li heng". Therefore, from the perspective of the interests of both China and the United States as well as global peace and development, maintaining peace and friendly relations between China and the United states.