Flies do not bite seamless eggs, you do not like people to be able to disperse your nude? Who says there is no truth

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Flies do not bite seamless eggs, you do not like people to be able to disperse your nude? Who says there is no truth

2017-03-18 19:22:30 572 ℃

Author: Wang Dehua

U.S. Marines had been exposed female nude scandal intensified. The latest report shows that the existence of this problem is not limited to the Marine Corps, other services have similar acts. This storm has always been beautiful let the Marines also let The Pentagon rather awkward thoroughly discredited. Defense Secretary James Mathis and a number of congressional chiefs have come forward to condemn.

According to reports, some of these photos are candid, and the other part is not the consent of the consent of the parties to upload privately, and even some nude photos with the location of the shooting, the victim's rank and full name. Fans comment dirty and full of violence.

Many people do not want to be named, said in an interview, similar to such a site at least six or seven, spread to the armed forces. The victim had previously reported that U.S. Marines in the social media to share Nude Nude this habit has been going on for more than a decade, but the officials in charge of this turned a deaf ear.

Flies do not bite seamless eggs. Although we did not go to the United States, from the common sense that can not be raped and grilled clothes, it is impossible to take a bath candid. Guo teacher's words are: wave reminders, you do not have to be able to scatter your nude photos?

You can not blame others, you do not take off, others how to shoot, you do not shoot others how to upload photos, you do not make Sao will die ah? Can only say that this thing is also responsible for the victims themselves, take their own nude photos, in order to see privacy! It is inevitable that a nation advocating pornography has begun to decline.

Japan and South Korea have taught all the American soldiers. That's the real american...... What's so strange, don't you know that Americans, even their former presidents like to show humanity in the White House Office?. Nude scandal are also afraid to say, this is what Americans thinking, should be called the United States Navy Corps prostitutes.

The sensation of the global war in Vietnam, the burning girl naked escape behind, exposing the U.S. air strikes in Vietnam atrocities. A comrade in arms when prostitution army, in order to satisfy personal desires to reach the local black women barehanded is not surprising. After the Vietnam War, American soldiers in Vietnam, leaving less up to 50000 behind this illegitimate child, how many tragic history?

Hegemony of the United States, the scandal of the United States, rogue America, the United States, the United States, dirty dirty, no face of the United states. The combat effectiveness of the United States! And this is another example: the world's military bases in the United States is not used to protect the country, but to the scourge of the various countries!!

It is inevitable that the people who are happy to be happy will be frivolous, there is no moral values in a country without historical and cultural heritage. An army is so dirty, and you want to win China, go back and get your army in order.