Chen Hu: usher in the era of military aircraft after the five generation of China will lag behind

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Chen Hu: usher in the era of military aircraft after the five generation of China will lag behind

2017-03-18 19:23:03 225 ℃

Original title: Chenhu place: after five generations of machines, military aircraft or the times will come

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March (Chen Hu) () - currently, the masses of the five generation of machine research and development, production, equipment use is very intense. But from the point of view of the development of weapons, the five generation of the age of the machine has been close to maturity, in front of the important issues should be the next generation of aircraft, the next generation of fighters will be in the direction of the development of the five? To answer this question, we must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the five generation of machines.

Data figure: U.S. F-22 Raptor fighter

The advantages of the five generation machines, one is to greatly enhance the information function of it, the two is its stealth performance so that it can penetrate the air defense fire tight. But the biggest problem is the five generation machine, between stealth, load, flight conflict -- for the five generation machine, first to stealth, that means not all load using plug-in, must be contained in, which limits the load capacity of the five generation machine to a great extent; in the limit load machine the five generation machine voyage or combat radius to a certain extent. Therefore, the five generation of stealth, load, the contradiction between the very prominent.

For the five generation aircraft after the next generation of fighter aircraft, there are currently 2 main ideas, first, high altitude, and the two is unmanned".

Here the "high altitude and high speed" is no longer similar to the MIG -25 and "blackbird" the level of high altitude and high speed, it will be the hypersonic flight, high altitude and high speed in the vicinity of space. Its technical difficulty is quite large, and in the implementation of small tactical task, there will be a feeling of anti-aircraft guns to fight mosquitoes.

For unmanned, the U.S. military drones have been put forward tactics, it seems that the next generation of fighters to open a door of technology. From this perspective, the next generation fighter is likely to be the new aircraft around the swarm tactics, but this makes the contradiction between stealth, load, the voyage more prominent - if you use swarm tactics, the UAV aircraft must be able to carry a large number of high load requirements; but during the voyage. We always want more and more large aircraft combat radius, and this is also a contradiction between the stealth.

"Reference News" was published in a federal media article, entitled "attack aircraft" era has ended, it is the core conclusion in the high-end conflict in the future, the use of aircraft carrier launched land attack has been basically impossible. This problem, leads to the revival of ideas -- since the bomber carrier aircraft launched in high-end conflict impossible to attack, then use bombers may be referred to a higher level.

To sum up, after the end of the five generation machine, the future of the attacking aircraft load range of the requirement of UAV swarm tactics on the load and attack aircraft era, are reflected in a "big" word. The best approach is to solve this problem, based on existing or future bombers.

For example, the United States, in the future direction of the aircraft has begun to develop this trend. Not long ago, a piece of information that has not been concerned about the United States, said the United States and then re Arsenal machine program. The arsenal is based on the B1B bomber, the use of its large load capacity, mount a large number of air-to-air missiles, with the five generation fighter. In other words, the five generation machine load capacity is not strong, it is equipped with a bag, to achieve stealth, high information technology, a combination of large load and large range.

Data figure: B21 stealth bomber

There is also a message that the U.S. military made a B21 bomber R & D program. When the plan was first put forward, many people feel puzzled, because the United States has B52, B1B and B2 bombers, why do we want to develop B21 bombers? The time requirement of the B21 bomber program is very urgent, and the production quantity is very large. But if it is combined with the requirements of the five generation aircraft after the era of military aircraft may be explained.

Data figure: F-111 "Aardvark" is a general dynamics in 1960s when the development of manufacturing, the U. S. air force and Navy joint participation in the design case of finished multi-purpose fighter / attack aircraft in the distance.

After the five generation of aircraft, the era of military aircraft or will come. What is the future of a large military aircraft? It may not be covered by the concept of modern military aircraft.

Now the military large aircraft, often refers to transport aircraft, bombers, but the five generation aircraft after the military aircraft will be a multi-purpose platform. By carrying different loads, it can carry out transportation, refueling, air combat, ground attack and other tasks. If such a large aircraft mounted remote, ultra long-range air-to-air missiles and a large number of distance above the air-to-air missile, it can be served as the five generation machine "bag" role, with the five generation machine to form a new complete air system; if a large number of weapons mounted on the attack, can perform the same tasks and bombers; may also carry a large number of similar unmanned vehicles load, to achieve a new swarm tactics, air combat system.

In this possibility, the accumulation of our existing aviation industry will be relatively backward. Compared with the developed countries, our biggest technical short board is precisely in the large aircraft, and the United States is likely to make full use of such a new era of large military aircraft, so that his technological advantages to be re demonstrated. This problem is worthy of our attention and discussion.