About the Varyag: advise Mr. Xu Zengping to give up unreasonable demands, seeking truth from facts

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About the Varyag: advise Mr. Xu Zengping to give up unreasonable demands, seeking truth from facts

2017-04-21 18:57:10 343 ℃

After China international news media group began in September of last year released three reports "on behalf of a private, national background, commercial operation" the purchase of the Varyag, according to the actual process of rational, festival say clearly, as clear as noonday."Chinese" Liaoning ship "predecessor" Varyag is not Mr. Xu Zengping buy ";" let the evidence speak: "Varyag is Dai Yue and Zhang Yong buy"; "let the law to speak: opened buy" Varyag "in the Oriental mysteryAfter the publication, domestic and foreign media have reproduced, competing reports, in mainland China and overseas Internet users caused great concern and repercussions.

Thought the so-called Hongkong SAR CPPCC invited Mr. Xu Zengping to see after reports of their fabrications purchased the Varyag behavior restraint. But instead, he instead intensified the furious counterattack, in 2017 March, the opportunity to participate in this year NPC and CPPCC held, carefully planned in advance back, hire Hongkong Wen Wei Po reporter Carlyle, will, will, Xu masuhei is a whoop and a holler "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier "Introduction" and "Varyag" the power giant ", do not hesitate to use the CCTV news deliberately freeze Xu Zengping to attend the CPPCC meeting the image of 2 seconds; a central news interview with Xu Zengping on civil military integration; Xu masuhei I use outside the venue, do everything possible to find military representatives photo, wearing a cap, Liaoning ship to the army on behalf of Liaoning ship carrier delivery album. Xu Zengping bad behavior led to participate in the purchase "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier of all team members, discontent and indignation: "Xu Zengping condemned the sneak 20 years!" "We will not tolerate such people play the gangster in state power organs.". Please look at Xu Zengping in the past 20 years is how fradulent, the facts are as follows:

A purchase of the Varyag winning credit is not Xu Zengping

Prior to the overall situation, we give Xu Zengping a little face. In the three report, we have repeatedly affirmed Xu Zengping for the purchase of the Varyag to do a lot of work in the work. Is this the case?! The government of Ukraine to determine the tender "Varyag" conditions: first, to provide first-class credit issued by a bank certificate, proof of purchase of the company has more than $50 million in the bank, a bank deposit at the time of the law group only $2 million; secondly, the carrier can not buy must prove for military purposes; at the same time, the commercial projects to obtain national approval, and also at the port of destination countries issued by the import license.

First of all, Xu Zengping in the new territories of Hongkong Ping Chau a low-cost land, to listed on the stock exchange of Hongkong's aerospace industry and Aerospace Science and Technology International Group Limited company in Hongkong, won the $250 million support by means of disguise. Xu Zengping use of state-owned enterprises to support the money, easy to get more than $50 million of the bank's capital proof;

Secondly, Hongkong general manager of the company Mr. Zhang Yong was the first executive director of the Chinese Red Cross foundation, Zhang Yong and the king of Macao Mr. He Hongshen has a very good personal friends. Zhang Yong suggested that the leadership, in order to meet the tender requirements, Macao is available to many favorable conditions. To elude observations achieved national approval, by the government of Macao, the Varyag aircraft into marine entertainment city is the most wonderful idea, the key is to get the Macao gambling license. But at that time there were only 8 cards in Macao and only one maneuver. So it's not easy to get a bet! Hongkong attainpak company bought He Hongshen's "Grandview Hotel", signed a contract in 1995, and a supplementary contract dedicated to gambling as an entertainment brand, until the contract is approved can get the cards as additional conditions. According to the head of the president Zhang Yong instructions: to assist the central leadership of Song Ping, such as the work of doing a good job in the work of the president of the state of China, such as the work of the work of the president of the. Very smooth to get only one entertainment cards, be approved by the government of Macao for the Varyag was converted into a marine entertainment city.

Secondly, in the Orient in the requirements of the board of directors, Zhang Yong used the permanent resident status in Hongkong several times from Hongkong, Macao, for a "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier ship certificate, improve the legal procedures, so that the Varyag has officially settled in People's Republic of China hukou".

In order to meet the requirements of the three Ukraine bid is not Xu Zengping do! The fund is supported by state enterprises; it is Zhang Yong who has obtained the national approval; the import license issued by the state is made by Zhang Yong. If there is no three, Xu Zengping is not the target!

Xu Zengping on many public and media complaints, said to buy the Varyag to let him go bankrupt, spent $120 million to buy the aircraft carrier to the country, said the army and the state did not give him a penny. This is Xu Zengping nonsense, is entirely to eyes and lie.

De Heng law firm, a law firm registered in People's Republic of China. Li Zhiyong and Yang Li are registered with the People's Republic of China Department of justice. Two lawyers have made an exact investigation of Xu Zengping's assets, and almost all of the assets of Mr Xu Zengping are false.

Xu Zengping used the international aerospace science and technology group of 250 million Hong Kong dollars bid, but not to pay the purchase price of the ship, shall disappear without a trace.

Then, Xu Zengping, chairman of the China Securities Shao Chun has provided 320 million yuan (RMB) for the eight time. In addition, Xu Zengping for a multitude of names: Huaxia Securities funds by the acquisition of Macao Huaxia law; shares; sometimes qiaolimingmu what advisory fees, consulting fees, towage (make a guarantee, $1156938, paid to the designated shipping company in Singapore also Xu zengping personal pockets. Singapore shipping company is a good friend of Xu Zengping, he points to $180 thousand. When Xu Zengping got the money spent on do not promptly disappear without a trace, the purchase of the Varyag body. Huaxia Securities chairman Shao Chun was such a serious problem will be spent on a bottomless pit. Therefore, the decision to recover Xu Zengping's equity, to ensure that the national assets are not lost. Depends on the shareholders' meeting held in Macao, a law firm, replacing the Xu Zengping set of all duties law company in Macao, told him to participate in all operations related to the "Varyag" project. The board of directors decided Zhang Yong to recover all the Varyag project documents and the seal of the company from the hands of Xu Zengping. In addition, replacing "Varyag" project the main company, determine the selection of Klc Holdings Ltd to orient to continue to complete the "Varyag" project.

Figure: November 11, 1998 Hongkong held a press conference on "Kuznetsov" (Zhang Yong on behalf of a law, a reporter asked)

Since Xu Zengping was removed from the relevant law Macao Entertainment Limited company of all duties, he never participated in all the activities in the purchase of "Oriental Varyag. Not to mention Xu Zengping in the national rent tug, across, through hardships to the Varyag dragged back to Dalian, how could the Varyag Xu Zengping buy, and gave the country!

In addition, it was noted that in 1, Xu Zengping also made up reasons to cheat the central United Front Work Department in Hong Kong and Macao overseas liaison office director, then director Tan Zhigang spent nearly $10 million to support Xu Zengping to buy the Varyag; in 2, Xu Zengping has been removed from a Macao law all duties, and did not allow him to take "Kuznetsov" project operation, on 5 May 1999 two the leadership of the Ministry of emergency spent $1 million 800 thousand to help meet the difficulties in buying aircraft carriers.

Mr. Xu Zengping: you do not claim that the country has not given you a penny! More than four large sums of money is not your collection?! Add up the amount to the special "Varyag" many times, but this is four sum you spent, the Varyag moored in the port of Ukraine still wholly intact, what is it?!

The Xu Zengping report false information, using fraudulent means to continue to get money, again and again to buy three delay Varyag time, the relevant departments and enterprises, the country's state owned enterprises and the general staff of the agency for Xu Zengping, support him to buy the Varyag special funds cannot make timely settlement a report, the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier project bathing place! Who buy key members of the Varyag team one by one injustice: death, prison, have fled, were reviewed, and the public was dishonorably discharged by the Commission, there is a review of detention was dismissed, was forced to step down. Xu Zengping left you to the CPPCC National Committee for 20 years scenery! Excuse me, Mr. Xu Zengping, do you have a clear conscience?!

Two, the Varyag is by Dai Yue, Mr Zhang Yong bought, and handed over to the state

Figure: the Varyag final buyer Dai Yue, Mr. Zhang Yong

The Varyag is by Dai Yue, Zhang Yong to the company Orient in officially transferred to the state, the state is from the East, took over the "Varyag" and to the 80% stake held by Huaxia Securities Company, according to the rules of international trade settlement.

After the success of the negotiations will be hosted by the factory (left 1-5 Department of defense officials, left the 6 director, left the 7 Dai Yue, left 8 Yang, left Zhang Yong, 9)

Mr. Xu Zengping since you did not participate in the bid, led by the late East Exchange in nearly a year of hard to buy the Varyag course, you did not pay the purchase price of the ship, you did not sign the final purchase contract on the ship, where you will be personally Varyag to the country?!

Three, Xu Zengping use of false reports of the media, the state leaders unreasonable demands

Mr. Xu Zengping, you use the false reports of the media without the need to deceive the people of the world, the majority of the patriotic love of the people, you can not hide:

In April 13, 2008 Xu Zengping wrote to President Hu Jintao that: due to the "Varyag" debt, loss, and interest and other expenses, has reached $500 million, the funds involved hundreds of borrowers, loan amount up to hundreds of millions, millions of minimum total debt over HK $2 billion. Requirements: "the first to pay HK $2 billion 500 million in cash, let me pay HK $2 billion debt"; "the rest of the costs, losses and other costs, please instruct the relevant departments of the state personnel and my arrangement can be used to give policy, quotas, grant or state control mechanism for a long time the amount of low interest loans and other various flexible ways to solve. Look, this is Xu Zengping's sinister, violating discipline, and carried on, make!"

August 22, 2008 Xu Zengping sent a letter to the central United Front Work Department, Vice Minister of the State Council and transferred to the relevant leaders of the State Council, the State Council in. Request: "request to borrow 190 million yuan before the end of August, to quickly extinguish the burning fire".

Figure: Xu Zengping

As early as the beginning of 2004, the central government made an investigation on Xu Zengping's request. When the central processing council Deputy Secretary General deputy head of the leading group of carrier Long Quan at the end of August 2004, clearly pointed out that in the central to report: "Xu Zengping proposed promise and then deny in succession not with a series of unreasonable demands, offer 3 billion 200 million yuan, make up the so-called lawyers do certain debt table. The purpose is to force the country to meet a series of unreasonable demands of him, there is no sincerity to solve the problem through consultation."

"If Xu Zengping does not give up the unreasonable demands, to study law, take legal proceedings, not to grant people handle, Xu Zengping There is no way in".

Figure: the Varyag to docked at the pier

The Varyag from 96 years to 98 years of planning, the bid, in March 99 in the Orient over tile projects continue to buy good, 99 years in October 24th to purchase, May 2000 officially handed over to the country, in March 2, 2002 to the port of Dalian, all the hardships and thrilling truth, finally the white in the world! "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier Xu Zengping not to buy! Nor was Xu Zengping given to the country! The Varyag is in the state and the relevant departments of the army participation, guidance and coordination, support and cooperate with each other, there are people with lofty ideals in many warriors Team Relay fighting spirit, after all together with unremitting efforts, and paid a huge price for each country, buy! Among them there are pre Xu Zengping difficulties and credit, but not what you preach "Varyag is one person you buy. I want you to give up ten years to the unreasonable demands, seeking truth from facts show sincerity to solve the issue, to buy the "Varyag" project team members in the team, together with the state to explain the situation, solve all problems, do not do things against country reputation Tongren and damage.

These people over fifty years of age we, many are seven and eighty years old! For the party, for the country, for the army, for the history of the country, we have the responsibility and obligation to stand up and tell the truth, justice, pursue justice! We have prepared all the legal documents, if Mr Xu Zengping is still stubborn, don't give up a series of unreasonable demands, we are adhering to the general secretary Xi Jinping advocated the rule of law, legal means to solve the problem!

The core members buy the Varyag team

April 19, 2017

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