U.S. space media: that day boat one no wonder

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U.S. space media: that day boat one no wonder

2017-04-21 18:57:19 427 ℃

Yesterday, the Chinese express the earth from space. Foreign media said that this is another major progress in China's space manned space program, is part of China's construction of a permanent space station ambitions, but also a milestone.

20 evening 19:41, Hainan launch site in Wenchang, Chinese first day boat one cargo spacecraft successfully launched, it will be docking with Tiangong two and sent 6 tonnes of supplies. Last night, the airship launch time and a day before the announcement of a minute is not bad, the perfect interpretation of what is called "zero window"; the process of direct broadcast shows the confidence and strength of the Chinese aerospace man.

Foreign media have said that this is another major progress in China's space manned space program, is part of China's construction of a permanent space station ambitions, but also a milestone.

United States space dailyIn recent years, China has said that all manned launch missions are centered around a long-term goal: to build its own permanent space station,"In the near future, the space station will fly over the United states".

India Aerospace expertsNalata Goswami 20, said the author, the western scholars always understand the Chinese space program from the space race angle, but not Chinese it as conquest and the stage show, but will be seen through the space and in development resources, become the life, work and create wealth.

Australian space expertsMorris Jones, 20, also told the Hongkong "South China Morning Post," said the day boat one cargo spacecraft is a great achievement in china". "Only China, Europe and Russia have developed a cargo ship capable of supplying fuel to the space station," he said. The United States did not do."

United States space dailySaid, there may be observers believe that the launch of cargo spacecraft seems to be nothing new. This is a big mistake, because this is the last step in China's opening up the greatest space program. China has been repeated rendezvous and docking test, to gain a foothold in the steady human history of manned space flight, the tick in a bar on the edge of the box,And the first day of the sky is the end of the list of China's space laboratory task".

British Financial Times20, said that although China has invested a lot of space, compared with the United States is still dwarfed, but if the completion of the space station, China's space program will be a coronation moment".By the end of the international space station in 2028, China's space station will be unique".

Professor Jiao Weixin, Peking University School of earth and Space Sciences said, "China space station is completed, if Russia needs to space research, we can say, you feel shy, and Chinese contact and cooperate with us." Reported that China's space program to copy the United States and Russia, but its rapid development of technology so that regional neighbors envy, especially by China dumped a few streets of India".

according toSpace flight network"China plans to launch around 2018, the launch of the space station and the core of the space station, followed by the launch of two experimental modules and the rendezvous and docking. After the successful launch of the first day of the ship, the Chinese astronauts and spacecraft will frequently visit the space station and space station core.

ndtv indiaSaid that the launch of the 1st day of the ship marks China's goal of establishing a permanent space station in 2022 and further. Nevertheless, China still lags behind the US in space technology. andDODChina's ability to continue to strengthen space is to "prevent the use of space assets from other countries during the crisis," he said".

Associated Press20, said China was excluded from the international space station, mainly because of the United States law, prohibit cooperation with China and such as China's space program and the military close concern. China is now planning to internationalize its space program to provide funding for countries interested in joining the mission two.

The article said that since the first manned space flight in 2003, China has completed a series of space missions, including space walk and launch lunar rover. In addition, China plans to launch in 2018, Chang'e four detector, the implementation of the world for the first time on the back of the moon to patrol the probe; around the launch of Chang'e six detector in 2020, the implementation of the moon back sampling tasks.

"Why is China's new cargo ship so important?"Research Fellow, India Institute of defense and analysisGesi Wami 20 in Japan "foreign scholars" wrote that the Chinese space program and the national economic development planning related to each other. It is not in order to gain international prestige, but gradually accumulate strength, in order to obtain space resources.

She believes that China has access to an important ability, that is, to maintain the status of a person in space for a long time, and to create a supply chain of space resources. Gesi Wami said that Western mistakenly imagine a space race, and missed the gold rush in space "". The future of China may be able to obtain renewable energy and resources from asteroids, the moon, etc..

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