Egypt discovered China pterosaur UAV combat video, precision strike as martial arts skills point

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Egypt discovered China pterosaur UAV combat video, precision strike as martial arts skills point

2017-04-21 18:58:55 450 ℃

Recently, the emergence of the Internet in China, the "pterosaur" observation of one UAV combat video.

These dynamic diagram, reveals the Chinese pterosaur unmanned aerial vehicle world-class precision strike capability, and confirmed that it has withstood the test of actual combat!

Video, pterosaur unmanned missile launch of the missile hit a small car, housing and other small target individuals, showing striking ability exciting!

For example, in the attack in the car parked next to the house in the dynamic diagram, the missile in the middle of the vehicle, but did not touch only one or two meters outside the housing construction.

Another attack on the vehicle's motion diagram

With such precision strike capability, pterosaur unmanned aerial vehicle can choose to attack a small size of the building in a particular house, and significantly reduced the surrounding buildings, personnel with the killing.

The missile hit a vehicle with ammunition or oil, causing a big bang

Over the past decade, China's combat UAV appeared blowout type development, equipment and export wave. "Xinjiang" outstanding civilian UAV marketing world, almost a monopoly of the international market; Chinese fly into research and development "pterosaur" and other large-scale combat drones, broke the monopoly of the advanced combat UAV, buy country market to blaze a new trail in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other traditional American weapons. To win the favor of users through the foreign military combat real achievements.

Responsible for the development of pterosaur UAV Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute, deputy chief designer Li Yidong

Observe the fight one UAV, although there is no new kind of fighter as exhaustive, but its technical content is still at the forefront of the world's scientific and technological development. China in just 20 years ago only developed simple drone or artillery reconnaissance UAV, now through continuous breakthroughs in industry, science and technology, computer network, information technology and other fields, to create the world's highest level of combat uav.

There are many difficulties in the development of large and medium scale unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the fields of high speed real-time video communication data link, autonomous flight, digital fly by wire flight control, electro-optical and radar ground space exploration, navigation, etc.. But flying and other companies have broken through the difficulties, come up with a winning advanced UAV products.

Egypt pterosaur UAV direct hit pickup

Flying pterosaur unmanned aerial vehicles, has formed a family, serialization, and rainbow UAV battle together, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Allegedly pterosaur has accumulated tens of thousands of hours of actual combat hours, attendance is high. Common combat mission requires three pterosaurs in a week to achieve a daily 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring of the theater, launched an attack, which proves that the aircraft in the leading level of complete rate.

According to the manufacturer, said the actual launch of thousands of weapons, the hit rate of over 90%, very strong support for the country's national security and combat. Pterosaur unmanned aerial vehicles these achievements, is in the desert high temperature, high wind speed, dust storms, mountain terrain, under the harsh conditions of the sea environment, is particularly valuable.

"Pterosaur" outstanding performance in time sensitive tasks, in an attack of Scud missile launch vehicle mission snarky, when the launch vehicle has begun fueling of missiles, missile launch within minutes. This operator can be used immediately for monitoring tasks "pterosaur" drones fired missiles to complete the preparatory work, in just a few seconds to destroy is close to launch Scud missiles, allowing foreign military users greatly appreciated.

Pterosaur unmanned aircraft has been a large number of foreign military users to add orders. At the same time Chinese military enterprises to provide excellent service, especially in the specific operational methods and operational thinking on education in order to pass, the war benefited foreign users.

I believe that China will further gain more combat UAV combat success, to make greater contributions to world peace!