Japan wants to send troops to the peninsula? This signal is too dangerous!

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Japan wants to send troops to the peninsula? This signal is too dangerous!

2017-04-21 19:00:09 146 ℃

Text / gunner in four

These days, have been small deep Skinner, Japanese defense minister Ms. Inada Tomomi, the recent North Korean missile launch failure into an excuse in Japanese waters of the incident, announced in the house security committee, when something happens on the Korean Peninsula, to send troops to the rescue, the Japanese people.

Rice said, Japan has to modify the security related bill, the SDF can use weapons to protect and rescue in overseas Japanese, usually between the various ministries and agencies concerned have conducted the necessary preparations and consultations, the SDF protective measures according to the regulations, servicing the necessary system, and implement a variety of training.

This statement, estimation of readers have a deep breath and air conditioning, Andouble under the leadership of the Japanese government, more and more involved in high-profile regional and world affairs, and make substantial progress, serious violation of the relevant provisions of the war, has been to the surrounding countries must be vigilant, even to the point of location in japan.

In accordance with the provisions of the Japanese security bill, the SDF can be dispatched emergency in the following cases, the first stage is the forecast of the situation of force attack, the SDF can build defense facilities; the second stage is the pressing force to attack the situation, Japan dispatched defense command can be issued, the SDF distribution to the front; the third stage is that if you encounter the actual attack. Can let the Japanese Self Defense Forces counterattack force.

The Korean Peninsula crisis, the core lies in the North Korean nuclear, in addition to nominally deter the United States, the main purpose is for the North South confrontation. Japan and the two countries have long since the World War II did not have a substantive relationship, in addition to South Korea as a victim of a long time to condemn Japan's Rogue face, North Korea and Japan almost strangers.

However, this does not affect the use of nuclear power in North Korea to seize this opportunity. Such as South Korea to resist its chilling North Korea, to introduce American thad, get China very dissatisfied. Across the sea of Japan saw an opportunity, also followed the clamor, exaggerated tension, deliberately provoke meet on the battleground.

In small series, this game of "the harvest" in Japan, a series of high-profile acts, at least three benefits.

A foreign military forces, took the opportunity to. As an important basis for binding force after the war, Japan's pacifist constitution in recent years, Ninth have been frequently touched last year by allowing the SDF to participate in foreign military action bill. Abe continue to render the peninsula crisis, the purpose is to borrow the nuclear Dongfeng real troops, once broke the resurgence of Japanese militarism, I sent a get out of hand, 70 years ago, the history is not far, far more of the peninsula crisis risks.

Two, improve public opinion support. Abe do not like the economy, the Japanese people have clearly seen through his ability. In order to keep the seat, we must enhance the public opinion support. North Korea's nuclear embrace, expanding civil fear, and then a heavy means of their own, must be supported by the public.

Three, holding the United States smelly feet. As the United States and the younger brother, although from time to time to emerge some restless great, but Japan still dare not deviate, must hide under the aegis of the United states. South Korea bought the United States Sade, Japan on the one hand out of self-defense needs, on the other hand, want to export benefits to the U.S. military, repeatedly expressed want to buy sade. Money as a gift, the business is not really the general.

Other benefits, such as strengthening the purpose of arms, and even create a constitutional atmosphere in the country, which are hiding the world's acting. As the Russian media expression, if Japan did to the North Korea crisis by sending the SDF to the Korean Peninsula, will be in Japan for the first time after the end of World War II "military aggression", these actions are a very dangerous signal.

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