The "yellow China battleship": let us submarine a horse, to Vietnam but no mercy

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The "yellow China battleship": let us submarine a horse, to Vietnam but no mercy

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China Navy recently established and no ship cannon, could build small submarine chaser, but still did not win many battles!

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At the beginning of the founding of the people's Navy as a teenager in the period of growth and development, do not wear thick armor, bow arm can not hold, but also to fight the. In the face of their opponents, only rely on speed, flexibility and concealment to win - the continuation of nearly forty years of flying, diving, fast route is to do so.The last time about 062 high-speed escort boat people's naval history the most equipments, today continue to talk of another small warships - type 037 submarine chaser, that boat, but fans often call it "the battleship", how is this going?

The main targets of people's navy in 50s was held in Taiwan the Kuomintang Navy, in addition to the possible opponents.The war was at hand, and by the time of the industry, it was an impossible task to build up an adequate Navy on its own. So it is necessary to seek help from the big brother of the Soviet Union, from the perspective of the Soviet Union, China is also conducive to the fight against and contain the United states. Coupled with the ideological approach, the two countries signed a 64 agreement in 1953, and in 1959 reached the "agreement of the 24", to provide a number of warships, weapons and technical data.

In these Soviet warships, there are 6641 type (Soviet type type 201, NATO model SO-1) submarine chaser, the name "subchaser" is translated from Russian (n C to C E C allus state to society, from the scene of the scene were from kappa). The world's first submarine chaser appeared in the first World War, in order to deal with the German submarine, the British built the first small anti submarine ship to deep water bomb as the main weapon, displacement in tons, mainly used for coastal and offshore submarine. Type 6641 captain 42.4 meters, 6 meters wide, 1.8 meters draft, the standard displacement of 215 tons, with a displacement of 250 tons, the main weapon is 2 seat twin mounted 25 mm cannon, 4 RBU-1200 five anti submarine rocket launcher and a 2 seat rail depth bomb.

The type 6641 submarine chaser

But the introduction of this Chinese a boat, not only to the Navy anti submarine, and on the other side of the Strait is not without the Kuomintang anti submarine, submarine, so the people's Navy submarine chaser can also increase the requirements of artillery.At that time, the people's Navy Combat object is the Kuomintang navy "River" brand and "too" in the name of vessel, "Jiang" is the name of the Kuomintang army received three hundred or four hundred tons of displacement magnitude of the American submarine chaser, "too" size is relatively large, is the displacement of thousands of tons of American destroyer escort. At that time, the people's Navy only 55 a gunboat, regardless of tonnage, speed and firepower are not enough, it needs small ships can obtain advantages in offshore operations in the. The prototype of the Soviet Union craft is obviously not qualified in this respect, the two seat double 25mm gun only occasionally used for air defense, this is not the shortcomings in the Soviet system, but this fire for the new people's navy is concerned, it is very weak.

The chief designer of the Lv Yongsheng type 037

Navy finally decided not to engage in a simple imitation, but in the Soviet Union on the basis of the 201 models to develop their own anti submarine based, taking into account the escort, with a greater endurance of multi-purpose antisubmarine frigate. The Navy and the two aspects of the proposed design of the corresponding program, which is the version of the 0111 version of the 58 meter program and as a model based on the 52 meter program. Finally identified the 58 meter program based planning, the reason is based on the 58 meter program, because the navy has a missile before, more concerned about speed,Simply speaking is the "speed as the key link", or highlight a "fast" word.

After the program is determined, the specific design work by the first ship product design institute of the first product design room, presided over the design of Lv Yongsheng and Ma Shoulun, etc.. At the beginning of November 1960, held a review of technical design, according to the views of the army made a lot of improvements, in 1961, the 701 Institute designed to enhance the strength of the hull and completed the design of technology. Lv Yongsheng was only 29 years old, but he is the oldest person in the design team, they have no experience to follow, no technical specifications available conditions, overcome various difficulties, the successful completion of the design task, it can be said that this is a full of "green storm" warships.

The American MK22 76.2mm gun is simple and reliable, with the two sides of items used in early 037.

To say that "to speed as the key link" will give people a emphasize fast, regardless of other impression, in fact this slogan and half - "comprehensive care", that is to say in fact is to consider all aspects of balance design form a prominent speed.But fast, we must first consider the fire, a small number of the 062 type (known as the "Shanghai") of the main weapon 37mm gun and 25mm gun, firing rate fast enough but too little power, so the bigger the new submarine chasers have bigger guns. The first tried 76mm gun, it is removed from the American warships or uprising seized guns, but the gun was artificial loading, speed is too slow, then select the 66 type double 57mm gun.

The 59 type 57mm gun equipment in China army for many years

Like many old navy army is diverted, turned, 66 type double 57mm gun is the old continent on the ship. It should pay attention to fire, the best gun is automatic, but the founding of the China research is inadequate, "automatic" 57mm gun can not be published, so the Navy commissioned the Baotou 447 factory based on Soviet C-60 type 57mm gun on the first to develop a "manual" to the emergency, the type 59 57mm single gun C-60 the army is very familiar with our imitation. In this paper, the structure of 57 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun was studied by using C-68 system of the Soviet Union, which was combined with the warship and the sea environment, and the design of the parallel connection of the two door and the 59 artillery was carried out.

The 57mm gun gunrest and 37mm gun barrel almost, but more slender figure, but also to see the 1200 type 5 anti submarine rocket launcher deep tube

In May 1963, the three Department of the Board agreed to the program, in August by the national defense science and Technology Commission approval, the name is the name of the type code is so (the West called "Hainan class") in the name of the "five". October, the Navy and the five Department of the official release of the design task book, the Navy and the Department of the equipment were sent to participate in the 713. But the development process is on the surface of this striking one snag after another, the name of the naval gun is 66, should be finalized in 1966, but the real setting year is 1978 - don't look just a medium caliber naval gun, like missiles, radar and equipment is much more simple, but in fact a little difficulty is not small. That is to say, before 1978, the naval gun has been a "black", the period has been to solve all kinds of problems, but in any case, this is the best in the Chinese caliber naval gun.

The basic data of the 66 - type duplex with a 57 mm naval gun are as follows -

Quality 8 tons

The body length of 4110 mm.

Level of fire -5 to +85 degrees

Ammunition 59 - year - type - 57 mm light grenade - grenade type - 57 mm armor piercing projectile 59

Muzzle velocity 1000 m / S

Maximum range 12000 meters

Maximum height of 8800 meters

The rate of 200 to 240 rounds / min

As an auxiliary weapon type 61 Twin Gun 25mm although the range of only 2800 meters, but the rate of up to 800-900 per minute, in the melee to attack enemy ships and weak parts of anti personnel is very effective. Combination of the two, the 037 boats are still very impressive firepower. In August 7, 1962, the first ship 037 boats began to assemble at the Whampoa  shipyard (processing, Dalian shipyard segment by rail to Guangzhou, hull number 278), has overcome various difficulties after the launch at the end of the year, after nearly a year of trial and test, on November 1964 officially joined the people's Navy sequence.

The approximate data for type 037 boats are as follows -

Standard displacement of 375 tons (full load of 392 tons)

Total length of 58.8 meters

Full width 7.2 meters

Draft 2.2 meters

Power 40II diesel engine x 4

Power 10000 HP

Maximum speed 30.5

Endurance distance of 1300 nautical miles (speed of 15 knots)

Crew 62-78 man

Weapons and equipment 66 type 57 mm double barreled gun * 2

69 type 30 mm double barreled gun * 2

1200 type 5 pipe anti submarine rocket deep missile launcher * 4

BMB-2 depth bomb rail * 4

Radar tank top, search distance of 38 km

The Soviet style "Tamil" sonar Hull Sonar (later renamed the domestic sonar)

The attention inclination of stern deck, deck on the two floor. The fine column is the chimney

From the second half of 1966, 037 boats were arranged in Shanghai new shipyard production, since 1972, Qingdao shipyard also began to build 037 boats, up four shipyards started at the same time, period and carry out continuous improvement and perfection of the small amplitude. For example, in accordance with the use of different regions of the boiler, heating and air conditioning, materials are constantly improving.Practice has proved that the 037 type of good performance, sturdy and durable, built a total of 104 ships in the domestic ship is a large production, won the silver medal of quality national defense industry office in 1978 the National Science Conference award and in 1979, there are still several ten ships in service.

After the founding of the country for a long time, large warships are precious and scarce resources, so the real battle is actually a variety of small warships, type 037 is one of the more actual combat experience.It is also interesting to say that in July 12, 1964, 278 boats in the South China Sea in Yulin trial, they suffered a direct subordinate to the KMT Intelligence Bureau of the 150 tons of Daikin and No. 2 and the number of secret vessels. 278 boats in conjunction with the two types of submarine hunting, after 40 minutes of fighting, sank two enemy boats, captured the enemy of the people of the 59, the battle created during the war on the world record winning the war.

In August 1973, the Beihai fleet of a type 037 North Korean fishing boat rescue in the 9 waves of people in the water, in more than and 10 hours, the boat like a leaf was tossed, the boat body constantly creaked, but still to quell the storm. After the return of the inspection, found that in addition to a small number of board inside the trap, keel some distortion, the other parts of the basic intact, type 037 quality has withstood the test.

In early February 1972, when U.S. President Nixon's visit to China during the period of preparation before, but the political is never as simple as surface - on February 7th, the U.S. nuclear submarine using the merchant as a cover, sneaked into the Qiongzhou strait. Soon, the South China Sea Fleet submarine chaser rush to the seventy-third battalion, seventy-fourth battalion sent 278 and 280, two 037 submarine chasers to search for privacy, claiming that the anti submarine training, and military submarines launched a battle of wits.The submarine was sunk to seafloor parking escape, two boats in the East repeated search for seven days and nights also found no traces of. But still judge the submarine still in the Straits, with yinshechudong, pretending to return to the U.S. submarine plan, start driving. When tracing to the high seas, American submarines can't go on pretending finally surfaced, and two 037 "gift" from the boat, the few combat antisubmarine action shows that in coastal conditions the effect of submarine chaser.

Also participated in the battle of Xisha type 037 No. 282 lifeboat

The greatest glory of type 037 submarine chaser is not playing spy ship and "fish", but in the battle of Xisha suspended the South Vietnamese Navy record. The U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, more than 10 ships will be transferred to the South Vietnamese regime (i.e. "Republic of Vietnam"), a South Vietnamese Navy prides itself on its among the "top ten" on Paracel Islands, or look at fiercely as a tiger does. It is necessary to mention here, when the focus of the navy is the Beihai fleet, the strength of the South China Sea fleet is relatively poor, there is no destroyer, the largest is the four kiloton frigate. The "Nanning" or compensation for Japan's World War II ship (with a displacement of 1050 tons, because they still repair, collision) due to the impact of the cultural revolution and the destruction of these relatively large warships is not frequent failure, decrepit, really come in handy, only those minesweepers and submarine chaser.

The two sides of the ship, the size at a glance

Long past south 10 ship has been called the "angry", the naval history expert Zhang Qian (deceased) research should be translated as "early on"

In January 1974, South Vietnam attempted to take advantage of its maritime superiority of the Xisha Yongle islands, the primary goal is gold and silver, Ganquan island two.15, the South Vietnamese navy "Li Changjie" and "Chen Ping" number two destroyers to the waters of Xisha, 17, South Vietnamese troops landed on the island, dispossession oasis island. On the morning of 19, 396 and 389 Chinese navy boat two (type 6610 Minesweeper) in Guangzhou Island northwest and South Vietnamese Navy 16 ship "Li Changjie", "number 10 ships early on" No. 271, 274 confrontation; two boats (type 6604 submarine) in the southeast sea island wide and South Vietnamese Navy 5 ship "Chen Ping No. 4" ship "Chen Qingyu" confrontation.From the comparison, Chinese Navy is at a disadvantage in tonnage and firepower, add up to four boats, not a rival, and the other is not war five residue, such as "Chen Qingyu", is the fourteen ship sunk North Vietnamese ship "Star" ship.

Fight on the 19 day at 10:22 in the morning, the South Vietnamese Navy on the strength of the first fire, China Navy high alert immediately counterattack. In fact just war situation is not good, 274 boats were judged as the enemy command craft by firing, commissar Feng cypress and vice captain soon shot sacrifice, has killed 15 soldiers and 389 boats. But four boats with indomitable will and flexible tactics and fight the enemy, from 1000 meters to 300 meters, or even 40 hand grenades and rocket launchers are used. (these weapons were originally for garrison units shipped).

The other one type 037 No. 281 lifeboat

Just when the war stalemate, seventy-fourth submarine brigade brigade of the 281 and the two boats (type 037 submarine hunting) arrived at the captain of the team led by Liu, the force immediately changed the situation of the situation in the world.The South Vietnamese Navy had failed to achieve rapid solution because four boats and two 037 surprise arrival is to let the uninterested, immediately. The enemy in the smallest, speed the slowest "morning" was 281, 282 boats were hit, two intensive boat 57 gun fire riddled. Although the "early" pinli resist and repair, still in the two rounds of 57 gun salvo was sent to the submarine sank in the antelope reef, 2.5 km to the south. The morning of the second day, Chinese troops recovered coral, oasis, gold and silver Mishima battle, the South Vietnamese army lost into being easily won, a rat in a hole, Mishima returned to the embrace of the motherland.

The battle of Xisha martyrs cemetery in red town of Sanya City, 18 martyrs buried died fighting, Chen Hang Island Martyrs Monument

In this battle, China four ships were injured, the death of 18 people, injured in the 67. "Early on" South Vietnam was sunk and killed 53 people including the ship captain Ranvenda, 16 wounded, 48 prisoners, either from the results or from political influence later, China is fully deserve the winner of the navy.Xisha naval battle in the history of the world is only a small scale, but it is significant for China, because this is the first time in China in the past century, the sinking of foreign warships in foreign operations.

"You have Missouri, I have 037, not to fight......

In the China navy "flying, diving, fast" era, because the number of large and medium-sized vessels, 037 boats in the long run on all fronts, often act as destroyers and frigates of the role, if 062 is the sea AK, then 037 is the ocean RPG.In many groups, 037 is got a "yellow battleship" nickname, which is sure to type 037 quality and exploits, but also a slightly sad laugh, is a kind of big Navy faint look forward to in recent more than and 100 years, with Europe and Russia and Japan and other countries the Navy fast, staged a drama from ironclads to carrier. The China Navy is subject to the weak national strength, only a pitiful small boat to the coast and inland ship, shrink, don't say to the ocean will sink for hegemony, the batter even a foreign warships all hope.

"Now retired to surveillance ship 037

This record was in January 19, 1974 by the end of the type 037 submarine, is a lucky, but also a necessity. In the 14 years after the battle of chiguajiao, rivals or Vietnam, China navy has more powerful boats no longer in battle, but three frigates battle, such as tiger bashing rabbit general defeated opponent, won the battle of 3:0, died 64:0 absolute victory, made a footnote for Chinese revival and Navy rise. Now, with the large ship increased, made 037 U-boat feats now gradually retired, but it represents the hardships of the spirit is to forbear, won't forget.

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