L15B modified Falcon attack trainer official debut! The improvement can be reborn

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L15B modified Falcon attack trainer official debut! The improvement can be reborn

2017-05-02 10:21:15 1751 ℃

In the May Day celebrations, the Chinese L15B Falcon attack trainer modified first exposure!

In the past, the L15B Falcon attack trainer has exhibited by AVIC model, but this is the first real fighter plane exposure, location is the workshop Hongdu aircraft manufacturing company.

L15B Falcon remodeling shows a lot of improvement details, can be described as reborn"!

L15B modification is central, with the surrounding L15 basic model has a more obvious difference in appearance

L15B Falcon modification upgrades include:

First, the use of new afterburner engine to ensure supersonic flight performance

L15 higher education in 2008 has begun to use the Ukraine AI-222-25F engine, this engine family is also the driving force of the Russian -130 Jacques high school machine. But the Ukraine engine delivery quantity is limited, the modified L15B in plant exposure, confirmed the Hongdu still in use this engine afterburner combustion model, to ensure that the L15B supersonic flight ability, so as to satisfy the customer to the high-end fighter in the senior coach outside of combat, even some air-to-air combat tasks.

Excellent cockpit design, so that the pilot space is spacious and comfortable, excellent vision protection

Based this engine is Ukraine AI-22 engine thrust exceeds 4000DaN, weight 540kg, weight ratio of 7.8, the performance is far better than Jacques -130 AI-222-22 engine. Use this engine, indicating that L15B is still for export market. Of course, the name of L15B has also been made clear that the delivery of the Chinese air force model is known as coach 10. At present, China is actively related to the localization of the engine work, in order to completely solve the problem of the production capacity of the coach 10 higher education.

Two, advanced fire control radar and weapon system

L15B Falcon attack trainer, to modify the design, will be able to choose a phased array radar. Although it is significantly smaller than the size of the head of large aircraft, such as -11, F-15, but still much larger than most coaches confidential, so it can install enough to detect and track the advanced fire control radar. Through the use of phased array technology, can make relatively small radar to achieve high performance, so that the L15B in the complex ground combat and combat air combat missions to effectively grasp the situation.

According to the L15B model, it adds a pair of wingtip pylons, two wing pylons under the original increased to two, and can use composite pylon. In this way, the L15B modified weapon hang point is increased to 9 hanging points, 11 pylons. Wing Hang dogfight missile composite rack can hang two small pieces of ground missiles, from active air-to-air missile (SD10/PL12), laser guided bombs, machine gun pod abdominal hook. This makes the L15B weapon combination far superior to the L15, making it possible to match the fighter's weapon mount capability.

The use of advanced radar, the modified L15B in the complex ground echo accurately distinguish the target, thus providing accurate target location information for missile and satellite guided bombs and other weapons, and higher education machine in the past because of the lack of detection means similar, cannot use advanced satellite guided weapons (such as thunder stone series satellite guidance the bomb, etc.) is also difficult to use advanced standoff weapons.

Three, increase a variety of advanced avionics systems

L15B Falcon attack trainer variant, a large rectangular appearance is omnidirectional alarm device on the tail. This device looks similar to the similar parts of the fighter -10B fighter aircraft, but also with the Jaguar attack aircraft and other similar alarm device layout similar to the aircraft.

In addition, the front of the windshield to increase the number of blade type IFF IFF antenna, which is similar to F-18, F-16, etc..

It is believed that the L15B data bus will change from the 1553B bus standard to the ARINC429 bus. ARINC429 bus protocol from the United States, the full name of "digital information transmission system DITS". ARINC429 is widely used in advanced civil aircraft, including B-737, B757, B-767, Russian military aircraft also use similar systems. China uses this bus, named HB6096-SZ-01. The bus is simple, stable and strong anti-interference ability. The outstanding advantage is the high reliability, this is because it uses the non centralized layout, the transmission is reliable, the error shielding ability is good, the information distributes the task and the risk no longer concentrates in the single channel.


In conclusion, the improved L15B Falcon attack trainer exposure, Hongdu has exceeded the development difficulties that the major modifications, entered the production stage. This aircraft is not only able to implement the task of high-level coaches, but also can carry out precise combat air space, air interception, anti ship and other diverse combat mission.

In the old pilot training, because the ability of advanced combat the refit of L15B connects mid-level trainer effectively with advanced fighters, pilots can make complex task drills in the advanced trainer on high technology content. This will have a very beneficial effect on the construction of air force in China and potential customers.