U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander: the international arena needs to rise for the Chinese Navy space

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U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander: the international arena needs to rise for the Chinese Navy space

2017-05-10 02:17:22 438 ℃

Data figure: U.S. Pacific Command commander Harris

Recently, the Japanese media said that China to the United States to request, in order to lift the tough command of the U.S. Pacific Command, Harris, in exchange for cooperation in other aspects of China's support. China responded, Japan reported a groundless statement, be not worth refuting. Think for a while, the reason is very simple, as the current world hegemony of the United States, how can they replace the Chinese request a military officer?!

Do not rule out the Japanese media that Harris is about to be replaced, it will create a pressure on China to replace the United States ridiculous argument, in order to put pressure on The Pentagon and Trump.

Data figure: U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet

It is interesting that Singapore is a visit to the United States Navy Pacific Fleet Commander admiral Swift in May 8th to answer media questions, said that Chinese military strength increased rapidly, "if Chinese military believes its maritime strategy needs a carrier support, I think this is normal, I won't be so worried." "The international arena is not expanding, so we need to make room for China, which will be in the best interests of all countries."

Admiral Swift's speech, style mutation, and the former Harris speech completely back. But public opinion analysis, Swift will speak more in line with U.S. President Barack Trump "America first" Asia Pacific policy, even some netizens pointed out that admiral Swift will replace the former US President Obama's tough Asia Pacific pawn Japanese Harris, former commander of the U.S. Pacific command.

Data figure: admiral Swift

Currently, Harris is the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, before he was promoted, in 2013 -2104, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, which is now admiral Swift duties. Earlier media analysis, Harris because of Obama's Asia Pacific China cater to the policy of containment, coupled with the Japanese background, can rapid promotion.

On the occasion of the Japanese media may be replaced on the occasion of the report issued by Swift, Admiral Harris's statement, is also considered to draw a clear line with the difference between the expression of the Asia Pacific strategy, the same time, the United States and the United States and Japan, the United States and China, the United States and Asia Pacific region.

Some analysts believe that this is the United States has always been a carrot and stick policy, Harris and Admiral Swift will play different roles.