The South China Sea theater scene China made 76 mm gun in a few meters away at the Japanese quasi carrier

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The South China Sea theater scene China made 76 mm gun in a few meters away at the Japanese quasi carrier

2017-05-19 19:53:53 391 ℃

Yesterday, 3 days of international maritime Defense Exhibition (IMDEX-2017) located in the south of the South China Sea Singapore ended, because Singapore Navy established 50th anniversary Regatta blessing, this year show ship defense exhibition lineup unprecedented power, from more than 20 countries nearly 30 ships on display, visitors can freely boarding visit.

Because there are so many ships on display, there has been an interesting picture of the Changi naval base docked by the ship. Today,Northland defense (WeChat, ID:sinorusdef)First we feel China warships will gun "alignment" quasi Japanese carrier Izumo scene.

In this exhibition and Singapore Navy established 50th anniversary Regatta a two can be said to be Japan Izumo frigate debut. Interestingly, in Hong Kong on display, and Izumo next is built for the C13B Chinese Bangladesh Navy frigate, which is in the C13B on the izumo.

A station in Izumo overlooking C13B is such that the yen value is also good

The cab stand in C13B on the bridge to see the "cloud" is this,Duly completed the 76 mm gun muzzle "alignment" Izumo

Delta to H/PJ-26 type 76 mm C13B gun to a close-up of the gun, fast speed, air defense and attack across the two fitting

C13B is the export version of the type 056 frigate, the Wuchang shipyard is responsible for the construction of the China.In response to the North China Defense (WeChat ID:sinorusdef) about the evaluation of the ship, an officer on the ship will "that is also excellent" (excellent) blurted out.According to some reports, the officer should have thumbs up, but not yet, but the application from the officer is obviously very satisfactory.

Because it is China Delta manufacturing, the ship can also see the thick Chinese wind, such as interior

Another example is the telephone on the ship with Delta, is actually 3 phone 3 brand mix, 2 of which are Chinese brand

The addition of type H/PJ-26 gun, C13B main weapons include 2 twin mount C-803 anti-ship missiles

A 2 H/PJ-17 30 mm automatic / manual gun and 2 12.7 mm machine guns

The 1 seat 8 mounted short-range air defense missile launcher, according to ship officers of the North defense missile model FL-3000 is introduced, and the people's Liberation Army missile visible red flag 056 on -10 is different

Delta compared to 056, a major feature of C13B is not equipped with torpedo launcher. In addition, the equipment can be said to be the same, as shown on the bridge of the main electronic equipment etc.

The interesting thing is, C13B has more than 056 "avant-garde" places, such as the ship's helicopter landing system, in addition to have a full set of C13B lighting device 056, but also the installation of a suspected laser navigation device, the function may be similar to the "beacon", by which the helicopter remote boot. Other lighting device with accurate landing

C13 ship helicopter is landing video display screen

Perhaps because of C13B's satisfaction, Bangladesh has added C13B.According to the North defense (WeChat ID:sinorusdef) understand, the new C13B will have a major upgrade, including the use of new domestic air to sea detection of phased array, three coordinate radar.In addition, according to foreign media reports, the follow-up C13B will also be equipped with 730 near fire guns and anti submarine rocket deep projectile launchers.

After such improvements, C13B's single ship performance may be 056 more advanced than that of the pla. Of course C13B in Bangladesh is a battleship, and 056 in Chinese just guarding the house.