China's Air Radar harvesting a world initiative, the difficulty of the United States has not made a breakthrough

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China's Air Radar harvesting a world initiative, the difficulty of the United States has not made a breakthrough

2017-05-19 19:53:54 2901 ℃

Recently, China's fighter radar has a good news:

China Aviation Industry radar created one of the world's first, developed a kind of excellent new radar, and has successfully test flight verification!

(above: KLJ-7A phased array radar in China)

This radar is the world's first combat aircraft air-cooled air-cooled phased array fire control radar.

The key to this radar pioneered by radar is the breakthrough in the airborne active phased array fire control radar, which uses air-cooled heat dissipation technology.

First, solve the upgrading and upgrading of active fighters, traditional radar cooling problems

For active phased array radar equipped fighter, very attractive, it cancels the antenna mechanical complex and heavy unreliable rotation mechanism, beam pointing fast and flexible, convenient and fast data update rate, the digital signal processing system, mode switching speed, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability.

For example, one of the most important upgrades for the US F-15 fighter plane is the APG-63 (V) 3 radar, an active phased array radar that is gradually upgraded from the conventional APG-63 radar.

But this new radar technology has always had the problem of cooling - of course, all military major in the new design of modern fighter active phased array radar, has been a powerful solution to the cooling problem.

However, if active phased array technology is needed, it is most difficult to improve and upgrade the active radars of existing fighters.

The French gust fighter's RBE2AA active phased array radar is completely new and the cooling problem has been solved

In the improvement and upgrading of the radars, in order to save costs and accelerate the upgrade process, often retain active traditional pulse Doppler fire control radar main part, only will launch traditional antenna receiving part to use active phased array technology, then solve the problem of heat dissipation technology difficult, traditional radar did not consider the enormous heat active phased array. The fighter, the existing radar structure, energy supply cannot be changed.

In some foreign aircraft, missile active phased array radar, using the non air cooling mode, such as Japan AAM-4B air-to-air missile radar, high energy consumption and its thermal design, so the design increases with fuel, in order to meet the demand for energy.

Under this premise, the air cooling method has a simple, low energy consumption, low cost, but the traditional air cooling efficiency is low, so the fighter under various constraints, exist for a long time can not meet the demand of cooling jets of active phased array radar. And China's military industry this breakthrough, to resolve the relevant problems.

The AAM-4B air-to-air missile uses phased array radar, so there is no mechanical part of the antenna

Two. Solve the heat radiation problem of active phased array radar, such as air missile and space weapon

Radiation cooling is recognized as the development difficulty of phased array radar, and the relative radar of fighter and missile is very difficult. About half of the avionics comes from high temperatures, and radar is no exception. Especially in extra fighter aircraft, missile seeker, because the T/R component density responsible for receiving antenna array signal in large, all in one plane, only about half of the wavelength interval is (in the range of X interval must be only about 15mm, and this is the two component center counting interval component edge spacing is smaller).

At the present level of technology, if the efficiency is 25%, a common seeker phased array antenna produces hundreds of watts of heat, and the airborne active phased array radar will only have more heat. It can be imagined that a few hundred watts of heat will be carried out in a confined space, requiring extremely high air cooling technology.

How small is the radar space on the missile? On the left is the 9B-1101K monopulse semi active radar used by the Russian R-27R/ER missile, the 9B-1348E radar in the middle of the R-77 active radar, and the right 9B-1103K active radar on the right side of the R-27AE. They must be installed in a narrow space of less than 200 millimeters.

That's why there are few air-cooled radars in the world. Even in many professional writings, it is clear that active phased array radars at this level should not use natural heat dissipation or air cooling, instead of using heat pipes. Including the specific means of the whole antenna immersed in a liquid cooling system, or the use of solid state heat, thermal conductivity of liquid circulation technology, but these methods are not suitable for the transformation of the existing traditional radar.

Three, it can significantly improve the detection effectiveness of aircraft and missile active phased array radar

To solve the problem of air cooling technology, increase the detection distance of active phased array radar has a decisive significance, according to the current level of technology, although the active phased array radar has a huge advantage, but even the total power it increased 10 times, using focused beam detection, the effective distance is only increased by 0.87 times. That is to say, to increase the detection distance, the total power will greatly increase, but the ensuing heat problems are more difficult. Chinese military personnel solved the problem of air-cooled technology, which made it difficult to increase the detection distance.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits far more than the active phased array radar detection distance, cooling problems will ease the excellent performance of China industry can play the detection means in more aircraft, missiles, and comprehensively improve the fighting capacity.

Four. Solve the heat radiation problem of conformal active phased array radar

The breakthrough of air cooling in active phased array radar of China Aviation Industry radar also makes China military industry solve the technical problem of "conformal active phased array radar" completely.

The advantages of conformal phased array radar is that it is no longer limited to a single antenna antenna array can be installed in the fuselage nose, each position, including the lateral surface of the fuselage, the width of the leading edge of the wing greatly positive arrangement of active phased array T/R transceiver module, the whole body to improve the radar detection ability has a breakthrough -- it can be a radar antenna arrangement to a greater distance on this point, can make the overall detection ability is significantly improved, especially in the field of stealth fighter radio signal passive positioning, will obtain the unprecedented excellent ability.

The front wing of the Su -35 fighter plane is said to be equipped with an active phased array radar antenna

However, in a variety of non active phased array radar T/R module installed the traditional body position, cooling difficulty is bigger than the radar in the nose that China new air cooling technology advantage is highlighted, it is more easy to heat pipe arrangement, is expected to solve the narrow position, such as the leading edge of the wing of T/R components the heat problem.

In addition, fighter aircraft and missiles need high speed flight, especially in air-to-air missiles, and the influence of aerodynamic heating on radar related positions must also be taken into account. With the breakthrough of air cooling technology, fighters and missiles no longer need to sacrifice aerodynamic and stealthy capabilities for the huge radar antennas on their heads, so they can choose the best aerodynamic design more flexibly.

The F-8 fighter II, although it is old, but if it can be modified to use improved radar active phased array technology, there is still a certain value.


In summary, China aviation industry the latest Air Radar airborne active phased array radar technology, obviously significance is not limited to the improvement of the existing fighter, but also for future detection more powerful air-to-air missile and airborne conformal radar development, plays a decisive role.