Why is China selling its own rockets without using it? Originally......

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Why is China selling its own rockets without using it? Originally......

2017-05-19 19:55:07 322 ℃

The excerpts from the WeChat public number Korolev military living room "(ID:keluoliaofucn), does not represent the Point Lookout think tank.

Over the past 20 years, China has become the world's most comprehensive rocket launcher, with the largest number of models and the best performance. Several of the China defense industry group has launched the WS AR guards, Ordnance Group, aerospace science and technology group A100/300, Condor and several other series of large caliber long-range rocket family, from 122 to 400 mm in the range from 20 km to 400 km, the warhead from conventional warheads to control precision guided warhead, and has take international rocket sales more than 58% market share. Some rockets actually have no difference with the missile attack accuracy level, almost a ballistic missile, that some military fans said that the performance of these rockets is simply insane, can not be quiet when a gun. Domestically produced AR-3 rockets, for example, are publicly reported on CCTV news, and are even more powerful in range, accuracy, and power than even short-range tactical missiles in many countries.

At present, China's several major arms industry groups have their own development strategies, forming an independent weaponry and equipment system. The three systems are divided into:

The first is a simple guided multi purpose rocket that forms the A-100/111, A-100/311, WS-2, and WS-22 joint strike systems, covering 40-80, 60-120, 70-200, and 45 kilometers respectively.

The second is the use of GPS to achieve accurate strike rocket system, namely A-200, WS-3, WS-3A, WS-32, respectively, covering 200, 200, 280, 150 km.

The third is a non guided rocket launcher consisting of a WS-1B range of 180 kilometers, a WS-1 range of 100 kilometers, a WS-1B, and a WS-15 range of 45 kilometers.

Look China long-range rocket in the international market but the army's own fame, Chinese equipment rockets are still very conservative, or 122 mm in diameter, is improved for the modular elastic box, large diameter is 300 mm, but increased to a range of 150 km. China's 03 type, 300 mm, multi gun rocket has 2 standard rockets and 4 special rockets, with a range of 70 kilometers. Remote bomb is a new bomb planted in recent three years was launched, the Liberation Army Daily reported the official reported new long-range rocket test maximum range doubled, so that the remote bomb range 150 km.

There are two main reasons for all this:

First, the artillery operations are very expensive, so it is necessary to reduce the cost of ammunition as much as possible. No longer can a long-range rocket be used, nor can it be used as a missile or a missile. The direct use of ballistic missiles is, in most cases, much cheaper than what is known as a simple guided long-range rocket launcher. So don't put a dozen guided long-range rocket China developed when the killer, who at a range of 200 or 300 km long distance rocket, what ARX, AXX, WSXX, single price of more than millions, especially in aerospace systems using aerospace grade for missile inertial navigation system of the rocket is more expensive. In addition, the launch vehicles of these long-range rockets are priced in excess of eight digits due to the high mobility chassis used by tactical missiles. It's not cheap weapons, the comprehensive use of cost is not much lower than that of conventional tactical ballistic missile, the typical foreign buyers money people stupid in some countries in the Middle East, is the long-range rocket as a strategic weapon at the Chinese. By contrast, our army's 300 millimeter 03A rocket is simply Chinese cabbage.

Two artillery operations, in addition to the pursuit of distant range, but also to pursue the quasi. Past long-range rockets used simple guided rockets, which were very different from missiles. The biggest difference between a simple guided rocket and a missile is the control system. The missile has an autopilot, is a full-time control, and the launching missile is always flying under the guidance system control. Simple guided rocket is no autopilot control system is very simple, only need to set the node deviation among several ballistic trajectory and control it, leaving most of the time on the flight trajectory, so the cost is relatively low, but the precision is low. For example, the early launch of the WS series of rockets, the accuracy of the range of 1/100, which means that in the 300 km range of rockets hit the error of 300 meters. For example, the WS2 rocket with a long range range, the design accuracy (CEP) is 620 meters at the 400 km range, which is much lower than the tactical ballistic missile.

For long-range rockets to be both cheap and accurate, the terminal's precision guidance technology must be used. Due to the emergence of MEMS gyroscope and popularization, greatly reduces the cost of inertial components, its accuracy can meet the need of use in short-range weapons, it is cheap and precision guided munitions on the battlefield cleared the way. The use of micro electromechanical gyroscopes or fiber optic gyroscopes to achieve inertial navigation, coupled with GPS positioning to correct the accumulation of errors, you can create a fairly accurate and cheap satellite + inertial guidance rocket shell. For example, China launched the WS-32 rocket in 2012, with a range of 60-150 kilometers, is a newly developed rocket system, using GPS guidance, hit precision of 40 meters. WS-3A rocket launcher is based on the WS-3, equipped with GPS guidance system, the range increased to 280 km, CEP is 300 meters.

Chinese military until 2014 the outbreak of the launch of various remote guided rockets, the army is China until the past three years has received a long-range rocket range of more than 150 kilometers, the main reason is the relatively stagnant years ago our Beidou satellite navigation system, to use satellite guided by GPS in the United States and Russia. The deal only, but is able to use GPS code in the majority of countries are the United States old iron, usually do not buy Chinese rocket, the United States is not authorized. The performance of the Russian GLONASS navigation accuracy is not too high.

With the global network Chinese Beidou in recent years, in order to clear the domestic satellite guided weapon obstacle, which means that a large number of equipment can finally start purchasing and reliable satellite guided rockets, greatly reduce the cost of precision strike. China from 2009 began the two phase of the project second generation Beidou system construction can be used for precise guidance weapon, 2014 complete coverage of Chinese local, until 2015, coverage of the Beidou system will include 2 major countries in the Middle East and the Western Pacific region, with sub meter from the Persian Gulf to serve Asian Pacific Island second. Beidou satellite three phase of the project will be completed around 2020, the Beidou navigation satellite system China will cover the globe, then Chinese long-range rocket and other satellite guided precision weapons can truly in the global application.

The further development of homemade long-range guided rockets will develop in three directions: larger caliber, higher precision and intelligent sub munitions. In order to install a more powerful warhead, why is the pursuit of a wide range, rocket caliber will further improve, China military think 370 mm rocket fire, have a good balance in caliber, power and precision. In terms of accuracy, the CEP of the fire guided rocket is likely to rise to less than 10 meters, or even five meters, in the near future. In this case, the rocket became a weapon of precision strike. August 2015 in Inner Mongolia held a range Chinese "2015 guns and ammunition on intelligence activities, domestic AR3 rocket with dragon type 280 rocket accurately hit the target at a distance of 280 km, which has more than at present most of the world's surface ballistic missile, but Chinese has emphasized this is not rocket, missile.

This is why the precision guided rocket Chinese since 2014 began an important cause of the massive inroads in the international market, the main reason is our army finally officially installed long-range rocket range of more than 100 kilometers. With your own satellite navigation, everything will be all right.

As the saying goes: "riding a white horse is not necessarily a prince, it may be Tang's monk."!

Far off, not necessarily a missile, but also a rocket launcher!