Sino Russian military exercises scene exposure: the people's liberation army suddenly to move Russia defenseless

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Sino Russian military exercises scene exposure: the people's liberation army suddenly to move Russia defenseless

2017-05-19 19:55:23 202 ℃

As everyone knows, now Russia's economic downturn, make a living by selling resources, Russia is holding at Russian nuclear gas station ", the world great country level not completed today like this, reflected in military spending on more thoroughly, in 2016, Russian media reported after several ups and downs Ross on the 2017 annual Russian Defense the budget.

Among them, the earlier draft was 5.5% lower than in 2016, and the new draft was 1.7% higher than in 2016. But in November, the final budget was slashed from $61 billion in 2016 to $44 billion 700 million, down more than 27%.

But in recent decades, the update of military science and technology development speed is too fast, long-term economic plight, personnel caused by faults of Russian troops in information and digital technology is far behind the times, our country now is just riveting Jin to catch up, to keep up with the development of military technology of the pace of the times, made a series of achievements, Lu Lu think the future of Russian perhaps also apprenticed to our army.

In fact, the informatization level of the Soviet era Russian doesn't, but all that time level are generally not high, so I can see the past, to the new century, the United States on the road information and digital all the way, and now the Russian tanks, artillery and other weapons technology although many, but basically still follow the Soviet era the tactical mode, quick response ability, information acquisition ability is very backward.

The Russian army equipped with this problem is more prominent, the information terminal is very simple, most still use the digital information content is very simple, in the previous Sino Russian joint military drill, the army has shown Chinese digital artillery far exceeds the battle effectiveness.

Although both sides of the howitzer and self-propelled howitzer are similar in shape, the inherent difference is great. The Chinese artillery has achieved seamless connection between target information and artillery. It takes only a few seconds to find the target to fire, and a quick retreat, and a strong survivability in the battlefield. The use of Russian artillery remains at the cold war level and requires manual input of various parameters for a few minutes to resolve.

Lu Lu felt that if the introduction of the Russian China digital artillery technology, information technology to improve their existing gun, with a long time between the two army technical and tactical, compatibility is very strong, can quickly enhance the low cost implementation of ground combat capability.

Again, for example, the war in Georgia in 2008, the war in Georgia, Georgian forces rely on Israel Corp to provide "competitive God -450" large UAVs, once controlled the battlefield intelligence situation.

Front rear Georgian artillery group, fell apart in the troops, with no communication no front reconnaissance force situation, relying on the UAV team gets the trend in Russian distribution, effectively prevent the Russian, Russian once made into a passive.

The Russian side, because of the lack of UAV reconnaissance force, can only be used a figure 22 tactical bombers converted reconnaissance aircraft adventure reconnaissance, the result was also shot down.

After the war, Russia, in order to strengthen the UAV force, buy from Israel, but was blocked by the United States, and later turned to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and Saudi Arabia also buy drones from us? Is it necessary for Russia to buy drones and technology from around two vendors? Just because I couldn't pull that Zhang Xiong face?

Actually the former Soviet UAV technology had a glorious history of the world's leading UAV development, known as the "three carriages", Tupolev, Lev and Clive Kamov Design Bureau three holds the world's most advanced technology for uav.

But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia in the economic collapse and large-scale disarmament in the turbulent period, coupled with the senior military decision-making mistakes, the UAV research and equipment procurement stalled, the UAV industry lost development opportunities, UAV research serious brain drain. In contrast to China's UAV technology progress, Lu Lu think Russia can find us to talk about revolutionary friendship, we can give a preferential price.

Weapons and equipment, in the final analysis, are the materialization of science and technology, and every major development of science and technology has all brought about a qualitative leap in weaponry. The military revolution with information technology as the core has risen all over the world. It has promoted the development and application of a series of high-tech weaponry, such as cruise missiles, stealth aircraft, C4I systems, military satellites and precision guided weapons.

In this wave, the Shenzhou, Chang E lunar exploration, Sky Sea Patrol, 20 fighter aircraft carrier flight, marking the China weapon equipment construction is the runner with gradually to the "Walker" and "leader change.

A new round of new scientific and technological revolution, the industrial revolution and the military revolution are brewing breakthroughs in the eve of a major change. Quantum information, optoelectronics, bio electronics, ubiquitous networks, artificial intelligence and many other cutting-edge technologies have flourished.

The development of military science is also accelerating, this round of technological revolution Chinese has been at the forefront of hypersonic weapons, unmanned combat system, network space weapons, directed energy weapons and a number of new weapons and equipment form is gradually rise. In the era of big adjustment and great change in the world, China has seized the opportunity, but never relax its demands on itself.