What is a big country? Direct strategic missiles at the door of Japan: the Russian army is more ruthless than China

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What is a big country? Direct strategic missiles at the door of Japan: the Russian army is more ruthless than China

2017-05-19 19:59:58 169 ℃

The picture is Japan's largest helicopter destroyer - Izumo number, the ship load displacement reached 27000 tons, the data will be even higher than many countries equipped light aircraft carrier as a matter of fact, because of the cloud, through deck design, so also have the ability of the modified to landing F-35B fixed wing aircraft, to become a true aircraft carrier.

The ship is not satisfied with the anti submarine helicopter "quasi carrier" in a future program can not only carry fixed wing carrier fighter, but also equipped with large transport helicopters, such as the MV-22 osprey, so do the significance is able to greatly enhance the vertical landing capability, as an island country, which has certainly is the more the better, after all around the island facing the situation is more severe.

In the Japanese Navy vigorously engage in development, when quasi carrier, Russia is silent in the South Kuril Islands to deploy the latest land-based anti-ship missile system - "-E dance" and "bastion", probably carrying more than 200 missiles launch system has entered the mobile related position, because the distance between the Japanese mainland only steps away, so this behavior is also considered directly to the Russian missile against the Japanese home, make Japan very uncomfortable.

Russia's long coastline, coastal defense has been the focus of its development, "party -E" missile system is a mobile missile system, each system contains 4 missile launch vehicles and 4 spare bomb loading vehicle and other related equipment, a salvo of 8 Uranus anti-ship missiles per launch vehicles. A range of 130 kilometers, 4 launch vehicles can be a salvo of 32 anti-ship missiles, missile and standby, 30 minutes can also salvo 32 anti-ship missiles. The biggest feature of the "ball -E" missile system is that the road is flexible enough, flexible enough to use, excellent survivability, and strong saturation attack ability.

While the "bastion" land-based anti-ship missile system is the latest Russian anti-ship missile system, a system including 4 missile launch vehicles and 4 spare bomb transport and loading vehicle, the anti-ship missile hit accuracy within 8 meters, a low altitude flight and altitude first and then swept two - Matt mode, range of up to 300 kilometers farther, the "bastion" long range "party -E" with high density, need only 1 emission system can cause no small threat to the coastline of hundreds of kilometers within the scope of large surface ships.

In this case, even if the Japanese launch atago class destroyers, diamond class destroyer with shipborne fighter and transport aircraft carrying the helicopter destroyer Izumo launched vertical landing action on the island, in the face of high density, long range of Russian land-based anti-ship missile system is incapable of action. Therefore, the Russian experts dare to say "big talk", the basic force is impossible, more ships have come back.