The Chinese Rockets have developed new missiles for the anti German missile, which have large range and high accuracy

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The Chinese Rockets have developed new missiles for the anti German missile, which have large range and high accuracy

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Three shots, one shot and one panic, the Ministry of national defense: the actual combat launches new missile weapons

The Chinese Rockets have developed new missiles for the anti German missile, which have large range and high accuracy

A few days ago, China's newly formed rocket troops fired EADF-26B long-range ballistic missiles from the northwest of China, hitting the target in Bohai accurately! This is a terrible shot, to know that such a long-range ballistic missile but across over the area is one of the most densely populated China to Bohai, to know that this area includes Beijing and Tianjin, especially in Beijing, but this really is a terrible shot.

Has the United States launched missiles over Washington's head? Has Russia launched missiles over Moscow's head? Has India launched missiles over Delhi's head (Tou Xiao)? None。 There is no similar feat in the history of missile in the world. There is no certainty of ten or ten. No one dares to do so. If we dare to do so, we must have practical and practical requirements.

In other words, in the future, when we really play, we must do so. This is called "actual combat training". This is not an experiment, it is practical training. There is a big difference between the two. Actual combat, large vernacular, that is true practice.

Figure: the actual combat launched by the region and trajectory pointing

Even more striking, according to the air traffic control announcement, there were 4 air traffic controls, which means 4 hits, each hitting the target accurately. Think of all the fears, and suppose there is one For example, playing far will fly to North Korea, the partial will fly to South Korea, the Shanxi, Hebei to play in Beijing, and even Tianjin, it can not, will set off a great disturbance where a place is to the above said, but is played, what? It shows the superb operational skills and the high reliability of the weapon system of the Chinese rocket army.

Suppose India came in, and it was estimated that three or four people would have to run an alarm and hide in the basement.

Especially surprising is that the four launches are playing in the Gulf of Bohai, which makes people remain perplexed despite much thought, according to the days at home and abroad is said to be noisy in South Korea thad, it should find a mountain practice ah, why choose in the sea? Is there Sade on the sea? Many analyses fail to address this point.

The topic is "shaking a shot a shot three panic: Combat Defense Ministry has launched a new type of missile weapon", what is the one shot three panic, the defense ministry said the new missile weapon where the new, powerful in what place, let the author analysis for your reference, to unravel the mystery.

Let's take a look at the strict statement made by the Defense Ministry spokesman and understand the essence of the Defense Ministry spokesman. The greater the amount of information, the greater the analysis.

Ministry of Defense: for the deployment of Sade, the Chinese army will carry out combat oriented drills

The afternoon of April 27th, the Department of defense held a regular press conference, director of the information bureau, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Yang Yujun reporters.

Reporter: 26 am, the United States and South Korea will be "Sade" anti missile system related components shipped to the deployment site, the same day, China and Russia in Moscow held third anti missile issue briefing. Earlier, the spokesman had said that the Chinese army would never say anything about the deployment of sade. Does the speaker have any additional information about this? How will the US and South Korea plan to deploy "Sade" to regional security and how will all parties work together to tackle the Korean nuclear issue?

Yang Yujun: the current situation on the peninsula, complex and sensitive, China from the maintenance of regional peace and stability, has done a lot of work on the construction of peace. China is firmly opposed to the deployment of the German anti missile system in South Korea and the destruction of regional strategic balance and stability. The Chinese armed forces will continue to carry out combat oriented targeted exercises, as well asOperational test of new weapon equipmentAnd resolutely safeguard national security and regional peace and stability.

Less than 12 days later, the Ministry of defense related to the deployment of combat de camp training content, once again made new progress.

Department of Defense: rocket troops in a sea area of Bohai new missile weapons combat test

Source: Department of defense released

May 9, 2017

Defense Information Bureau answered reporters' questions

Reporter: it is understood that the PLA rocket troops recently organized a missile test firing, please be confirmed.

Defense Ministry: in order to improve the ability to carry out the task forces, facing to effectively deal with national security threat, according to the annual training plan,Rocket troops have recently conducted tests on new missile weapons in a sea area of Bohai, and achieved the desired results.

The two releases of the Ministry of Defense Information Bureau are coherent, rich in content and authentic.

We pay special attention to the specific equipment issued two notes, the Department of defense released the two mentioned two "model" is a "new weapon", is a "new weapon", said a specific. In this two release, Inner Mongolia Siziwangqi River Grassland Red Erga check down a lattice of unidentified objects, attracted local crowd photography, with Pinyin (English) E/ADF-26B words, it is clear that this is the latest DF-26B China missile wreckage! According to the naming features of the Chinese military weaponry, this should be the B type of the DF 26 ballistic missile, which is in line with the two new types issued by the Ministry of defence, and the time points are identical.

We saw DF26 in the victory parade in September 3, 2015, so DF26B must be new.

The famous "four Princes" flag is the landing site of China's space. China is the main landing site of the Siziwangqi grassland in Inner Mongolia every time. This is a vast uninhabited region, Chinese rocket in launch Dongfeng 26B, select Inner Mongolia Siziwangqi grassland separating ballistic missile Dongfeng 26B a return to the atmosphere to fall, to ensure maximum ground personnel safety, this is completely perfectly logical and reasonable.

The problem is, after rising from ballistic to turn (the first level from the middle of the flight (level second) from the end of the flight) and the perspective of Dongfeng 26B launching field but also far from Inner Mongolia Siziwangqi grassland is reasonable, in theory should be farther northwest to a launch site, the launch of the first grade this fall from there is reasonable this, once again proved a huge range of Dongfeng 26B and Bohai fell to the target area precision.

Mystery number and bullet quality

For the launch of the wreckage of strange and mysterious numbers, there are many domestic and foreign media speculation that the defense ministry did not disclose the number and type of the missile launch training activities, but it will appear with the multimedia network on a suspected improved link type Dongfeng -26 missile rocket debris.

"Singapore United Morning Post" network reported that the day before the network crazy pass a Liberation Army missile wreckage wreckage photos, printed on the number of E/ADF-26B, which is considered by many people's Liberation Army the new Dongfeng -26B missile.The article said that the new "Dongfeng -26B" can carry electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warheadsIt can effectively attack enemy radars, so the new ballistic missile is also considered as a weapon for the PLA to deploy "Sade" in korea.

Taiwan "Central News Agency" on the front of the missile are analyzed in detail. Reported that, according to the mainland media published pictures, this is in the northern part of the mainland crashed missile wreckage, shells coated with E/ADF-26B words outside. The word "EA" on the missile shell is likely to be the initial letter of the electronic attack, which means "electronic attack" (two words). "This may be the latest improved version of" Dongfeng -26 ", which can carry electronic pulse warheads and spike anti radar missiles in the United states."

Reported that Hongkong military experts believe that,The E/A of the A in the picture may also represent the anti radiation missile (ARM). The expert estimates, although it is associated with the "Dongfeng -26", but it should be a new type of missile, and multiple warheads, in addition to conventional warheads, and radar warheads against each other, mainly in the United States in South Korea or Japan to deploy missile defense system. "This new missile aimed at the" intention of Sade "is very obvious, if this new type of missile in the early period of rise by 'thad' radar, immediately to counter anti radiation warhead, the main warhead to continue flying attack."

The answer appears to have a lot of reason, write articles Xiaobian introduce these guesses how many know the military, if we make the mistake purely to frighten opponents, such propaganda is still quite large, at least the potential rival countries slightly understand the point of military civilian to be so scared of the "high tech tip".

Mystery number and nature of warhead resolution

The correct answer is that the launch of Dongfeng -26B is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warhead and an anti radiation missile (ARM) is wrong, the author gives you the right explanation.

First explain why the anti radiation missile (ARM) is wrong, the reason is very simple. Anti radiation missile, also called anti radar missile, refers to the missile guided by the electromagnetic radiation of enemy radar, thus destroying the missile of enemy radar and its carrier.

In electronic warfare, it is the most effective weapon against radar hard attack. Active ground to air anti radiation missiles are usually used to attack selected targets. Before launching, the target is detected and its coordinates and radiation parameters are measured. After launching, the seeker receives the electromagnetic signals of the target continuously and forms a control signal, which is transmitted to the actuating mechanism to direct the missile to the target automatically. During an attack, such as a radar that has been attacked, the missile's memory device can continue to control the missile's flight to its target.

It can't be an anti radiation bomb (ARM)

The reason is that the anti radiation bomb (EMP) is wrong, mainly this kind of training does not meet the actual requirements. Let's assume that the command issued by the command is the immediate destruction of Sade, and if using an anti radiation bomb (EMP), Sade's radar does not boot, what should I do?

The intention is to destroy the headquarters that thad to ensure the reliability and the probability of success of my strategic counterattack as the premise, should be whether Sade is not the power should be given in time to destroy the designated node, if the use of anti radiation missile (EMP), and Sade and no boot, use of anti radiation missile (EMP) it is not adversely affected by aircraft?! We are not the commander of Sade, you let it boot on the machine, we want to do is, no matter it does not turn on the machine, you must guarantee to destroy it, so you can not use anti radiation bombs.

It can't be an electromagnetic pulse bomb (EMP)

We say why not electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warhead, which will test the reader is not hardcore fans (a missile expert must first laugh), according to the use of electromagnetic pulse in the Gulf War and the Iraq War (EMP) warhead wars, electro magnetic pulse (EMP) warhead range very short.

Popularly speaking, only warheads from the target 40 meters above the explosion will produce effective electromagnetic pulse, to destroy the target of electronic facilities, and still basically no special protection of electronic equipment. The experience gained by the U.S. military is that the best electromagnetic pulse bombs are hydrogen bombs and neutron bombs, at least 10000 tons of TNT equivalent, in order to effectively damage a large area of electronic facilities. That is to say, the current conventional electromagnetic pulse bomb damage ability is insufficient, and using electromagnetic pulse bomb in 40-100 meters distance for soft damage, not as good as direct destruction, hard kill.

What the hell is that?

Since neither of these two shells is available, what is the correct explanation for the EADF26B number? The first "E" on behalf of the Second Artillery Corps (ERPAO), although has been established in the rocket, but this batch of pop factory rocket forces also called "E" is the second artillery, had received the second artillery shells, we can estimate this "new weapon" factory of the time.

Second letters "A" should be used for attack, warhead properties, in particular to kill a bomb or a shotgun, penetrator, anti radiation missile, radar guided bomb hit the top of the water moving target, will be displayed on the warhead somewhere, not written in the rocket body.

DF26B is good to explain, that is, Dongfeng 26, second modified bombs, but also interpreted as third kinds of modified bombs, such as the arrangement "Dongfeng 26, Dongfeng 26A, Dongfeng 26B"". So, does Dongfeng 26 have a nuclear warhead model? There must be, Dongfeng 26 was designated as "nuclear often both", of course, there are nuclear explosive warhead, as for how to write on the number is "top secret", do not know whether it is worth mentioning. It could be "EHDF26B", too? Or "ETZDF26B"?

What is the meaning behind the target Bohai?

First, to show the potential enemy the accuracy and reliability of China's rocket weapon and equipment. As mentioned above, if inaccurate and unreliable, so far hit thousands of kilometers outside of Bohai is to take great risks, in the one hundred and twenty percent China rocket to ensure that the 4 successful launches, show itself a huge deterrent.

More important is the actual launch show Chinese rocket army after army reform, in a short period of time has been the rapid formation of a reliable and effective fighting force, the launch also to show the world the great achievements of the people's Liberation Army after the military reform.

Second, the entire launch ballistic characteristic showed and fired (from the launch point to the target of the arrow refers to a straight line) from the view of multi shot, a little farther north, then a bit farther south Korea, and then a little biased in Japan, and fell into the sea and may be at sea however, sea targets are many, may be the nation's ship, may also be the country's ship, or the United States is likely to It is as expected, the aircraft carrier battle group!

China's victory in Japan on September 3, 2015 parade, the authority of the media confirmed that Dongfeng 26 can be fixed on land targets, but also moving targets at sea. So, who is deterrence, who knows who will be able to. Who will be the enemy of China will fall on whose head. Therefore, this shot may be a shot three panic, may also be a shot four panic, who is in the heart of ghosts, who is panic.

First of all, Dongfeng 26 is a long range ballistic missile, with a maximum range of more than 5000 kilometers, from the northwest to Bohai area, is conducive to ensuring the sudden nature of the campaign. Far north of the United States and Japan over the horizon radar line of sight edge, is conducive to circumvent the opponent's radar detection, playing opponents, one can not quench the defense.

There is a more professional, is the Dongfeng 26 flight speed can restrain the U.S. deployment in Korea thad interceptor and the United States and Japan and South Korea deployed in the sea and land of the standard 2-3 and terminal ballistic missile defense Patriot interceptor type 3. Theory and practice have proved that the interception speed of interceptor can not be intercepted without attacking the missile, and there is a set of scientific theories.

Saad (THAAD) is the second interception interception speed of 2-3 km, and Dongfeng 26 re-entry speed is 6 kilometers per second (foreign reports Maher 18, equivalent to 6 km / s), thad is designed to intercept short-range ballistic missiles and long-range ballistic missile Dongfeng 26 is simple, like a gazelle interception cheetah, dove intercept Eagle, is faster than the difference lead to intercept.

The point here is that the German THAAD intercept ballistic missile ascent is still very overbearing, and the North Korean ballistic missiles, including intercontinental missiles, will be effectively intercepted by the German in the ascent section.

Sade was at our door and gave us a chance to do some actual training. In the United States, thad is the US Army's anti missile equipment baby bumps, had been deployed in the United States, are now deployed in South Korea, a boot can know some of its basic properties, the US penetration to the United States after dealing with the U.S. deployment of Sade had experience.

The penetration ability of Chinese ballistic missiles are in accordance with the penetration of U.S. anti missile system to build, we in the penetration of technological progress can be offset by the ABM progress, compared to penetration technology will allow anti missile defense technology has become more and more difficult, more and more reliable. In addition, Chinese also in the development of anti missile, and has made remarkable achievements, we realize technological progress from the development of anti missile penetration can also, this fact in technology is the same, know how to prevent it, know how to attack, more likely to develop anti missile penetration technology system can not defense.

This technological game between China and the United States has greatly promoted the development of science and technology on both sides. It will not be a good thing that the world will be left far behind in a dozen years.

China's penetration technology and antimissile technology will achieve great technological progress in such circumstances, and the final result will be a comprehensive advantage for the neighboring countries, which is beneficial to china.

At present, China has far surpassed Japan, South Korea and India in terms of penetration and antimissile technology, which is due to the United states. Especially penetration technology, such as ballistic missile hit the aircraft carrier, is the highest achievement in the world penetration technology, and according to Tsien Hsueshen ballistic theory recently developed near space with high lift to drag ratio of aircraft gliding "Shuipiao bomb", is the highest penetration technology, there is no country that can guard, including the United states.

So, we have nothing to do with Sade, who is deployed in South korea.

Of course, the Dongfeng 26B launch for dangerous situation and East Asia weighty multiple meaning, according to the official statement, a large amount of information, I am afraid it is not just for Sade, otherwise 4 Dongfeng 26B playing in the sea can not explain.

Simply, Chinese launch of Dongfeng 26B and the target in Bohai, showing a very authentic combat capability, the ability to launch this fairly heavyweight overbearing and displayed in a specific geographical sensitive, will let our opponents very thin Si fear, and who is the opponent, who who is guilty just a man!

There is an old saying in china,"Do not give you a bit of fierce, do not know horse Wang Ye grew three eyes.""A shot in the sky, the effect is a shot three panic.

Those who panic, who panic, go, do not provoke us.

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