Navy destroyer detachment strength exposure, 6 drive plus 6 protection strength reached the army first

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Navy destroyer detachment strength exposure, 6 drive plus 6 protection strength reached the army first

2017-06-03 18:54:47 343 ℃

Recently, the East China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment resident invited the pupils, visit the detachment of military history museums, watch the military education in the barracks, a lesson in the course of national defense education open up a fresh outlook. From micro-blog released a picture, the detachment of the first floor of the display in the Museum of small amplitude adjustment, compared to the previous, added 4 new members, respectively is 2 054A and the 2 ship ship model 052D model, which indicates that the next team will also fielded 4 new-style battleship, the new the first 515 members of the Binzhou ship has been at the end of last year to join the family.

As the East China Sea Fleet currently the main destroyer detachment, the detachment is older than another destroyer detachment of the East China Sea Fleet qualifications, but before the limelight and not him, because it is equipped with old, the brothers and early detachment equipped 4 ships of Russian modern destroyers. However, with the continuous improvement of the navy strength, warships continue to make dumplings, the development of the detachment will also usher in a big change, opened a dynamic facelift big screen. In 2012, he retired two old type 051 destroyers, namely, Nanjing ship and Hefei ship. However, it was convenient for the 2013 to install the Changchun ship and the Zhengzhou ship, and the 2 advanced 052C destroyers.

The first wave of change curtain ended in 2015, the brigade successfully eliminated the old type 051 destroyers, and the original equipment type 053H3 frigate out whole detachment of all columns installed 052C type 054A destroyers and frigates, the overall strength of the army was the first.

The Navy did not stop the pace of dumplings, so the team will not change the pace of reloading. According to the latest picture, the second new members, the first detachment of the type 052D destroyer Xiamen ship hull number has also been done, quietly docked at the pier, waiting for the day into battle.

More interesting is that the former 053H frigate, hull 515, also known as the Xiamen ship, also served in the East China Sea fleet, retired in 2010. This has joined the two new members of the big family, 515 Binzhou ship inherited its ship number, its name upgraded from frigate to destroyer, was 154 Xiamen ship succession.

With the new wave of change steadily, is expected to be completed in the next year, the team will reach an unprecedented 6 drive 6 support scale, including 4 ships of 052C, 052D and 054A 2 ships 6 boats, become the main direction of the East China Sea fully deserve detachment, and the brothers began to refit forces modernization of modern destroyers at that time, in the face of the enemy from the direction of the East China Sea, will be able to take it leisurely and unoppressively. (of a razor blade)