Zhuge Bai Chongxi with the 3 army laid siege to the Japanese think-tank, because they committed a great sin!

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Zhuge Bai Chongxi with the 3 army laid siege to the Japanese think-tank, because they committed a great sin!

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Historical records

[note Jun Description: the Sino Japanese war lasted fourteen years (from 1931 "918 incident" date), ups and downs, the story has spread in various places, to resist the foreign invasion, and resolutely defend the motherland unity is constant determination, during the emergence of many events and characters is capable of evoking praises and tears, we always remember. Today, a series of war notes are being released to remember the deeds of the martyrs and to inherit the spirit of the martyrs. Talk about the battle of Wuhan and Zhuge Bai Chongxi in the Sixth Division today story. ]

The Japanese Sixth Division troops of the Nanjing massacre is the culprit, in subsequent operations have been China army guard chase, with a conscience of a bloody China army wants to be in the face of the sixth division pay off old scores, such opportunities appear in the battle of Wuhan.

At the beginning of June 1938, the Japanese Sixth Division from the south of Hefei, Xu Yuanquan quickly broke through the 26 army defense.

Sixth Division 13 days after the capture of Tongcheng, to the southwest 17 attack, the capture of Qianshan. To the early July, the Japanese occupation of Taihu, in the Jiangbei Wangjiang East, in the South East of Hukou occupied Jiangxi area along the Yangtze river. Subsequently, the Japanese troops entered the recuperation period, began to develop a new attack plan.

July 24th, from Anhui to Taihu in Qianshan to attack Inaba Shiro under the command of the Japanese eleventh army Sixth Division, a bloody battle, have exceeded thirty-first, sixty-eighth army, 84 army defense, has captured in Taihu, Susong.

In August 4th, after fierce street fighting finally occupied the Huangmei Guangji portal. After losing Huangmei, the commander of the five theater commander Bai Chongxi immediately command the troops to fight back, but the Japanese were bound by the risk, but also a large number of gas poisoning, hard attack, disastrous. See the storm not Bai Chongxi transfer forces behind the Japanese side, Li Pinxian Corps recovered Taihu and the Qianshan, cut off the Japanese Sixth Division of the supply line and land retreat, make rice leaf difficult situation.

Zhuge Bai Chongxi seized the opportunity to command confrontation with the Japanese 28 army, 84 army troops took the opportunity to wipe out the onslaught, had intention in the Nanjing massacre of crimes committed by the sixth division. This time, although the layout of Bai Chongxi clever, but still underestimated the Japanese combat effectiveness.

The sixth division according to the risk of sticking, and cast a lot of gas, hardcore hardtop through the difficulties. Okamura immediately sent the Navy opened up the channel in Jiujiang across the pond, as was the Sixth Division for ammunition and replacement. Rice leaf replenished, began to counterattack, although Bai Chongxi at the front duzhan, but also It doesn't help the situation.

In the Japanese onslaught, 28 army, 68 army and 84 army suffered heavy casualties, but the reserves exhausted, but still can not stop the Japanese offensive, Guangji was forced to retreat. The Japanese see defenders retreat, immediately followed the chase to Guangji, in Guangji was a fierce fighting, the military finally did not retreat, Tian Town Portal Guangji fall. After a fierce battle, the Sixth Division suffered heavy losses, unable to continue to attack, in the local Guangji the rest 7 days, and added 3200 recruits, troops and equipment.

Then, the rice leaf Sixth Division first with a brigade attack East range, trying to separate from the highway west, but encountered strong resistance, repeatedly rebuffed, have to go back in September 15th this village Guangji detachment from starting to hit Tian Town gate. Tian town is the most important barrier is the Yangtze River Jiangfang strongholds, Wuhan's most important portal, if the town lost, Wuhan can be said to be hang by a thread. For such an important place, the course is heavily guarded, the eleventh army commander Li Yannian rate of second troops stationed in Fort Zhang Yichun, Qin Lianfang peripheral 84 army 48 army and 68 army fought in the periphery of post Liu Ruming. At the beginning of the rich pool mouth has not lost, Tian town just by the village detachment attack, the pressure is not big. In the bad weather, when the Japanese air force could not be deployed, the three armies of the outer side besieged the detachment of the village again and again, making the two large-scale reinforcement of the rice leaf, and the detachment of the village maintained the offensive. In September 24th, Fu Chi Kou was captured along the Tian Shan detachment in Jiangxi. On 29 th, the military forces had to withdraw from Tian Jia town, and the gate of the Yangtze River was knocked open.

Okamura Neji in order to get in front of the Japanese second army to seize Hankou, quickly organized a special column, led by the 36 brigade brigade commander Shima Mitsu cattle long range, and expect to be in the north of Wuhan and the second army joined forces to truncate the five theater army retreat.

Bai Chongxi wanted to destroy the Sixth Division, but the overall strength is not the enemy, with a force to defend there are omissions, such a final to Wuhan with lofty ideals and high aspirations, the portal has been open, it is only a matter of time. But China and show the Anti Japanese spirit or hatred, million people united as one man remembered, still play a positive role in.

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