Syria's battlefield has become a Russian weapon world: even World War II machine guns are into battle

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Syria's battlefield has become a Russian weapon world: even World War II machine guns are into battle

2017-06-14 22:53:01 405 ℃

Recently, Russia's ANNA news television released a group of soldiers in Syria Palmyra photos, you can see from the photos, these soldiers are equipped with RP-46 type 7.62 mm machine guns, grenade launchers and RPG-18 9K1152 hybrid -M anti tank missile launcher used by 9P151M.

RP-46 type machine gun is a machine gun with larger power and smaller quality than DPM machine gun. It adopts the principle of air guiding, and the locking mechanism is middle part type locking clamping iron open type. Feed mechanism for main chain for bomb bomb, the bomb, a bullet skateboards skateboards, bullet holder, bolt, bolt carrier etc..

The RP-46 type 7.62 mm machine gun is supplied with a chain of ammunition for the rounds of the projectile. The machine gun had not been in service in the Soviet Union for too long, and was replaced by the PK general machine gun in 1961, and most of the RP-46 was exported to third world countries as outdated supplies.

Pictured in Palmyra, Syria soldiers.

RPG-18 was a one-time light antitank rocket launcher developed during the Soviet Union in the late 1970s. It was used to attack armored vehicles, military equipment and field fortifications. RPG-18 began at the end of the 1970s Soviet equipment motorized infantry and airborne troops and other warpac troops, and used on the battlefield in afghanistan.

The development of RPG-18 was modelled on the captured M72 LAW provided by the North vietnamese. Therefore RPG-18 in structure, principle and M72 LAW is basically the same, so the rocket also used the pull type cold extrusion sleeve structure, with the light metal tube, the inner cylinder by a bayonet braking device is relatively fixed.

RPG-18's mechanical sights are usually tipped over the launcher and held up when used. A component located outside the tube aperture on the tail, there fore sight window frame; for plastic parts. There are 3 horizontal horizontal lines on the central vertical line, and the corresponding setting distances are 200 meters, 250 meters and 300 meters.

The picture shows the 9P151M launcher for 9K1152, the anti tank missile of the hybrid -M.