The withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam, leaving a pile of "precious heritage", Vietnamese crying: be not

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The withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam, leaving a pile of "precious heritage", Vietnamese crying: be not

2016-07-21 21:30:32 735 ℃

To say that Americans are really strange, to enjoy the world's highest quality of life, but went to the wet and hot Vietnam, this is good, at the expense of 60 thousand, and finally had to withdraw.

The United States withdrew from Vietnam what all don't take, Americans think the Vietnam War is their biggest failure.

Americans go, but left the Vietnamese damage until now. The United States is actually in the whole war cast 1 million 500 thousand tons of bombs, on average, every Vietnamese could be assigned to 28 kg. Americans dropped more bombs than during World War II.

During the war, the United States in order to force Vietnam to surrender as soon as possible, the wealthy Americans crazy bomb. But not all the bomb can explode, buried land these unexploded bombs, threatening the safety of vietnamese.

Many Vietnamese are field work, suddenly "bang" sound, people into the sky, looked again, has broken off gas. Many people walk to the mountain wood, suddenly "bang" sound, no legs. The Vietnamese have more than 28 thousand legs blown off, about 20 thousand people were killed.

This is war, and the danger of war to human beings is not only happened in the time of war. Now the United States to improve relations, the United States has sent experts to help Vietnam row.

In Vietnam, the bomb has become the industry chain, a lot of people rely on this to earn a living, but this is a high risk industry.

War is evil, and the participants can do anything to win the war. During World War II, the Japanese have a germ warfare against China. The Germans in order to force the Soviet soldiers to fear, do not move to engage in the massacre of thousands of people. In self-defense counterattack against Vietnam War, the Vietnamese army used chemical weapons on Chinese. And chemical weapons have been used more than once in the history of human warfare.

Vietnam War is a war, who did not take advantage of the war, Americans spent 60 billion, 60 thousand, and finally less to read not to fish. Vietnamese dead at least 2m, we in the Vietnam war cannot only see the North Vietnamese, but also to see South Vietnam. This is a war of sibling cannibalism. Most of the deaths were civilians.

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