Singapore's former foreign minister's comments on the South China Sea have made new diplomats furious

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Singapore's former foreign minister's comments on the South China Sea have made new diplomats furious

2017-07-05 01:14:44 549 ℃

"Should Singapore consider the South China Sea issue well?" The country's former foreign minister and senior diplomats are rarely separated from the big debate." According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 3, the senior diplomat, Li Guangyao of the National University of Singapore public policy school dean Ma Kaishuo 1 in the "Straits Times" published a review article, said Singapore should be in the Middle East countries and Qatar diplomatic relations as a precedent, remember that "small country should have as small". He believes that as Singapore enters the post Li Guangyao era, diplomacy should change.

This has caused Singapore officials and scholars to debate "small country diplomacy"".

Kishore MahbubaniIn this paper, with the financial strength and Qatar because "that can act as a middle power, interference, and foreign affairs" feel close relations with the United States will make it without having to bear all the consequences, because they do not comply with the final political reality of the jungle effect. He comments on Singapore's diplomatic team's speech on the subject of the South China Sea "not enough restraint", "everything has the right time.". Big red won the occasion, may not be the best time to emphasize their principles." He thinks,Singapore should consider "more comprehensive" in responding to the South China Sea arbitration".

Dean Ma Kaishuo - Li Guangyao of the National University of Singapore School of public policy (map)

"Confused, false, dangerous."",Ambassador Bilal Harry of Singapore1 late at night on the Internet to send a document, refuted Ma Kaishuo's view "seriously misleading", and therefore "their own" even to offend old friends must also strongly refuted". Bilal Harry said, Ma Kaishuo said that this is a realistic consideration, but realism does not mean that the humble, look for the country's recognition and appreciation". He was disappointed and ashamed of Ma's "advocating relations as a normal state of relations".

"Singapore ambassador Bilal Harry (source: Singapore United Morning Post)

Former Foreign Minister of Singapore, Minister of interior and Minister of justice Shang MugenOn the 2 day, he joined the debate and refuted Ma li. He claims,This a tiny area Singapore has been able to win the respect in the international arena, because it is never to "small country" thinking humble confession."I have never forgotten that Singapore is a small country," but I also know that once you allow others to bully you, you will always be bullied. The foreign ministers of some other countries threaten us in different ways, or tone down, when we do not respond to their demands. But I looked straight at them and told them our position was firm. Their attitude has changed since then."

Li Guangyao, School of public policy, National University of Singapore, Ye Guangrong3, in the Straits Times wrote, for Ma Kaishuo excuse. He said,As a Singaporean, "I don't want my country to be in a time consuming mass struggle, because we are small countries and cannot afford it.". It's common sense".He thought that Harry's response was "exaggerated and unnecessary."".