The Japanese generals said in a week to eliminate half of the latest digital China fighter that did not mention

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The Japanese generals said in a week to eliminate half of the latest digital China fighter that did not mention

2016-07-21 21:31:15 450 ℃

In May this year, stationed in Okinawa Naha base of the Japanese air self defense force were scrambled to drill. According to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reports at the time, "this exercise is to cope with possible emergencies in the west". What is the Japanese mouth "Western emergency", it is worth pondering.

But the Japanese apparently blow these cattle too early, may be in their eyes, the Chinese Navy or the last century in 90s, a large class destroyers are those days baby. The main equipment Chinese air or 6 fighter F-7.

But history is in constant progress. The British "Jane's Defence Weekly" every year all over the world's military powers to do an inventory. According to its 2015 figure, the Chinese Air Force's three generation fighter aircraft has been close to 1000. The SU27SK more than 400 aircraft and localization of the f 11 heavy fighter, 100 aircraft SU30MK2300 rack above J-10. In addition there are close to more than 200 aircraft annihilates 7a Feibao boom. These three generations of machines, because of all the 10 years of service in the cutting-edge machine, the mechanical state of aircraft are particularly good can maintain a very high attendance rate. And the number is increasing every year, such as the reference of SU30 f 16, will be put into production. The 11 in the solution of the problem of reliability technology, production also began to rise. In the problems in the process of using of f-10a were improved after optimizing the inlet f-10b also began a large number of armed forces.

Britain, "Jane's Defense Weekly" also believes that the number is still a huge of the second generation of cluster to keep Chinese handle: F-7 and F-8, are evacuated to the second tier as reserve team and air defense missions. Because the F-8 high-altitude high-speed performance may also be used as reconnaissance aircraft. And the airborne troops of the frontier has a substantial facelift of the new third generation aircraft, battle force especially powerful, number of pilot training time is greatly increased, training courses and also close to actual combat. "Jane's Defense Weekly" also emphasized that the Chinese air force "to fight for the gold helmet" confrontation drills, "the winning team will get a gold helmet medal, and in honor of this, all of the troops training enthusiasm is very high pitched and training purposes not to perform, and is to in the confrontation over opponents". All this shows that the people's Liberation Army Air Force in the equipment and personnel have been overwhelmed by the Japanese air self defense force.

Not long after Fukuyama Takashi let go, "" special correspondent in Japan Air Intelligence magazine also interviewed him. When a reporter asked whether he knew that the Chinese Air Force publication of the latest strength number and some of his faltering answer: probably most or some backward MiGs. But when a reporter to "Jane's Defence Weekly"About China Air Force's latest strength related articles to him, he did not speak a word out.

Can be imagined, China's air force is growing strength to the opponent how the shock. Powerful people's air force will become the cornerstone of Haitian forces to defend the motherland. The new three generation fleet with the boom of 6, 20 and other large aircraft, the Chinese air force will be made in the vicinity of unparalleled combat strength.

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