What's the reason? Vietnam War in self-defense, Vietnamese women don't wear clothes

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What's the reason? Vietnam War in self-defense, Vietnamese women don't wear clothes

2016-07-21 21:31:44 3566 ℃

In 1979, China and Vietnam in self-defense war, was captured many Vietnamese women, often in front of the captured competing ran stripped naked. The PLA headache is the impossible to guard against women's agent, they like a soldier like people and full of tricks, sometimes for some purpose is no need not to the extreme. Is it too hot? To counter the wartime Vietnam women did not wear clothes?

Vietnamese women is perhaps the most "open" women, because no women are willing to "empty battlefield" battle. Men and women are the basic men and women, and the enemy will be relatively relaxed. The Vietnamese government know due to years of war, the serious imbalance in sex ratio, on how it treats women, knew that he was sinful, it tacit. While their female parents, also know that her daughter's bitter sorrow, nor against them. In Vietnam, a male soldiers have 3 to 20 different sexual partners and Nanhuannvai in Vietnam is commonplace, also very casual.

At that time, many Vietnamese troops in the female, regular border military establishment, in a class have a female, usually responsible for help wash clothes, help do cooking what, for fortifications, digging trenches and bunkers built the male soldiers, with the passage of time, women were generally male soldiers and sex slaves.

No one knows, a beautiful body, burdened with the task of how insidious.Vietnamese women in captivity, will take the initiative to take off the coat, the charming body shine, to confuse the enemy. Then, while the enemy is relaxed, they will kill each other with their weapons.In combat, the Vietnamese female and male soldiers are fighting together, sometimes elusive.

In the training of women are also often asked not to wear underwear. There are Vietnamese Female killing enemies by sex.Instructors harsh training, shape their strong heart. Daily training, exercise their ability to quickly out of the gun, shooting the murderous. In their spare time, they learn more about how to attract the enemy by themselves and kill each other.

In the implementation of the task, they will always leave a simple ignorance of the image of young girls and even make some temptation action. They turned around, but it is a cold face, revealing a side like evil demon. stayIn 1980, the Vietnamese government revoked the nonmarital fertility prohibition law allows women born out of wedlock and with and marry and have children the same rights.