The eyes of the people's Liberation Army: We Untouchables

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The eyes of the people's Liberation Army: We Untouchables

2016-07-21 21:33:49 484 ℃

American media had broke the news that, "many soldiers in the United States say the same sentence, China is American untouchables".

According to the American soldiers reported returning from Iraq almost all talked about, preferring to consume in Iraq for ten years than with China occurred a frontal war.

Such aspirations completely reflected American weariness, but also reflects the in front of the heroic warrior of the people's Liberation Army, in front of my hatred of the 1.3 billion people, the surface is very powerful in the United States may also is a "paper tiger".

American soldiers answer basic consistent: "although the weapons of our science and technology most than China's advanced, but after all the Chinese at this time the army is not the liberation of the army the, thinking they were fighting are often stronger than we, because we fight, many times are used in China's art of war, compared to China with strategic, we are chickens do not eat the grain, to be boring, not to mention also a reality.

China has a land area of great, if they occur nuclear war, a conservative estimate will only is both countries suffer, no loser, no winners, and from another point of view, if really beat up, after a nuclear war to lose is the US, even if our anti-aircraft weapons first and then into. Not all stopped China's strategic nuclear weapons, if there are 100 missiles hit the United States, including Mexico,, will disappear from the map may! "

American soldiers also said that if the war between China and the United States, China lost 10 provinces, but China can also be rebuilt after the war, but the United States there is no hope.

Although the U.S. military campaign for many years, but still do not dare to fight with China such a world power.

Soldiers slightly hesitant to reveal the idea of the heart, the so-called bystander is japan. Americans believe that although the United States and Japan friendly relations, wearing a pair of pants, but also need to beware of armpit. The United States would not allow Japan to enter the United Nations with nuclear weapons, the reason is that Japan has never given up the idea of world conquest!

On the Taiwan issue, American soldiers that the interests of today, the United States not to Taiwan so little to no purpose for Taiwan independence war with China, after all, the United States in Asia the best interests of partners is China! Not penny wise and pound foolish.

People's Liberation Army training site

In order to meet the energy and arms dealers benefit demand, the United States became a hotbed of modern war. In the 1950s Korean War, in the 1970s the Vietnam War, then war in Panama, the Bosnian war, the Gulf War, the Afghanistan war and the war in Iraq.

60 years ago, the Chinese people under the intolerable situation, decided to send the volunteer army during the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, under the disparity in strength between ourselves and the enemy situation, the Chinese people's Volunteer Army soldiers is inferior equipment to put up a desperate struggle.

They are not afraid of bloodshed, have finally achieved a great victory in the war against aggression.