Enough friends! Ukraine is the United States sanctions will take the risk of anti stealth radar to send the Chinese have nothing to say

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Enough friends! Ukraine is the United States sanctions will take the risk of anti stealth radar to send the Chinese have nothing to say

2016-07-21 21:36:42 612 ℃

People in general are aware of the Ukraine's aircraft carrier Varyag, all kinds of engine technology, in fact, Ukraine also transfer the number of electronic technology to China. May in many people's minds, electronic technology, should be the strongest western, actually Ukraine electronic level of industrial technology is very advanced, but belongs to the little known, because of its special electronic technology, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of electronic warfare equipment and special radar, people don't pay much attention.

The positive development of stealth technology, in an attempt to advantage, naturally do not want to any opponent has anti stealth technology, 2005, China has to the Czech purchasing villa e radar, the United States do not hesitate to use the all means, blocking the deal. But Americans don't know, as early as 2002, Ukraine has braved the carrier of the United States risk "armor" anti stealth radar was sent to China the, a can with Vera e radar than the similar types of anti stealth radar.

That year Ukraine produced a total of 76 sets "armor" radar, 50 sets of which were sold to Russia, equipped with 22 sets, and another four sets of disappeared. Until recently, Ukraine admitted that the so-called radar actual delivery to Chinese disappear without a trace. When the learned that Ukraine has the armor radar sold to China, the United States was very angry. But know too late, transaction has already been completed, so that the United States have nothing to say.

Ukraine "armor" anti stealth radar, 1993 before the launch of the radar system, its level of performance in the global scope are first-class, it uses passive radar technology itself does not produce any electromagnetic signals, rely on by receiving the radiation signal of the target detection target, including not only the target reflection of other radar transmitter of radar wave, can also receive the target's signal radiation, such as radio communication signals. Modern aircraft in the war can not keep radio silence, as long as the flight will have a certain source of radiation, which is enough to expose its position. Armor anti stealth radar is to detect a variety of radiation sources, the stealth fighter to find out through analysis, and tracking and localization. "Armor" anti stealth radar generally the use of triangulation, 40 targets tracking, stealth technology on it are not too big effect. More important is its reconnaissance depth of 600 km, 150 km wide range of circumstances, can be found within 1000 km of the stealth fighter, is currently the same system to capture the most remote device.

China has mastered a variety of anti stealth radar technology, for example: in recent years, found that the U.S. military F22 fighter is China's self-developed active phased array radar system. "Armor" radar for our main significance lies in the fact that the technical standards for the Department of the Russian, only need some simple techniques modified, it may be with the Russian air defense missile system collaborative operation, regardless of the S-300 system, or S400 system will therefore have hit stealth fighter.

Ukraine enough meaning, in terms of technology to China from not too stingy, radar anti stealth armor but is all one of the items, as long as China needs, regardless of what can be sold, the price level is the problem, in fact, the price is not really high, that Russia criticized the prodigal, but Ukraine did not change anything. It is said that so far, the Ukrainian has to China exported about more than 100 kinds of military technology, relates to the aircraft, aviation, aerospace and nuclear industry.

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