The other American Korean anger, let us see light suddenly

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The other American Korean anger, let us see light suddenly

2017-08-12 16:28:47 180 ℃

North Korea America we know what your anger out?


This round of fierce Korean tough dislike old beauty, reflects a simple truth in the field of international relations, in the strategic struggle between nations, the strength is not a substitute for courage, strength, and know how to properly show of strength, will win respect. In the field of international diplomacy, pursuing a "tit for tat" who support me who support "pragmatic rules, the kind of" good mood drops of rain don't touch the body, has success, there is No.

In August 7th, the ASEAN Regional Forum held in Philippines, capital of Manila after the meeting, the North Korean delegation from the DPRK Foreign Minister Li Yonghao signed a statement to the media. The statement said, appeared in the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula and the development of today's situation is entirely the responsibility of the United states. North Korea's nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles to the United States nuclear threat to legitimate self-defense options.

The statement said that North Korea as a responsible nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles have a country, not in any country except the United States to use nuclear weapons or the threat of nuclear weapons, unless the country joined the United States military action against North Korea ".

North Korea, is seen as a strong comeback by the United Nations Security Council resolution 5 of the UN sanctions against North Korea, according to North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test, 2371st of the most severe sanctions resolution since the UN Security Council on August 5th unanimously by history.

According to the resolution, the new sanctions against North Korea to export coal and iron ore, iron, lead and lead ore and seafood, prohibit countries from North Korea received new labour, the sanctions will make North Korea an annual reduction of at least $1 billion in foreign exchange earnings, accounting for about 1/3 of its foreign exchange earnings. This will undoubtedly play a decisive role in North Korea on the resolution of the United States "".

North Korea's statement, the contents of a brief, concise and comprehensive, but passed out to the outside world North Korea's nuclear principles, objectives and a series of major signal.

We proposed for the first time, North Korea is responsible for nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles with china".From February 2005 announced the creation of a nuclear weapon in January 2016, announced the successful H-bomb test is carried out. From February 7, 2016, with the rocket successfully "bright star No. 4 satellite into orbit in July 4, 2017, announced the successful launch of intercontinental ballistic missile" Mars -14 ". The reason why North Korea in 7, claiming to be "responsible for nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles with the country" visible already have both nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile two mature technology, in other words, North Korea has used nuclear warhead intercontinental ballistic missile.

The first use of nuclear weapons, the United States clearly.Earlier, North Korea said in a separate statement, "North Korea's nuclear weapons, is derived from the United States for half a century of hostility towards policy and nuclear threats. Under the United States and arbitrary power, in order to protect the North Korean sovereignty and national right to life, and the choice of defensive measures." The target of the United States, North Korea is the most brilliant point of this statement, in the world, North Korea is now all nuclear countries, only the use of nuclear weapons focus state object.

The first clear not any country outside of the United States to use nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons threat".Of course, there is a premise, is "unless the country joined the United States military action against North Korea". This sentence overtones must understand, North Korea issued a statement to the world at the same time, a key ally of the United States, Japan and South Korea warned. Here, both of us South Korea military alliance with the implicit differentiation means, but also the reality based on the consideration of military threat. 21 this month, South Korea Meiyi support freedom Guardian exercise once a year is about to start, and in the United States before exercise, "Reagan" and "Carle's number two aircraft carrier battle group, will once again arrived in waters near the peninsula to put pressure on North korea.

In late August 8th second days, issued this statement on North Korea, President Trump told reporters, a strong warning to North Korea, said North Korea if the threat to the United States, will encounter "the world has never seen the anger and blow". Said this time, Trump, when a pair of arms, bully style. Some netizens said with a smile, Trump's performance is not in warned North Korea is like the recently made him "through the Russian scorched by the flames" and bad mood abreacts domestic situation.

The voice is not falling, the global situation is most sensitive to the financial market first reaction. The U.S. stock market on Tuesday closed at S & P fell, the stock index in Asian trading slipped further, while driving the global stock pudie.

In August 9th, Trump warned North Korea to respond, KCNA quoted a military spokesman's statement consistent with tough on tough tone: to contain and suppress the United States strategic bombers in Guam Anderson air force base and other military bases, and issued a serious warning signal to the United States, the Korean people's army strategic forces are considered "Mars - 12" long-range strategic ballistic missiles, combat deployment of strategic bombers in Guam. And claimed that the United States should immediately stop the military provocation by North Korea, North Korea had to make the choice to avoid military.

North Korea's remark, not only global equities, currencies again jittery, America in Guam residents are frightened! On the evening of 9, the U.S. Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) evening news reporters to connect a resident of Guam, the other said that North Korea named after Guam, a lot of people around him feel uneasy; NPR line Guam city mayor Paul Agana heights Macdonald when the other said, "many people really seriously." especially some old people have experienced the war; in addition to a large number of people call Guam's Civil Defense Department, asking how to deal with North Korea's nuclear attack.

To quell public concern, 9, in a game against the islanders in a televised address, Guam governor Addie Calvo said that the Guam government is trying to work with Washington "to ensure our safety", "I want to reiterate to the people of Guam is, at present, our island faces no threat".

Did you see? This is the current world known as the military strength of the most powerful American to the real response from North Korea unchastened after a warning, people can not help but think of the classic that Chairman Mao old: U.S. imperialism is a paper tiger! At the same time, can not help people on the recent sanctions, "persist in wilfully and arbitrarily" North Korea, to pay tribute to heart.

This round of the United States and North Korea each other, at least to see aspects of the problem.

One is the United States military intimidation can not conceal the weakness of nature.In the face of tough attitude and practical action to develop nuclear weapons North Korea when the United States launched in addition to the UN Security Council sanctions on North Korea to upgrade, did not take measures to better. With the help of us South Korea military alliance of the North Korean military intimidation, but in a series of North Korean tough fight back was torn to pieces, Trump angry and helpless, and the United States of Guam residents fear response, is the best proof.

The two is exposed in the United States is not a high-level political tone, fierce fighting in the.After Trump 8 evening for North Korea to make tough warnings, Republican Senator Mccain believes Trump issued a warning to North Korea is "flak". In a television interview he said: "I do not agree with the president's speech, because you need to make sure they can do."

9, make "against Guam" more tough fight back in North Korea, U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson said in an interview: Trump is only in the clear to North Korea, there is no doubt that America has enough ability to defend itself and its allies, Trump convey this information in order to avoid any miscarriage of justice. He also say casually, it should be a good sleep at night, the American people, don't worry about the past few days the bombast (clap his face big mouth boss Trump).

10, the United States Secretary of defense Matisse to respond to North Korea "encirclement against Guam" comment. Matisse said the United States is ready to take military preparations, but the US is still focused on through diplomatic means to solve the problem, "the United States efforts to lead with diplomacy, and getting results".

The Republican Party's senior politicians and Trump's closest political allies stand out against the tough stance, for his reckless wipe, needless to say those Democrats who opposed Trump and look at fiercely as a tiger does the American people.

Familiar with the American polity readers will know that, in such a public opinion environment and political atmosphere, as long as North Korea was not a mistake for the United States to fall "a" pretext, want to start a nuclear country like North Korea for the actual war, for Trump, it is almost impossible to achieve the task.

Three shows the determination of resistance to oppression, force against North korea.If the recent nuclear test and missile test, many people still remain in North Korea this is rogue behavior level of thinking, I can only say: you look down on North Korea. The evolution of the situation on the peninsula since the first half of this year, and North Korea through various time show determination, North Korea is not a joke "". We are accustomed to many of the demons reported that North Korea in the west, look at North Korea, including the understanding of North Korea, let a lot of 80 are envious and criticism of the gold boss, but in any case, North Korea the country, played in the peninsula and in every particular a "strategic game card", let us exclaim unceasingly, until now evolved into a heartfelt tribute. Whether you admit it or not, in the United States and North Korea to see the tip to head each other after you are tough, in my heart mercilessly scolded the sentence: rub, really good! This not only reminds me of Chairman Mao in the international diplomatic arena sonorous Manifesto: where there is oppression, there is resistance! But the paradox is that such a precious legacy, we buried the papers, but as the neighborhood North Korea inherited the essence!

The four is Chinese policy toward more pragmatic.On February 12, 2016, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the Reuters interview in Munich in Germany, in response to the question about China on the Korean Peninsula Policy, the government announced the three principles for China Peninsula "":First, no matter what the circumstances, can not have nuclear peninsula,Both the north and the south, regardless of their own making, or the introduction of deployment;Second, can not solve the problem by forceAnd it will make the peninsula war, riot, Chinese will not allow;Third, China their legitimate national security interests must be effectively safeguard and protect.

Since the "three principles" as a policy Chinese look at the situation on the peninsula, so the key to the problem:In North Korea has released itself as a "responsible nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles have in the moment, we have to do?This is a difficult problem how to justify!

Accordingly, it has brought out another problem:If we are opposed to North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons, that North Korea is a nuclear threat, which is equal to the beauty and countries such as Japan and South Korea against North Korea's position is consistent, that is how we can justifiably against South Korea to deploy "Sade" (after all, South Korea put the highfalutin "reason is in response to North Korea's nuclear weapons)? If we think that Sade is a great threat to our national security, and how to avoid it against the principles of North Korea's nuclear weapons?This is a very crazy people's logical thinking problems!

In the face of a nuclear North Korea has been an established fact, Chinese really need to seriously examine the peninsula policy is pragmatic. From the practical perspective,Blindly in order to maintain the so-called "peaceful rise" diplomatic rhetoric, with the strategic situation surrounding the game chess game, we do not let China claims and Chinese sounds become standard rules of dispute resolution in any dispute, but become complacent, tie themselves invisible fetters.

You know, in the field of international diplomacy, pursuing a "tit for tat" who support me who support "pragmatic rules, the kind of" good mood drops of rain don't touch the body, has success, there is No.

Imagine, when the two countries towards us and Korean Peninsula together against each other, United States in the South China Sea countries frequently provoke trouble, India kept up in our stomachs underground, even if we open that other countries catch our rapid development train of mind,Finally, there may come to a good view of his country, I It doesn't help the situation..

This round of fierce Korean tough dislike old beauty, reflects a simple truth in the field of international relations, in the strategic struggle between nations,Strength is not a substitute for courage, strength, and know how to properly show of strength, will win respect.

Is the strategic strategic concentration, confidence, and a reaction is outside the heart bottom, but if the opponent also talk about anyone, even as anyone,It is not only a kind of absurd, is a weakness of the heart.

Of course, the strength does not mean easy to use force, a mature power and military power, not only to make the best use of force to safeguard the interests, and his opponent must be crossed easily, hands-on emotional threshold, is the so-called:Chinese pen and sword arts, a degree of relaxation!